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Shadow Bug Rush Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Collect More Loot and Unlock New Characters

Want another endless runner for Android or iOS? Shadow Bug Rush comes with “endless levels of slicing monsters” as you control the titular Shadow Bug from one level to another. You can unlock new monsters and traps to “upgrade” the in-game worlds, climb the leaderboards as you compete against other players from around the world, gather power-ups, unlock new characters, collect loot, and do much more. Can you use your ninja powers to their fullest and go as far as possible in this game, hurdling dozens of different obstacles and traps?

Aside from those features, Shadow Bug Rush also offers great replayability, as the “endless” levels of progressively higher difficulty are all randomized. No one level will be exactly the same as the other, so you’ll have to brace yourself for a big challenge at some point of the game. So let’s cut to the chase, as we present to you our set of Shadow Bug Rush tips, tricks and cheats. We shall cover a wide range of topics, so read on if there’s anything in the game that’s proving to be too difficult for you.

1. Learning The Basics

If you want to run from side to side, tap to the left or the right side, depending on where you want to go. But you will primarily be tapping on the enemies, which will allow you to execute those “ninja moves,” as you leap upwards, and jump through walls and floors while attacking the enemies. You can also make your character float or glide left or right, by holding on to the respective side once you’ve come off your attack. That’s what you’ll need to do in order to escape the spike traps, which could be quite a nasty obstacle.

Buzzsaws are another nasty type of trap you will be encountering in the game. They’re found at the bottom of the level, and if you see them, you’ll have to use the same gliding movement described above.

2. What To Do If There Aren’t Any Monsters To Tap?

Sometimes, there will be occasions where you cannot find any monsters to tap on. Normally, it’s fine to tap on another monster in situations where you’re in danger of getting trapped. But if you can’t find any enemies at all, you can run or float to the left or right, so that you can get more monsters to show up on your screen.

3. What Can You Do With Your Currency?

There are two things for you to do in this game if you want to spend your currency. First, you can spend 250 currency to keep your game going if you get killed; this option is only advisable if you’re close to beating your old high score. You can also save your currency and upgrade your game. So what do you get when you upgrade the game with your coins? That’s going to add new monsters to the game, which adds to the challenge of the game, but you will also get a score multiplier, thus allowing you a better chance to beat your old high score, or rise up the leaderboards.

4. Watch Ads To Continue Your Run Instead

We did tell you earlier that you should only pay 250 units of currency to continue your game if you’re particularly close to breaking your record, or maybe that of one of your friends. But if you have the option to do so, you can watch an ad video, as the game will give you that option to complete the ad and return to where you had last left off. After your second try, meaning the one you get after watching the clip, your only option would be to pay currency for a second continue. However, you won’t get any chances after that, as your third death will spell the end of your run.

5. Luck Of The Draw

Shadow Bug Rush is a game with randomized levels. As we said, that ensures great replay value. But that also means you won’t have to do much memorization; with every run being different from the last, it’s going to be partly a matter of skill, and partly a matter of luck. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to string together monster kill combos, but if you aren’t, you’ll be hard-pressed to find monsters to attack. Be prepared for a variety of situations when playing the game, and remember that you won’t always get a plethora of monsters to kill.