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Kendall and Kylie Tips & Strategy Guide: 11 Stunning Tricks for a Fast Track to Success

Glu Games is quite well-known for its long line of celebrity-themed and celebrity-endorsed games – for example, the company has released titles endorsed by action star Jason Statham (Sniper X), singer Katy Perry (Katy Perry Pop), and reality personality Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian: Hollywood). Now, you can play an all-new Glu game for Android and iOS that features Mrs. Kanye West’s younger half-sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner. The game is simply called Kendall and Kylie, and it allows you to join the two as the “up-and-coming star of a big new adventure,” where you can choose from hundreds of styles to create your own character. You can “start a life in fashion, media, and more,” attract more online followers, and connect with other human players on your feed, while helping each other succeed in each of your chosen fields.

Talking about the game’s mechanics, a lot of them have something to do with tapping, and there’s also going to be a whole lot of waiting involved. But if you want to truly learn how to become a big star in Hollywood like the game’s titular stars, we suggest you to check out our list of Kendall and Kylie tips and strategies, which focuses on general hints and tricks for all aspects of the game.

1. Keep On Tapping

It doesn’t matter what kind of object you encounter in the game; as long as you can tap on it, and you typically would, then go crazy and keep on tapping. In many instances, these objects will drop money and experience, or other freebies. Each time you enter a new area in the game, tap on those objects and you won’t just earn more, but also progress quicker.

2. Get Social

A lot of gamers prefer to play their favorite mobile games on their own, or compete with strangers from all over the world if there’s an online element to them. But when playing Kendall and Kylie, you’ll want to get your real-life friends involved if you want to make some good progress in the game, and complete some of the tougher missions included. Aside from enlisting your friends for assistance in those missions, they can also send you freebies, such as actual likes to the moments you share on social media. That’s all going to help you become more famous, while doing so much faster than usual. Just be sure to return the favor, as is always the case in mobile gaming etiquette!

3. How To Work With Energy Missions

Energy missions are what they sound like – these are missions where you would be asked to use your energy in order to complete them. When it comes to accomplishing these missions, you want to go about things one at a time, as the missions become more and more difficult and use more of your energy as you progress through them.

Generally speaking, you should start with one mission and focus all your energy on completing that mission, or doing as much out of it as possible while you’re playing. Wait till that mission is finished, then start a new energy mission; do not juggle more than one at the same time! Last, but not the least, make sure your energy bar is 100 percent full before starting an energy mission! It’s a common sense tip, but still good to know.

4. Tips For Properly Utilizing Your Energy

Want more tips on how to go about those pesky energy missions? We’ll give you a couple, but first, we should tell you a little more about how energy missions work. These missions allow you to perform various actions with a varying energy cost per action. On most occasions, you’ll earn as many stars or hearts as the amount of energy units you spent, though there will be some cases when you’ll be rewarded with one more star or heart; the latter typically applies on actions that require more energy. Given that, always look at the stars or hearts on the lower portion of your screen, so you can see your requirements to successfully accomplish the mission. Take this as a basic example – if you need to consume six energy units to collect only one star, that’s a lot of energy wasted. Take into account what you need to do in the mission and consider that when choosing what to do in the mission.

5. Always Be Sure You Can Complete An Action

Remember what we told you a couple of tips ago, about making sure you’ve got 100 percent energy before starting an energy mission? Here’s why that’s especially important. Assuming you’ve only got two energy units remaining, you don’t want to perform an action that requires five energy. There’s a good chance your time will expire, and you’ll only end up wasting both your time and your energy. Just stick with the actions that require two energy units, and collect the rewards. They may not be worth much, but at least you’ll be getting something out of it.

6. The Importance Of Pets

When talking about “pets,” we usually refer to the actual cuddly critters in pet management games, or animal companions that fight alongside your heroes in certain RPGs. In Kendall and Kylie, the pets we’re referring to are literal pets; they don’t just provide you company, but also reward you with experience points, money, and additional energy. Pet them and play with them for more of that good stuff, as well as some much-needed boosts to your character in general.

7. The Choice Is Yours, And We Mean It

The mechanics of the game involve a lot of multiple choice questions, with some off the choices being better or worse choices than the others. But in many other cases, there wouldn’t be any right or wrong answers; just do what your instinct tells you to do, but balance it out with what you feel would be the best choice given the current situation. In some instances, though, there will be one option that you should choose if available, and we’ll be getting to that next.

8. Use Your Charm If The Option Is Available

That option we’re referring to is the option to use your Charm. This is an action that will cost you one K diamond, which is the game’s premium currency, but the end result would be surefire success for that action. If the choices are too difficult and the choice to use your Charm is available, then don’t hesitate to use that Charm – it’ll cost you a bit, but it’s the safe choice nonetheless.

9. Purchase Boxes, But Make Sure To Open The Free Ones

Kendall and Kylie allows you to purchase boxes, which will contain random items – there’s an element of gambling here, as you won’t always get some good stuff for the money you pay. If you can afford buying a box to get random stuff, then do it, just as long as you don’t go overboard.

You will, however, also be able to earn some free boxes, with the common boxes awarded on an everyday basis. Don’t expect anything too special from the common boxes, but open them in any case – free stuff is free stuff, after all! Other, rarer boxes will be awarded in between considerably longer intervals. The fact that the game is very generous in awarding free stuff should be good incentive for you to keep on playing, and keep on logging in. Even if you don’t have time for a worthwhile gaming session, you can log in for a couple minutes a day and still be eligible for the freebies.

Also, be sure you claim your free boxes as soon as you receive them, so as to make the most out of the game’s waiting times.

10. Pay Attention To The Goals And Achievements

The notebook icon located on the lower right hand side of your screen will contain all your Goals and Achievements; select this menu to monitor your progress and see what you have to do in order to complete the Achievements. Completing them will earn you some sweet rewards. As for the Goals, you can change them if you see fit, or if you want something easier to work on when playing the game.

11. Connect Your Game To Facebook

Last, but not the least, you want to connect your game to Facebook. Why should you do so? First of all, it allows you to add friends to the game, which, as we said earlier, allows you to make quicker progress. If you don’t have many friends who are into mobile gaming, you can create a separate account for gaming and add friends from there.

Another important reason to connect your game would be so that you can save your progress. We’ve seen it happen before – big updates can force you to start from scratch, but connecting your game to Facebook could allow you to continue where you left off even if you have to uninstall or reinstall the app. Also, this allows you to play Kendall and Kylie on multiple devices!