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Crooked Path: Infinity Run Tips, Cheats & Guide: How to Earn More Coins and Get a High Score

Crooked Path: Infinity Run is a new Android and iOS game from Ruvix, and it’s yet another one of those endless casual titles where you don’t have too many goals, where the objectives are as simple as you can get. But as is the case with these titles, they can be very addictive, and it can often get frustrating once you’re on a series of bad runs. But before we take you to some tips, what can you expect from this game? According to Ruvix, this is a one-touch game, where you will be navigating “many twists and turns across many seasons,” while testing how quick your reflexes are as you try not to fall off the titular Crooked Path. Simply tap to turn – that’s all there is to it – but take note that your character will speed up as you go farther along the path.

How can you make it farther along that path once things get fast? How can you get off to the right start to begin with? Those are both good questions, and we hope to answer them right now, as we present to you our Crooked Path: Infinity Run tips and tricks. Hopefully, this guide will prevent you from falling off too early once playing the game.

1. Go For The Longer Path If You Have A Choice

At some points of the game, you will encounter multiple turn options. Only one of those turns will be the correct one, and if you see coins by the paths, don’t mind them; you’ll get them anyway regardless which path you choose. But you should go for the longest path, as that will more often than not be the right one. If you choose the wrong path, that’s going to be the end of your run.

2. Collect Your Free Prizes By Time Lapsing

The game will reward you with free coin prizes every 30 minutes or so; simply tap on the box to open it and claim your prize. Thirty minutes isn’t much of a wait for free prizes, if you come to think about it. But you can still use the time lapse cheat to your advantage so you can load up on your coins. After redeeming your free gift, go to your phone’s date and time settings. Move the time forward by 30 minutes, and return to the game to claim another free prize. Keep repeating this process as long as you have to or want to, but bear in mind that the cool-down time will increase by the total amount of time you had set forward in all your time lapses.

3. Watch Ad Videos And Spin The Wheel For More Coins

Infinity Run will also allow you to watch advertisement videos to earn free coins quickly. Each video lasts about 15 to 30 seconds, and will earn you 300 coins once you’re done watching. Likewise, you can spin the wheel after specific timeframes, and you can win up to 400 coins with one spin. After your free spin, subsequent spins will cost you 150 coins each, but don’t gamble if you don’t have enough coins on you. You may, however, get lucky with multiple spins, so it’s worth a try if you can afford the cost of the extra spins.

4. How Do The New Scarves Work?

The scarf is one of the defining characteristics of your in-game character, and you can go to the smiley face menu to unlock more of them. Depending on the design, some may cost as low as 1,250 coins, while others may cost as much as 6,000 coins. There are others that are unavailable to buy with in-game currency, but can be unlocked if you follow, like, or add the game respectively on social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, or Snapchat. More elaborate scarves cost more coins, though those scarves won’t change gameplay in any way.

5. Don’t Pay For Continues Unless You’re Close To Breaking A Record

Losing a level isn’t always the end of your run. You will first be asked if you want to watch an ad video so that you can continue; that costs nothing, and lasts just 30 seconds at most to complete the video. If you lose once again, you will be charged 150 coins to continue, then 300, then 450, rising by 150 coins as you keep pushing forward. With the cost of continuing increasing progressively as illustrated, it’s only advisable to pay for this if you’re chasing a personal record.