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Heroes and Armies Cheats & Strategy Guide: 8 Tips for Building and Running Your Kingdom

Heroes and Armies is another one of those many games inspired by Supercell’s smash hit Clash of Clans. This time around, it’s by Zhurosoft, and it’s only available for iOS devices, but not for Android phones and tablets. This city-building game will have you summoning legendary Fire Mage Calista or the Berserker Ragnar to lead your army, but since this is a city builder, you will also have to “build and customize your kingdom into a prosperous and impenetrable fortress.” There’s a wealth of characters for you to add to your army, and while you’re building your city, you will get to play campaigns that stretch throughout the in-game kingdom.

While this game obviously draws some influence from Clash of Clans, it is also unique in its fighting mechanic, and there aren’t any level caps when it comes to your buildings. As such, it does have some distinct selling points that make it different, and if you’re planning to download it and start playing, we first suggest reading this Heroes and Armies cheats and strategy guide.

1. Finish Your Quests

If you’re looking to stock up on resources early on, which is very important, the best way is to finish the daily quests, as well as the campaign quests. Be aware of them when they appear, and see them through to completion. Quests, as they do in just about every city-builder and/or RPG with a semblance of mythical story to it, are the best way to stay in the right direction and touch on important points in the story, if applicable. But they also have another benefit that you should always be aware of.

When it comes to generating resources, these quests arguably work better than the resource buildings, which we shall be getting to next…

2. Focus On Resource Buildings First When Upgrading

As early raids won’t get you too many resources, you should actually start out by building the most wheat and wood making buildings possible, and level them up as far as you can go. Unfortunately, and quite surprisingly, they don’t work as well as quests when generating resources, but some resources is always better than no resources at all.

3. Buy The Troop Garrison With Your Premium Currency

Diamonds are Heroes and Armies’ premium form of currency, and it’s best to use it towards the Troop Garrison. That will allow you to have more troops ready to send off to battle. Remember that there is often, if not always strength in numbers.

4. Choose The Right Opponents

You have all the time in the world to scout your opponents and determine which one is worth the time and effort. Choose well and keep two things in mind when trying to find out which opponent to face. The first thing would be how many troops they have and what type are in their army. The second thing would be whether this opponent has any active traps, and if so, how many. (We’ll deal with traps in a little bit, so hang in there.)

Choosing the opponents who don’t have traps or only have a couple of them is usually a good idea; those with a lot of traps could end up costing you big-time in battle. And going back to what we said earlier, there is strength in numbers, so you should always avoid opponents who have more troops than you do, and whose troops are stronger than yours.

5. What Attack Strategy Should You Use?

It would all depend on the hero you’ve chosen for your kingdom. Calista is the Fire Mage, which means she is a ranged character, while Ragnar is a Berserker, which means he’s all about melee attacks.

When using Calista as your hero, keep her behind the squires and use her ability to cast spells to get an advantage over the enemy. However, you shouldn’t spam the spells, because they do cost something and it takes long for them to recharge. That’s one of the main complaints about Heroes and Armies, but it is what it is, and that’s something we all have to deal with.

As usual, melee units should be the frontliners, while ranged units should stay out back and fire from a distance. Focus your attack on the enemy’s hero and ranged units, then work on the melee units. Your opponents should ideally be easy targets for you – patsies, in other words – as this would allow you to earn more medals per hour. One thing that holds true in this game is that you can do better launching many attacks on weak units than launching only a few attacks on stronger ones.

6. Traps Should Always Be Active

Traps, believe it or not, can be game changers for you in battle. Once activated, they can deal out a good amount of damage against the enemy, so make use of them whenever possible. Keep your traps active and level them up to the maximum and you may have a trump card of sorts against enemy troops.

7. Help Other Players Out By Boosting Their Buildings

Normally, the only buildings you can boost in games like this are those from the same alliance as you are, or those belonging to your Facebook friends. But in here, you can boost anybody’s building – it could be someone from the chat room, or someone from the alliance, if you already have one. Doing this will earn you some rewards, regardless of how the person relate to you.

8. Join An Active Alliance

Why should you join one, especially if you won’t get any troops in return, or any of the usual forms of assistance you get from alliances or guilds? If you’re part of an alliance in Heroes and Armies, you can join the Alliance War, which could earn you diamonds and other freebies. As usual, make sure you’re joining an active alliance, because it won’t do you any good if you’re the only active player in it.