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Seacraft: Guardian of Atlantic Guide: 5 Tips & Tricks to Battle Your Way to Victory

Set 50 years from now, Seacraft: Guardian of Atlantic paints a somber picture of our future with a world submerged in water and ravaged by war. This game shows survivors battling for the last few resources available in order to survive. Eyou’s new mobile game employs multiplayer tactical battle mechanics so you will be facing off some of the best players from around the world. You need to manage the development of your base, lead your army onto the battlefield, and deploy defensive countermeasures against attackers. Join forces with other commanders in order to fend off your enemies. Strategy is of utmost importance. You need to be able to position your fleet perfectly in order to gain the upper hand. It’s a good thing you can depend on our Seacraft: Guardian of Atlantic ultimate strategy guide for some help!

1. Keep Doing Quests

Before you get carried away with epic sea battles, make sure you don’t neglect your quests. You can see your active quests at the top left corner of the screen. Completing these will help ensure you stay on track in terms of base development. If you are struggling with battles, then you should first focus on your existing quest so you can improve your military power until you can take on your foes. As an added incentive, you also get a lot of rewards for each quest you complete!

2. Raid Cargo Ships For Resources

Seacraft: Guardian of Atlantic gives you the option to attack cargo ships if you want additional resources. You will have to work for it, though. The cargo ships are equipped to defend themselves so make sure you only target those that you can actually take down. Luckily, a cargo ship’s level is right next to its name so you can easily tell if you are strong enough to attack it. If you take damage during battle, you can send your fleet home to queue up the repairs. Make sure at least one of your ships makes it back to base so you can revive all of them with no problems. If you let your entire fleet get wiped out, you will lose all your ships permanently and will have to rebuild from scratch.

3. Don’t Leave Your Facilities Idle

Building structures, researching new technology, and making ship parts all take time. That is why you should always make sure your production facilities have something queued up. Don’t get into the habit of starting production only when you need something because you will end up falling behind on development. Continuously build towards something even if you haven’t been prompted by quests yet so that you can stay on top of the progress of your base.

4. Remember To Use New Tech

The ships you create do not automatically use the latest technology. You have to make sure you select any new technology you unlock. Keep in mind that your existing ships will continue to use the technology they were created with. Also, make sure you pay attention to the details of each new technology. New doesn’t always mean better. Sometimes, new tech will give you boosts in a certain area but will also reduce your stats in another. Weigh the pros and cons before you switch over to the new technology.

5. Build Up Your Defense

When you progress into the game, you will eventually be open to attacks from other players. Prepare for these attacks by building a lot of turrets and spreading them around your base. Equip your turrets with upgraded rockets for maximum impact. Once your level is high enough, you will also be able to leave one of your fleets to defend your base. Make sure you leave a formidable fleet and not just leftovers from your main army because you have no way of knowing how strong your attackers will be.

Fighting in a post-apocalyptic world can be challenging, but if you stick to our Seacraft: Guardian of Atlantic strategy guide, you will be able to survive! As always, if you know tips and tricks for the game, that we haven’t covered in this guide, then feel free to let us know below in the comment area!