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Save Dan Tips & Tricks: How to Properly Save Our Hero from the Zombies

It’s not just conventional celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kendall and Kylie Jenner who are releasing their own mobile games. Social media personalities are doing the same, and the latest to do so is Dan Blizerian, who has teamed up with Novasoft to release the new Android and iOS game, Save Dan. According to Novasoft, the game “gives you a chance to taste (Dan Blizerian’s) way of life,” but the main catch here is that things can, and will go wrong, and you have to literally save Dan, just as the game title says. So what can go wrong? One example cited in the description is a trip to the desert that gets interrupted when your female companions are turned into zombies, no thanks to a government experiment.

That’s just a single example of the things that could go awry and force you to save Dan’s life. But if you want to do that more consistently and succeed in this game, we’ve got just what you need – a list of Save Dan tips and tricks that can help you in protecting this particular Internet celebrity.

1. Shoot Gray Barrels To Blow Them Up

The gray barrels you see in the game aren’t there for ornamental purposes alone. They serve a purpose, and that purpose, of course, is to blow up when you shoot them. The barrels can come in handy in the above example, or anytime when you’re about to be surprised by a large horde of zombies. Fire at a barrel, and watch the zombies catch fire and die. Timing is key when it comes to making those exploding barrels kill zombies, but with a little practice, you’ll get it right.

2. Watch Out For Friendly Fire

On the other hand, you may want to exercise a little discretion when you’re firing your gun at the barrels. There is such a thing as friendly fire in this game, which means you could be hurting Dan if he’s too close to the barrels, for instance, when you fire at them. In fact, you might end up killing, and not saving Dan if his health hasn’t been upgraded yet.

3. Keep A Close Eye On Dan’s Stats

Remember the title of the game, and remember that you have to pay close attention to Dan’s statistics. He will be spending most of his time activating beacons, or the terminals with the green lights, and as he activates one and moves on to another, his stamina will go down. You want to work around Dan’s stamina not reaching zero, which is when he starts moving at a glacially slow pace.

4. Prioritize Headshots

This is quite a common tip in zombie-themed games, and it also applies in Save Dan. When firing at zombies, you want to aim at their head, because that’s going to kill them instantly, even if you’re using the weakest gun in your arsenal. You also get bonus points from headshots, and that’s also something you’ll want to consider. Be quick and be accurate and you could be finishing off a whole lot of zombies, thus helping Dan survive longer in the run. Zooming in can help increase your headshot accuracy, and also steady it a bit.

5. Earn Rewards Through Achievements

Blasting the heck out of those zombies and killing them isn’t a thankless job. In fact, you could earn some sweet rewards by completing achievements, which often include killing zombies, or killing a specific number of zombies with headshots. Other times, you’ll be asked to activate a certain number of beacons.

The rewards you can earn from those achievements come in the form of cash, and that cash can be used to upgrade your existing guns, or buying new ones, which we shall talk about in our sixth and last tip.

6. Which Is Better – Buying New Guns Or Upgrading Your Old Ones?

It all depends on your preferred play style – do you want to amass as many new and powerful weapons as possible, with each new one often more powerful than the last, or do you want to focus on making your existing guns better? It’s your call, to be perfectly honest, but if we were to choose, we’d go with buying new guns versus upgrading old ones. Why is this so?

As you’ll notice as you go along in the game, the guns you acquire later in the game will come with passive money multipliers. In other words, these guns will ultimately pay for themselves and then some. Still, you shouldn’t overlook your old gun even if you’ve saved up enough to buy a new one. Keep your existing firearm upgraded, and try to keep those upgrades as balanced as possible. By this, we mean making sure your existing gun is upgraded, while saving up enough money to eventually buy something newer and better.