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Sea Fortress Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Lead Your Fleet to Victory

The world has been engulfed by the ocean, and humanity is at the brink of extinction. In these desperate times, the struggle for power and survival never ends. The story of Sea Fortress follows your journey as a new Fleet Commander. This brand strategy game from IGG, the company which is responsible for games such as Castle Clash and Lords Mobile, allows you to assemble your very own fleet and fight epic battles at sea.

Choose from a variety of Battleships, Destroyers, Aircraft Carriers, and Submarines. Research new technology in order to strengthen your ships. Send your fleet on quests to gather resources or take down gigantic sea monsters called Cybers. Hone your skills in single-player Skirmishes or test your strength against some of the best players from around the world through raids. Your enemies will come from all directions, and they grow stronger every day. But fear not, as we present you a detailed Sea Fortress beginner’s guide including tips, cheats and strategies to help you win more epic sea battles!

1. Maximize Your Newbie Shield

sea fortress tips

Sea Fortress is nice enough to give you a free shield during your first seven days. This shield protects you from being raided. Make sure you make the most of those worry-free days by upgrading all your buildings as much as you can and building up a massive fleet. All the buildings can be upgraded instantly up to level 5. You need to raise your Might as quickly as possible. This is to ensure that you will be ready to at least put up a fight once your shields go down. Additional shields may be bought, but that would cost you premium currency. If you are a free player, that 7-day protection can go a long way. Make sure you don’t accidentally cancel your shield by attacking another player.

2. Log In Every Day For Rewards

The game gives out daily rewards for active players. Just head to the Supply Station to receive your daily login gift. You also get a special reward for every 7th day that you log into the game. Rewards include Officer Medals, speed up items, energy, shields, enhancement materials, and more. Check the login calendar monthly to see what you will get on specific days. These rewards can help you out a lot, so try to make time to claim them even if you are too busy to play.

3. Complete The Pioneer Program

sea fortress pioneer program

The Pioneer Program is a series of quests in Sea Fortress, that are designed to keep your progress on track. It is essentially the tutorial of the game, and it is divided into chapters. You gain rewards for each quest that you complete, and additional rewards are given every time you complete a chapter. This is also the only way to unlock some of the new buildings in your base. The Pioneer Program does a great job of teaching you the basics of Sea Fortress while giving you a ton of free resources that will help jumpstart your journey.

4. Claim Your Quest Rewards

When you look at the bottom of the main screen, you will see a medal icon labeled Quest. These quests are separate from the ones in the Pioneer Program, although you will find that a lot of them overlap. Quests listed in this section mostly involved researching new technology, upgrading buildings, and producing new items. Practically anything you do in the game has an equivalent reward in the Quest section. Make sure you claim the rewards here regularly as they will supply you with the basic resources that are needed for various things in the game.

5. Fill Up The Piggy Bank

sea fortress piggy bank

Another reason to claim your rewards from the Quest section is to fill up your Piggy Bank. This is a virtual bank that gradually filled with Gold, the game’s premium currency. The level 1 Piggy Bank can be filled up to 2000 Gold. The tutorial will instruct you to claim the contents of the level 1 Piggy Bank when it is introduced. Do not do this! The Piggy Bank’s contents can only be claimed for free on your first attempt regardless of how much Gold it contains. All subsequent attempts will have to be purchased with real money. Make sure you fill up the 2000-Gold limit first before claiming the Piggy Bank. It’s an easy way to get a lot of premium currency without spending real money.

6. Keep Your Queues Busy

There are several queues in Sea Fortress. These are for research, construction, and fleet production. You can go to each building to queue these things up, or you can just use the shortcut on the left side of the screen. Tap on the tab with a wrench and screwdriver icon to expand the queue menu. This will show you which queues are idle and which ones are busy. You will also see how much time the busy queues have remaining. The best thing about this shortcut, though, is that you will also be able to see when your free speed up is available. All queues get a free speed up when there is only less than 10 minutes remaining. Tap on it to instantly complete whatever is queued up then schedule the next one.

Keeping your queues busy helps ensure that you are steadily improving at all times. If you will be playing actively, choose the shortest possible queues. This way, you can take advantage of the free speed up and immediately queue subsequent jobs. If you will be logging off for the day, choose the longest possible jobs, so you have ongoing work as you sleep through the night.

7. Understand The Unit Counters

There are four types of ships in the game, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Knowing which type to use against your enemies is the best way to win battles quickly. Battleships are the first ships you unlock in the game and they are strong against Destroyers. Destroyers, on the other hand, specialize in hitting multiple enemies, making them strong against Aircraft Carriers. Aircraft Carriers have very long range that make them strong against Battleships. The fourth type of ship is the Submarine. While it doesn’t have any unit that it is strong or weak against, it specializes in stealth that allows it to approach enemies without being detected.

sea fortress unit counters

Aside from ships, you also have five kinds of Turrets for defense. These are stationary units that have a wide attack radius. Missile Launchers are strong against Battleships. Laser Turrets are strong against Destroyers. Rocket Launchers are strong against Aircraft Carriers. Vulcan and EMP Turrets are well-rounded options that are neither weak nor strong against any of the ships.

8. Mind The Fleet Number

When you enter a Skirmish battle, you will notice that there is a maximum fleet number. This indicates the number of ships you can send out, regardless of type. That means if the maximum fleet number is 4, you can only send out four ships. If you send out four submarines, you will not be able to send out any other ship. Pay attention to the number of ships you are allowed to send, or you may end up losing because you couldn’t send out the correct type.

9. Use Your Action Points Wisely

Action Points are used whenever you use Action Skills in battle. Each time you use an Action Skill, the cost will go up. Before you get trigger happy with the Phase Cannon, make sure you analyze the battlefield first and determine the best use for it. You may also want to save some points for healing and directing your units. You can earn back some Action Points every time you destroy an enemy unit. Consider how many points you will earn versus the increased cost and figure out whether or not using a skill will be worth it.

10. Positioning Is Key

In some ways, the game plays similar to Clash of Clans. Once you’ve plopped down your units, they will more or less just move towards the enemy HQ and engage enemies they come across. You can direct them to a specific target using an Action Skill, but that means spending your limited points on giving instructions. A better way to go about it is to simply place them more strategically on the battlefield. Ships generally follow a straight line towards the enemy HQ. All you have to do is position your ships on the side where you want them to go. This is useful in getting your ships to avoid enemies or turrets that are strong against them.

11. Find An Active Guild

sea fortress guild

Guilds are available early in the game. Just tap on the Guild Icon on the bottom right corner of the screen to open up the menu. If you are not yet part of a Guild, you will have the option to join and existing one or create a new one. It is best if you join an existing one as you will need the help of active members in order to maximize the benefits from having a Guild. When choosing a Guild to join, try to look for one that has a Might requirement. This will usually mean that they are serious about their progression and will have a lot of active members. Don’t worry because a 100,000 Might requirement is pretty easy to meet in 24 hours.

There are a lot of benefits of being part of a Guild. Guilds have their own set of technology research that give boosts to all members. The catch is that members need to donate resources in order to unlock and upgrade these technologies. Donating will reward you with a special currency that can be used to purchase useful items from the Guild shop.

12. Transfer Your Base

Once you have joined a Guild, the next step is to transfer your base to where your guildmates are. You get a free Transfer item that you can only use within your first seven days in the game, so make sure you transfer as soon as possible. The reason you need to transfer your base is because it is easier to send and receive help when you are near your guildmates. When a member of the guild is attacked, other guildmates can send ships to help in battle. These ships will need to travel through the ocean, and that will take time. The farther you are from your guildmates, the longer it will take for ships to travel between bases.

13. Send Your Ships Out

When you tap on the globe icon on the bottom left corner of the screen, you will be able to view the world map. You can then check out the bases of other players, search for resource nodes, or hunt for Cybers. You can raid other players for resources, but keep in mind that they can retaliate along with the rest of their guildmates. If a resource node isn’t occupied, you can send out your ships to gather resources from there. Cybers are monsters that drop rare materials that can be used for constructing and upgrading ship weapons.

As we mentioned above, the time it takes to complete these voyages depends on the distance, so it is a good idea to always pick the closest ones. You can send out gathering fleets as much as you can, but you will need energy to hunt for Cybers. Energy regenerates over time but does not earn beyond the maximum. Make sure you make the most out of the energy you have.

14. Sweep The Skirmish Levels

sea fortress skirmish levels

You can earn a lot of useful items from Skirmish levels. There are equipment enhancement items, badges, officer medals, and speed up items. You will need a lot of these if you want to grow stronger. That is why you should always replay certain Skirmish levels in order to keep progressing. Particularly useful are those that drop officer medals. The good news here is that you can sweep any level that you have gotten a three-star rating on. Each level has a limited number of entries per day depending on your VIP level. Try to use up the maximum entries of stages that drop officer medals, so you can continue to upgrade your officers.

15. Strengthen Your Officers

Officers are special characters that influence the strength of your fleet. Better officers allow you to bring more ships to battle. They also have special skills that help you in different ways. Your officer’s rank gives them access to additional skills, increases their max level, and adds more to the number of ships they can command.

An officer’s grade affects the strength of his skills. For example, Nia has four Fixed Skills, but she won’t gain access to the final two unless you Promote her to higher ranks. Her first skill, Battleship HP, increases the health of your Battleships. Upgrading her from a Common to an Uncommon officer will increase the effect from 4% to 8%. Regularly Promote and Upgrade your officers in order to get the most out of them.

16. Use Your Talent Points Wisely

Starting at Commander Level 10, you get 5 Talent points every time you level up. You can spend these on unlocking skills that give your ships permanent boosts. To use your Talent points, tap on your avatar at the top left corner of your screen then tap on the Talents button. You can choose to spread out your points evenly across the different types of ship or focus on your favorites. It all depends on your playstyle. Just don’t forget to use those points.

17. Raise Your VIP Level

All players start out at VIP 1. You earn a certain amount of VIP points for every day that you log in. Once you earn enough, your VIP level goes up. The higher your VIP level is, the more perks you get to enjoy. For example, at VIP 1, you only get 1 Stamina Use, 5 stage entries, 3 Gold Quests, and your Free Speed Up becomes available when the timer is under 10 minutes. At VIP 4, however, you get 4 Stamina Uses, 9 stage entries, 5 Gold Quests, your Free Speed Up comes at 16 minutes, and you get percentage boosts to Player EXP, Travel Speed, and resource production.

sea fortress vip level

If you want a faster way to increase your VIP level, you can simply spend Gold to purchase more points. That 2000-Gold Piggy Bank would come in handy in raising your VIP level. Gold can be used in other things but increasing your VIP level is by far the best use for premium currency.

18. Claim Your Freebies

Sea Fortress is pretty generous when it comes to freebies if you know where to look. You can get 400 Gold by simply linking the game to your Facebook account. You also get another 500 Gold when you join a Guild for the first time. Aside from those, there are several events that give you additional rewards for your accomplishments in the game. Even though they are technically quests, they mostly involve things that you will do if you are an active player, so they are practically free.

When you earn a certain number of stars in Skirmishes, you also get additional rewards. Just tap on the gift icon on the top right corner of the screen when you are in the Skirmish map. Finally, there is a resource freebie ship that wanders around your HQ. Just swipe around and you will see a ship that has an icon of a resource on top of it. Tap on it to claim the free resource. A timer will come up after you claim the freebie to indicate when the next one will be available.

Surviving in dangerous waters isn’t easy, but with the help of our Sea Fortress tips, cheats and strategies you will be commanding the most powerful fleet there is! In case you have any other valuable tips or tricks for the game, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!