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Circulate Cheats: 5 Killer Tips & Strategies to Improve Your High Score

Typically, super-casual games would be available on both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. Circulate, unfortunately, is not one of those games – this Kumuva title is only available for iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. Still, it’s that kind of no-frills gaming experience that’s “so simple to play yet hard to master” – sounds familiar, doesn’t it? This game’s mechanic is extremely easy to figure out, as you’ll only have to tap on your display only once to “reach the goal.” And what makes it hard is the fact you have to tap at the right time as you go through 50 insane levels and, eventually, “infinite HARD mode.”

This game is similar to other casual titles because the main objective you have here is to score as high as possible, and we hope the following Circulate cheats, tips and strategies will help you beat whatever your last high score was.

1. All Obstacles Behave In A Similar Way

You’ll encounter a lot of obstacles in Circulate, and while they may look different, they all have something in common – you have to wait for them to turn so you can take a shot. Avoiding those obstacles is half the battle, as you still need to make sure you’re aiming the right way so you can get the shot in successfully.

2. Beware Of Odd-Shaped Obstacles

In some levels in Circulate, you’ll notice that these stages have turning obstacles that come in an odd shape; they’re ostensibly symmetrical, but in reality, they aren’t at all. This would require you to wait a little longer than usual so you can shoot them properly. Waiting it out, however, would be worth it in the end, as you’ll find out that shooting at them isn’t that difficult after all.

3. Consider Physics

Pay close attention to the speed in which the level moves after you take your shot. This could throw a wedge into things and make it difficult for you to make a good shot. One way to avoid this is to shoot the ball just a wee bit early – it’s worked for many, and may also work for you.

4. Don’t Buy A Skip, Watch Ads Instead

Flustered by a certain stage after failing to ace it over and over again? You have the option to purchase a skip so that you bypass that stage. But why take that option when you can get a skip for free? The game will allow you to watch advertisement videos so you can earn a free skip, and the best thing about this arrangement is that there’s no real limit to the number of ads you can watch. Still, that might take away the challenge from the game – there are only 50 levels in here, and you may end up earning skips for all of them.

5. There Is No Time Pressure

None of the levels are timed, so you can go by things in a leisurely way and wait for as long as you feel so you can ensure your shot goes in properly. This will also work to your advantage in those stages that have various lines that move in sundry directions.