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G.I. Joe: Strike Cheats & Strategy Guide – 5 Awesome Tips to Defeat Your Enemies

G.I. Joe: Strike allows you to experience the visceral thrill of combat as you play a game based on characters from the popular children’s toy and vintage cartoon series, not to mention the recent live-action movie. You’ll be playing the role of Snake Eyes, the silent member of the G.I. Joe team, and in this game, you can switch between martial arts action and gun fighting as you try to ward off the bad guys from the Arashikage ninja clan. All in all, you’ve got more than 100 ability cards that you can use to strengthen Snake Eyes, in hopes of making him the “ultimate ninja commando.”

This game, in case you’re wondering, is available for Android and iOS devices alike, and we have come up with a couple of G.I. Joe: Strike cheats, tips and tricks to help you deal with this game’s villains while starting out.

1. Buy Unlimited Lives For Ten Bucks

One of the more annoying weaknesses in this game is the fact that energy can be sapped very quickly. You only have five lives to use, and if you want to get back into the game with a full set of lives and energy, you might be considering the unlimited lives package, which costs $9.99.

If you lose all your lives, it’s not the end of the world, and no, you don’t need to pay $10 to get things back to where they used to be – you’ll regain those lives on their own anyway.

2. Take Advantage Of Free Life Recoveries

As an effort to transition players into the game, Backflip is allowing free life recoveries to anyone having a hard time out there. This only goes on up until Level 5, and if you want to fully enjoy those free life recoveries, you’ll want to avoid replaying previously completed ones. Instead, play the new stages so you can go the distance prior to moving on up to Level 5.

3. Use Your Cards Wisely

We did mention above that the game will offer you cards, which can then be used to improve Snake Eyes’ skills. You can either get cards by completing a quest, or by spending medals. When using those cards, you want to equip all the items you receive, regardless whether it’s a new skill or a new weapon. Skills can be activated without any intervention from your end, while weapons will appear as part of the air drops.

4. String Those Combos Together

If you want to make Snake Eyes into a fighting machine early on, you should have him focus on combos. One tap is equivalent to one point in the combo, and if you tap the buttons in the proper order, you can take out enemies faster. Be careful when stringing together the combo – if you tap on an incorrect button while in the middle of executing the combo, you’ll have to string it together from the start.

5. Don’t Grind

If you’re having problems dealing with a certain level, you may want to toggle between different in-game areas. But do not grind if that’s the case; you’ll be able to unlock the USS Flagg and the Temple while at the starting point (The Jungle), so that’s already several new levels where you can progress on simultaneously.