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Samurai Blitz Cheats: 5 Tips, Tricks & Strategies Every Player Should Know

Afterlight Collective’s Samurai Blitz is an endless adventure game where you can dash your way through six beautiful pixel-drawn environments as you keep tapping and killing enemies. This is one of those combo-intensive games where the combos you string together could help you earn better rewards per enemy killed. You also get to take part in boss fights, and customize your player in hundreds of ways. In addition, you can enjoy an old-school video game soundtrack that’s got some “modern elements” to it. That’s the game in a nutshell, and now we’ve collected several Samurai Blitz cheats, tips and tricks to ease you into the game and give you some early success.

1. Know The Control System

Tap the left side of your phone or tablet’s display and your samurai will jump; tap the opposite, or right side and he’ll slash. Hold down on the display and you’ll have your character jumping higher, depending on how long you hold your finger down. You’ll also be able to do a double jump, with the same rules on the height of your jump still applying.

2. It Always Pays To Slash Quickly

After successfully slashing at an enemy, you’ll rise up a bit, emphasis on a bit. This makes it important for you to slash quickly so you can hit a mask that matches the level of the one you had previously hit. If the mask is located slightly below, go for a quick and vicious slash, and if it’s located significantly lower, you can slash or jump over the target. It will all depend, however, on whether you believe you’ll fall on the target or if you won’t.

3. How To Earn More Coins And Rewards

You can earn coins in this game to buy yourself some goodies, and the fastest way to get those coins is to hit as many jars as you could and operate close to the ground. You can also aim at the jars on parachutes, as well as special jars that could earn you prizes; for example, hitting the pink jar would earn you a golden cat. That golden cat will then give you a prize at random, and that would usually be even more coins.

4. Only The Scrolls Are Of Practical Use

The game promises more than 700 ways in which you can customize your character, but when it comes to the new cloaks and katanas, they only change the way your character looks like; there aren’t any special katanas that deal more damage or take out enemies in a different way, or cloaks that give you special skills or improve existing ones. The scrolls, on the other hand, can play a key role when you’re fighting those ever-so-tough boss battles.

5. Deal With Bosses Effectively

Boss battles are, of course, the toughest fights you’ll be involved in, and as a general rule, you want to avoid the green projectiles as well as the boss’ head. You can also slash at the head if it flies your way. When you see a giant mask head flying around in front of your character, keep on slashing until the mask moves, and repeat until you’ve finally disposed of the boss.