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Shadowmatic Tips, Cheats & Guide for Solving More Levels

Shadowmatic is an iOS-only puzzle game where the mechanics involve you spinning abstract objects around so that you can find “silhouettes in projected shadows,” with these silhouettes important to the environment around you. There are ten rooms in all in this game, each of them having their own concept and atmosphere. It’s a simple, yet addictive game that promises “stunning visuals (combined with) relaxing and captivating gameplay.”

That’s pretty much all there is to say about the game, as developer Triada Studio stuck to the bare essentials in its game description. If any of this game’s puzzles are giving you a hard time, though, we’ve got just what you need – a list of Shadowmatic tips and tricks that could assist you if and when you get stuck.

1. Don’t Rush Into Anything

While your score depends on how long you keep rotating those abstract objects, the main thing when playing Shadowmatic is to take your time. This isn’t a game where speed is the be-all and end-all of success, so it’s up to you to relax, think of your next possible move, and take advantage of the game’s excellent soundtrack, which many claim helps them in playing the game.

2. Positioning Is Very Important

One reason why players tend to get frustrated is the occasional instance where you’ve seemingly figured it out. However, the game might not recognize what you believe is the fact that you got it right and should be credited. That’s where positioning comes into play. Rotate your image’s position in such a way that you get it right; some figures have to cast in upright form, and not the conventional left or right slant.

3. Look At The Dots

Want to know how close you are to getting it right? Just look at the bottom of the figure and you’ll see some dots. These dots will keep lighting up as you get closer to coming up with the right figure; the more dots light up, the closer you are.

4. Follow The Arrows

Shadowmatic does make it easier for beginner gamers, so if you’ve just started playing this game for the first time, take advantage of how the game “spoon-feeds” you. There will be arrows that will point you to the right direction when you’re trying to get the figures right early on in the game.

5. Buy The Hint Packages Or Maybe Not?

It depends how you want to play Shadowmatic – if you want an easy way out and less frustration of not being able to do the right thing, you can pay for the hint packages, as you’ll also be helping Triada that way. But if you play for the sheer fun of solving puzzles, you’re better off not parting with your money.

6. Look At The Shadows And Not Where They Come From

There’s a reason why the game is called Shadowmatic, and it’s in the first part of the title. Instead of looking at the figure that casts the shadow, you want to look at the shadow that the figure casts. This is a very common mistake, and it’s usually by instinct that we look at the figures, but since that is, in almost every case, counterproductive, you’ll have to train yourself to focus on the shadows instead of the figures.