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Shadowgun War Games Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate the Arena

Shadowgun War Games is a 5-vs-5 team battle FPS completely devoid of any PvE content. Players can choose one of five characters, each with his or her own unique skills and specializations and jump into the battle arena with 9 other random players divided evenly across opposing teams.

Madfinger Games’ latest FPS title currently holds two distinct game modes: Team Deathmatch, and Capture The Flag. You can initially shift using any of three characters, but will soon enough be able to unlock the remaining tw. Experience points earned in the game are based on performance, particularly kills and assists. Getting killed takes you through five seconds of waiting time before you can respawn.

Shadowgun War Games is as simple as it can come on mobile platform considering its controls, mechanics, and features, making it easy to pick up and play for both beginners and experience mobile FPS players. There is a simple and quick tutorial available before you head into your first match, and truthfully enough, it is more than sufficient to leave you with everything you need to start playing.

Everything else comes from continuous playing as you will need to practice and even tweak the controls for your own satisfaction. If you want to ensure that you take the most efficient road towards levelling up and earning ranks from the get-go, read our Shadowgun War Games beginner’s guide for some useful tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Get To Know Each Character’s Skills And Specializations

Competitive FPS games have mostly considered having distinct characters to choose from to cater to each player’s personal preferences and play style. While every enthusiast of the genre is expected to showcase a decent level of precision and mobility, some people actually prefer to play support and bank on other strategic skills instead of being expected to be an ace shooter within the combat arena.

Although Shadowgun War Games promises to bring in more characters in future updates, there are currently 5 unique characters to choose from in the game, with 3 available right from the start, and two others that can be unlocked with a bit of progress. As much as it is ebnticing to jump into your next match after the initial one, you should spend some time to read through what each of the characters can do to know better how to utilize them in combat as well as know your way around or through them if they belong on the opposing side.

shadowgun war games skills and specializations

Slade is perhaps the most basic of the characters and can be a top pick for total beginners. As an assault-type character, Slade can do very well in one-on-one confrontations and can also do fairly well against multiple targets. He has good overall stats and can utilize various strategic plays. Slade is armed with a grenade that does decent damage and also comes with a medkit to boost his survivability. If you have not played a lot of FPS games before or fairly new to it, then Slade is the best character for you.

If you prefer defense over offense and likewise enjoy setting up enemies for a continuing assault from you or your teammates, then Revenant might be the most suitable character for you. As a tank, Revenant has an average offensive strength but can definitely take in damage more than any character can. He is huge, making him a relatively easy target combined with his default speed but timed right, his skills can earn him some kills in the frontlines and even score some assists for his teammates. Getting a little close to enemies and activating Roar can disorient them and slow them down while Inner Rage can temporarily boost his speed and both offensive and defensive strength.

A team full of shooters may earn you some victories in some matches but having at least one medic around brings a lot of advantages. A total team-player by design, Sara is the support character you may want to try out if you prefer being at the backlines keeping your teammates alive.

Sara has average stats and can still shoot away at opponents but her skills are all for the team. Her Healing Blast works like a grenade but heals teammates upon detonation, which is perfect for a massive firefight. Her Protection Dome can give the team a huge defensive boost when engaged with enemies as it can absorb some damage from enemy fire. It will be a challenge to earn experience points from assists playing as Sara but then again, if doing so leaves you and your team with more victories, then you should definitely test her out.

Once you reach Rank 8, you will be able to use Shadowgun War Games’ resident sniper, Willow. Although it may be best to leave Willow for when you are more experienced in the game, taking her for a spin as soon as you unlock her can be fun. Given her range and offensive strength, using Supercharge right before the killing shot can be fatal against most enemies. Willow can also deploy Flash Mines, which can temporarily blind enemies if they step on it. Strategic placement of Flash Mines, along with high precision, can make Willow a very dangerous and troublesome character to play against. Used effectively, she can be key to earning higher points and rewards on each match you partake in.

Finally at Rank 12, you can get to use Jet, the runner who is not just fast, but makes himself a hard target beyond that with his skills. Jet can still core some decent number of kills on Team Deathmatch despite the lack of range and low health. Time Rift, which can transport him out of the field and back for a short time is an effective skill to avoid hits and also strategically relocate to a better position. Paired with Blink, which gives him a quick speed boost in the field, Jet is the perfect character to use for Capture The Flag so expect a lot of him whenever you jump into it later on.

Although you would naturally want to stick with one character at a time and be an expert on him or her, it is advisable to be able to play each of the characters well. As teams are randomly picked, it may happen that you will have to be the one to choose a character based on what you feel your current team is lacking before a match. While it can be an extra challenge to play cooperatively with random players, having a fairly decent understanding of what each character can do will help you decide which one to use before a match and how to strategize around and against them in the field. Likewise, switching characters every now and then can simmer down monotony as you will have to engage in a lot of matches to rank up your account.

2. Customize Your Controls

Shadowgun War Games actually has a decent control lay out and does not have a lot of buttons to press. Tapping and swiping on the left side of the screen relates to movement while doing the same on the right side controls aiming (much like analog sticks). There is a fire button at the right side along with a reload button well above it and two buttons at the bottom of the screen represent your character’s skills. While the default layout is actually decent, you can customize it any way you choose to suit your preferences and play style.

how to customize controls in shadowgun war games

On the main screen, click on the gear icon at the lower right side to access the game’s settings. From there you will be at the controls setup by default but you can tap on other tabs to tinker with various other settings. The controls are naturally the most important so be sure to check on each item and modify them accordingly. Tap on the “Customize Layout” button at the lower right side of the page and edit the battle screen layout according to how you want it to be. Both controls and layout can be restored to its default settings with a click of a button.

3. Stick With Your Team

If you have just started playing Shadowgun War Games, and have very little to no experience playing FPS games before, then chances are that most of the players within your team will be more experienced than you. It becomes a bit more evident depending on the characters they use especially before you hit rank 8. Beyond that, you can assume everyone else’s level of expertise based on how they move about especially if they seem to know where to head to right at the start of the match.

shadowgun war games team

As a beginner, regardless of which character you decide to play as, try your best to follow where your team goes. Even if you are an assault or tank, closely following initially before moving a bit up front during encounters is important to raise your survivability. You can see where your teammates are beyond walls and obstacles and even if they are spread out, try as much as you can to be with another ally for starters.

Consider your first few matches as practice modes especially if you are still tinkering with the control and button layout setups. Sensitivity of controls may take a bit to get used to so be sure to master that first before taking point in an assault. As simple as the controls are, it takes time to master every bit of it as moving about, aiming, and shooting are just basics but then doing all that in line with timing usage of skills while always staying alert is a necessity that takes a lot of practice to get used to.

4. Be Conscious Of Cooldowns And Reloads

In many FPS games, the most basic strategies are often missed by the newest players or less experienced ones. These usually revolve around when to reload and when to activate or use special skills whenever applicable. In most gun fights, you can easily spot a newbie when you see the player reloading in the middle of a firefight. In more conventional shooting games, seeing grenades thrown out into a deserted area is a common sight but in competitive battles such as Shadowgun War Games, those mishaps can be a very costly error.

shadowgun war games ammo

As a beginner, always be conscious of your ammo and ne sure to reload instinctively when in cover. It is well understood that you cannot always predict an encounter with an enemy but for the most part, you can always be ready enough to be have a full ammo count when you do. Fight only while you can shoot and head for cover or switch weapons before auto reloading occurs.

As far as skills go, each character and each skill has its own optimal uses and though you have numerous opportunities to use each one of them the important thing to keep in mind is to make sure that they are available when you need them and to ensure that you use them as much as you can. It may not come instinctively at first for you to be able to keep tabs on their availability but balancing as far as using them whenever they are available in as much as saving them for later is an important consideration to always keep in mind.

5. Memorize The Map Layouts

Along with getting a good grip of the controls that suit your taste, as well as at least a go-to character that brings out your best performance, the road towards match dominance requires knowing the lay of the land like the back of your hand. While Shadowgun War Games may not have as many battle stages now, future updates will most likely employ new arenas to master so the best way to be familiar with what the game has is now.

shadowgun war games may layout

The arenas may not be as huge as the ones in MOBAs or battle royale games and yet familiarizing yourself with some important details may still take a lot of matches to do so. There will often be open spaces and hardly any areas with at least 2 open sides and for a defensive standpoint what you would want is to keep yourself in an area in an area where there are less openings to keep an eye on. Familiarization with the arena layout will always be an integral part of strategic combat whether you are on assault and regardless of which character you play.

Being able to predict where enemies may appear as well as knowing exactly where to grab bonuses are just among the numerous aspects of the game that you need to always keep in mind. Even as a beginner where you will most likely want to keep close to your allies, being conscious of the surroundings and where you are exactly should form part of the basic learnings you need to work on early in the game.

6. Watch Ads After Matches For More Rewards

how to earn more rewards in shadowgun war games

You will constantly be grinding for experience points to rank up as doing so determines the amount of rewards you will earn for the whole season. After each match, you will be presented with an opportunity to watch a short video ad to increase your XP earned by 20%. You are free to disregard it but if you want to level up faster, then the 15 to 30-seond ad is worth playing.

7. Complete Challenges For Extra XP

Beyond partaking in actual matches and earning points, be sure to check the daily and weekly missions listed within the season banner. Simply tap on the banner at the upper right side of your screen and check the objectives under the challenges page you need to complete to earn extra experience points. Note that for free players, only 2 daily objectives can be accomplished while more weekly challenges can be unlocked by completing the earlier listed ones.

how to earn more xp in shadowgun war games

That is all we have for you on our Shadowgun War Games Beginner’s Guide. We hope that you have learned a lot from the simple tips and strategies we shared and that you enjoyed reading through it as well. In as much as Shadowgun War Games is enjoyable to play right now, keep in mind that it is still in its early stages and as of this writing is still on version 0.1.1.

The game is bound to get bigger and better with future updates so a lot of changes may happen with the characters, arenas, and perhaps even the gameplay itself. In any case, while the above are the only tips and strategies we can share with you for the game, the bulk of things to learn from the game itself as in most games within the genre comes from actual playing. If you have, however, discovered additional tips or strategies, feel free to share them with us in the comments below!