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Call of Champions Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide for Winning More Battles

Call of Champions, as you may infer from the title, is one of those ever-so-popular games in the now-ubiquitous MOBA genre – that’s multiplayer online battle army, for those unfamiliar with the jargon. It’s supposed to be the most intense MOBA for iPad and iPhone out there (no Android version yet), but there’s nothing unique about the general mechanic – choose a Champion, form a team, and face off against millions of other players around the world. Thanks to the recent Version 1.0.2 update, this game is now available in all territories, so it is accurate when Spacetime says you can compete against “millions (of players) worldwide.” There are more than 15 champions with their own unique, customizable talent trees, and each match, as Spacetime claims, lasts five minutes.

This can be quite an intense game to play, but that also means it could be a bit difficult for some time, even if you’ve been playing it for a while. However, the following Call of Champions tips, tricks and strategy guide can help you unlock all the 15 champions and win your battles more consistently.

1. Begin With Practice Mode

All heroes you unlock are best tested out first in practice mode, and before you face off against real, live human players, you should ideally be starting at this mode so you can get to know your heroes better. Use the practice match to learn the game’s basic mechanics; this isn’t just idle practice, though, as you’ll still earn experience points for your heroes.

2. Play For One Week Straight to Unlock A Free Hero

Even if it’s only a few minutes per day, you’ll want to log in daily so you can unlock a free hero. Make good use of this hero and test them out so you can determine which hero you should be focusing on next.

3. Follow Your Team And Stick Together

Even if your other team members don’t go on the same route as you do, the best thing to do is to stick together and follow where they go. Teams that don’t band together as one are easy targets, as this lack of cohesion makes them ripe for attack. Stick next to your teammates instead of you purely setting the path for them.

4. Be Familiar With The Abilities

All champions in this game have five abilities to use in battle, and there are times where you will need to use them in order for more devastating effects. Randomly “mashing” abilities is seldom ever a smart thing to do, and you may end up taking damage as a result.

5. Know Your Roles

Call of Champions has five roles, most of which veteran RPG players should know – Tank, Support, Mage, Fighter, Assassin. For example, Tanks should be used to absorb damage, not deal out whatever limited damage they’re capable of. Conversely, Mages should stay in the back and focus on ranged attacks.

6. Go Home And Heal Up

Due to the long respawn times in this game, you’ll be better off going back home so you can get healed on your own. Yes, you won’t look better in your opponents’ eyes for leaving the battlefield, but at least returning home could allow you to recover your health and be able to use your attacks at full power once again.