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Overclock FPS Cheats, Tips & Hints: A Detailed Guide to All Six Characters

A few days ago, we gave you some general tips for SkyVu’s Overclock FPS, but you may have also been wondering about the game’s different heroes. What’s the deal with them and how should you play when controlling a certain hero? We’ll be answering that for you later on, but as a reminder of what this game is about, it’s a multiplayer first-person shooter where you can customize your heroes in terms of their armor, head gear, and skin textures, unlock hundreds of different weapons, and take advantage of the game’s many social features, such as the chat feature and friend referrals. And just in case you’re wondering, Overclock FPS is the latest game in SkyVu’s Battle Bears series.

Now, that we’ve jogged your memory a bit, let’s move on to the main topic in this Overclock FPS strategy guide. You’ve got only six choices for characters, so we’ll be covering all six of them, and discussing what’s in it for you when you’re controlling them in the game.


Astoria can be best described as the stealth hero in Overclock FPS. She’s blazing fast compared to the other characters, but that also means she has poor health and regen statistics. It’s imperative that you keep her well-protected, even if she’s generally positioned at the back. Given her Health (200), Regen (4), and Speed (620) figures, it goes without saying that she uses sniper rifles exclusively in battle.

Astoria’s abilities include the Healing Grenade, which heals characters by 75 health points, but also slows her down by 35 percent for two seconds. That means you wouldn’t want to use this special skill if you’ve got an enemy in hot pursuit. If that’s the case, then you’ll want to go for her Ice Trap instead. Ice Traps are good for 45 seconds, dealing 125 damage and a 70 percent slowdown for two seconds per enemy. Lastly, her Charged Shot ability simply makes her next shot worth twice the damage.

The best way to use Astoria would be to have her use Charged Shot, lure an enemy into an ice trap, then fire at the enemy with a sniper rifle.


Graham is the game’s mechanic, and makes use of submachine guns and shotguns, both of which are good midrange or short range weapons. His stats are: Health (275), Regen (6), and Speed (525), making him just as fast as Wil (see below), quite fragile but not as fragile as Astoria, but with the second-best Regen figures among the six characters.

Moving on to Graham’s special skills, the Healing Turret is exactly what it sounds like – you’ll be planting a turret with 150 health that’s good for 20 seconds and a great way to heal your team. Thunderdome springs a dome that prevents enemies from firing projectiles and slows any enemy inside the dome by 60 percent for 4.5 seconds. Finally, the ordinary Turret skill is good for 15 seconds, and deals out 30 damage per shot to any enemy nearby. It also comes with 150 health as a benefit.

Graham is probably the closest the game has to a healer, but he also offers some general support skills as your team’s mechanic. Use the Turrets and Thunderdome skills for your team’s benefit, especially when trying to heal teammates while in a pinch. As Graham’s health isn’t on the high side, we suggest doing the same as you would for Astoria; let him stand back and do most of the damage with his turrets.


If you’re looking for an all-rounder character, then you want to go with Oliver. You can equip him with assault rifles and sniper rifles, which means he can take enemies out in close contact, midrange, or from a distance. His first unique weapon, the Dragon Slayzer, is a laser that does splash damage, while the second one, the Harpoon Gun, acts as a range weapon by hitting enemies with harpoons.

As for his special abilities, Ninja Vanish hides Oliver for about two seconds, and allows him to move 60 percent faster, while Katana allows you to throw said weapon, which is capable of dealing out 120 damage in a straight line. He has yet another ability, which allows you to auto-fire at enemies for five seconds; ammo won’t run out when he uses this third ability, so feel free to rain bullets on enemies. Oliver’s all-rounder reputation extends to his stats as well – Health (250), Regen (5), and Speed (565).
Obviously, Oliver cloaking ability helps him become a better sniper, while he also boasts of some impressive short- and midrange weapons. Simply put, no one in this game is more balanced.


In Overclock FPS, Riggs will be the first character that you can unlock, as opposed to being available as a default choice. His stats – Health (400), Regen (3), and Speed (455) suggest that he’s Overclock’s tank character. He has low speed, low Regen, but the highest health points of any one of the six characters. As is the case with most tanks, don’t rely too much on him for offense; his weapons are miniguns and shotguns, which are both for short-range action, and best for dealing out damage to enemies while he soaks up the damage.

Luckily, Riggs isn’t your average low-offense, high-health, low-speed tank. He has some useful special abilities, starting with Dash, which allows him to charge into enemies and deal 120 damage per target. This is a great skill to use on both offense and defense. Armed Forces locks Riggs down for five seconds to the same spot where he’s using the skill, and makes him more of a tank, giving him a 50 percent armor boost and a 200 percent health regen boost. You want more HP to keep the enemies busy, so make use of Armed Forces if you’ve got a lot of enemies to deal with. When using Riggs, use Armed Forces and soak up damage as your colleagues take care of the dirty work on offense.

Riggs has yet another skill you might want to try out, and it’s called Two Hand Salute. Here, he can throw a powerful punch, resulting in line damage to the tune of 160 points. But even with that skill and Dash, the bottom line is that Riggs’ main benefit would be as a distraction, or a decoy, someone the enemy can fire at while you fire at them using other characters.


Tillman is a melee character, or at least one of the game’s two equivalents to them. We’ll be telling you about the other one in a bit, but Tillman is quite unique because he uses rocket launchers on top of his miniguns. Let those two words sink in – rocket launcher. That’s a very impressive weapon alright, so if we were to classify Tillman, he’s probably somewhere between Oliver and Wil, the latter of whom has similar stats to Tillman. He’s great in short-range fighting, but equally deadly with the rocket launchers.

For his skills, Tillman’s most prominent has to be Hand Gatling Guns, which fires off energy bullets at a rate of 15 damage per shot. You’ll want to use this once he’s run out of rocket launchers, but feel that reloading isn’t worth the extra time. Overdrive increases his movement speed by 25 percent for 3.5 seconds, and lastly, Nuke deals out a very impressive 225 damage to anybody within the area marked before you launch that literal nuclear attack.

What would be the best way to use Tillman? We’d suggest having him use his Overdrive skill to help him set up the rocket launchers and fire away at enemy units, then use the Nuke skill to deliver the coup de grace on the enemies with one powerful attack.


Lastly, Wil also specializes in short-range combat, and boasts of some appropriate stats for the job, as you’ll see below. His short-range weapons include submachine guns and shotguns, and you’ll want to use him if you need someone who can take out enemies extremely well at close range. The shotgun is especially effective if you use him in such a situation. Talking about his stats, we did promise you someone who’s built for close-contact shooting – Health (300), Regen (9), and Speed (535). Those stats are incredibly similar to Tillman’s, especially in Health and Speed, though as you can see, Wil stands out for having the best Regen stats of the six characters.

Wil’s abilities include Energy Drink, which increases the damage he can sustain, Barf Bag, which spreads poisonous gas on a given zone for three seconds, inflicting 75 damage to any enemy who ventures into the gas cloud. Lastly, Boom Box doesn’t just benefit Wil, but anyone else you’re using at that time; this is basically an aura that improves fire rate by 20 percent and allows for a 500 percent better health regeneration for six seconds. And once again, that applies to everybody, and not to Wil alone; this is a great way to change the tide when you’re up against a horde of enemies.