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Cubis Kingdoms Guide, Cheats & Tips to Complete More Levels

An evil Gargoyle has cursed the land and it is up to you to restore it to its former glory. Cubis Kingdoms is a three-dimensional match three puzzle game for Android, iOS, and PC. You will need to clear boards by matching elemental cubes of the same type. After each level, you will be able to use the elixirs you gathered to free some of the people and animals that fell victim to the Gargoyle’s curse. The game has over 200 levels that are divided into six different regions. You need to complete them all in order to restore the kingdom. There are different types of level that you need to conquer as well, including dynamic levels, challenge puzzles, and Boss levels where the Gargoyle continues to cast a curse on the board as you play. Don’t forget to read our Cubis Kingdoms tips and tricks in order to free your land from the dreaded curse!

1. Learn The Basics

Cubis Kingdoms is different from most other match three puzzle games so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the mechanics before jumping in. The main objective is to clear cubes from the board by matching those that have the same color. What sets this game apart is how you go about clearing the board. The blocks are set up on the board in such a way that there are plenty of empty spaces. You can slide blocks across these empty spaces in order to match them up with other blocks. However, you when you slide a block, it will go all the way across the board until it hits another block or the end of the board. If it hits another block that has a space behind it, it will push that block in the same direction. Keep this in mind because it can affect the formation of blocks and change the matches you can make.

2. Swap Colors When Needed

On the bottom right of the screen, you will see two blocks with different colors. You can use this to swap out the color of the upcoming cube to a better color. You can only pick the color that is available for swap so think strategically before you switch blocks. If you have no use for the upcoming block but will be able to match the backup somehow, you can swap them. The block that you swapped out will be the new backup block that can be used later on.

3. Restore The Kingdom

Clearing the board isn’t just about completing levels. Clearing the entire board before you run out of moves helps you get more elements and elixirs. Collecting a certain number of each element will help you remove some of the fog from the kingdom and unlock new areas. Whenever you get three stars from a stage, you will be rewarded with elixirs. These special elixirs can be used to restore life to your kingdom. Keep replaying stages until you get three stars so you can restore the kingdom quicker.

4. How To Overcome More Obstacles

The challenge in this game involves more than just matching cubes. There are several obstacles that can make things a little more complicated. Of course, overcoming these obstacles makes the game even more rewarding. We have listed below some of the things you need to watch out for and how you can get past them.

Dynamic Cubes

Certain stages have dynamic cubes that get added to the board each time you make a move. The good news is that you at least know where these cubes will appear because they will be highlighted by an outline on the board. Anticipate where they will drop and adjust your strategy accordingly.


These are gray cubes that cannot be moved and can only be destroyed by using Phoenix egg. You will need to work around these in order to clear the board.

Boss Battles

You will encounter a Gargoyle every ten levels in the game. You must defeat the Gargoyle in order to advance to the next area. You will only have a few moves to complete these Boss battles so make sure you take time to analyze the board before making any moves.

5. Use The Power Ups

The game gives you a couple of power ups that you can use in order to clear the board. Use these strategically and you will be able to overcome even the most difficult levels. Of course, these come in limited supply so you need to know what they are for before you start needlessly experimenting with them.

The first power up appears randomly throughout the stages. It is the lightning cube. These clear out all cubes of the same color from the board but you have to match them first in order to activate their power. Keep an eye out for these lightning cubes at the beginning of every stage so you don’t accidentally isolate them, rendering them useless. They look like regular cubes with lightning inside. Sometimes it can be hard to notice depending on the block’s color so make sure you look closely.

The second type of the power up has already been mentioned above. The Phoenix Egg is a unique power up that can be used to replace a cube on the board. It can clear an entire row or column of cubes, including those pesky Stones. You gain access to Phoenix Eggs once you reach level 10. Unfortunately, you only get a limited amount of these so try not to use them unless you are really stuck. In fact, there are times when it is better to just start over in a level than to waste a Phoenix Egg. You can see how many eggs you have on the bottom left side of the board. Just tap on them to place them on the board then slide them into a row or column to activate.

Defeat the evil Gargoyle and lift the curse from the land! Just remember everything you learned from the Cubis Kingdoms tips and tricks listed above to ensure your success!


Saturday 30th of April 2022

what is the airship that keeps flying around?


Monday 2nd of December 2019

Cubis Kingdoms Help with level 134 Checked the help on the Forums for this did not work for me....I tried a bunch of times....does anyone have any suggestions or how can I by pass it...I cannot go any further with the Game...seeing as how I'm at level 134, I have put in a lot of time and effort and would like to finish.