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Saber’s Edge Tips, Cheats & Guide to Lead Your Pirate Crew to Glory

Hibernium’s new role-playing game Saber’s Edge is now available for Android and iOS mobile devices, and it’s a game where you can form a team of pirates, and “collect, control, and upgrade” them en route to victory. Apart from the usual tactics and strategies needed to win battles, there are other mechanics, mostly RPG staples, that you have to take into account, including character classes, factions, spells, team attacks, and more. And these games, in most cases, wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t have an ability to string together combos – that’s in there too, and so is the loot you can win in quests, missions, and daily bounties. Hibernium says there are over 15 character traits in this game, so you can expect it to be quite an intense and intensive experience.

Fortunately, there are some mechanics that are very easy to figure out, namely the Match 3 mechanics – as most mobile gamers know Match 3 and have played games in this genre, it shouldn’t be all that unfamiliar to you. But it’s far more than just Match 3; this is quite a richly layered game that we believe you may be better off reading this Saber’s Edge strategy guide before playing. You can also check this out too if you’ve been playing for some time, so read on for a variety of general tips for success in the game.

1. Scout Your Enemies

In the early goings, your enemies wouldn’t need much scouting at all. But this is something you’ll need to do sooner than later, as you’ll want to know what type of enemy you’ll be up against, as well as their corresponding strengths and weaknesses. Before you start any mission, tap on the enemy icons below those of your team. Based on what you’ve gleaned, choose heroes that have class bonuses over the enemy, in order to enjoy a much better chance of winning the battle.

2. Balance Out Your Team

You can give your team a big advantage over the enemy by choosing characters who have a class advantage. But that’s just part of the picture, as you would also need to have a well-balanced, versatile team of heroes. For starters, you will definitely be needing a healer, so that you can rejuvenate wounded heroes on a dime, allowing them to get back into the thick of battle. You also need someone who can deal out great amounts of damage, as well as a tank who might not be as powerful on offense, but can divert attention from your top damage-dealer by soaking up damage from the enemy. It always helps if you experiment with different combinations to see which one works for you the best, and most consistently.

3. Complete Your Daily Missions

Want more free stuff in the game? The best way to stock up on the freebies is to login to Saber’s Edge daily, and complete the daily bounty missions. These missions, as well as the rewards you can earn by completing them, can help you move forward quickly in the game, so it’s important that you stay committed to the game, and play it every day, even if it’s merely for the daily bounties on those days you’re pressed for free time.

4. Equip Characters With The Right Gear And Upgrade That Gear

When it comes to advancing your characters and making them more powerful, you should outfit them with the best possible gear, and also upgrade them. Gear can be earned from the treasure chests, which can either be found for free or purchased in the in-app store. Existing gear can also be upgraded, if you want to make it even more powerful or effective. Once you’ve completed a full set of gear, that will allow you to “promote” the character the gear is equipped on, giving them permanent stat boosts. As multiple heroes can use the same type of equipment, you may need to plan things out carefully, so that you can give first priority to your favorite/most powerful heroes.

5. Upgrade Your Heroes’ Skills

Aside from the gear, you should also be upgrading the heroes themselves. Skill level cannot exceed your hero’s level, so keeping that in mind, you should be maxing out both of those levels as much as possible. This could cost you a whole lot of in-game currency, so if you want to do this in the most economical way possible, always start upgrading skills with your most powerful hero.

6. Kill Enemies One At A Time

Moving on to some battle tips, let’s talk about how you should be dealing with enemies in battle, which is one at a time, instead of multiple enemies in one go. While it is true that dealing damage to multiple enemies is always a good thing, and that stringing together combos to deal damage to all applicable enemies is something you should work at, what we’re referring to here is your single-strike attacks. These should be focused on one target alone, as enemy units that have only a few (or even one) health points remaining are still capable of attacking at full power. They won’t be weakened until you have actually killed them.

7. String Together Combos

We’ve mentioned combos a couple of times in the earlier tips and the game overview, but we shall be looking at them a little further in this tip. When stringing together combos, you should use the ones that move on to adjacent sides as seen on the moves cube. Look for the tiles that have arrows in them, as that means you can keep the string going to another side of the cube. Try tilting your device left and right so you can see those sides of the cube, and once you see them, string your combo, and take advantage of that bonus attack you’ll be unleashing when the string continues from one tile to another.

8. Turn The Tide With Special Matches

We probably don’t need to explain the Match 3 part of this game too much, but in case you need some help, you should look for matches of three identical pieces or more, with emphasis on “or more.” If you’re able to make a special match in the game, those special symbols you form will provide some much-needed effects in battle. Use these effects at the right time and you could be unleashing a game-changer, one that can help you win a battle that you were previously losing.

9. Replay Missions You Have Already Completed

Need more coins, more equipment, or more resources of any kind? Reached the point where you’ve gone through the campaign missions and can’t push forward any longer? That’s no problem, as you can then start replaying the missions you have already completed. Go back to those missions and grind them over and over until you’ve got enough resources to level up your heroes and their equipment alike. It may sound monotonous, but we’re sure you can agree that completing a mission is much easier when you’ve already done it once or twice.

10. How To Unlock Additional Characters

Finally, let’s touch on the ways in which you can unlock additional characters in Saber’s edge. The way to do this would be collecting character cards, and this could be quite a time-consuming process at the end of the day. Character cards are earned by completing missions and unlocking Heroic Packs. And when talking about the latter resource, the sets of 30 keys are always the most advisable to choose, as they give you more useful and more attractive rewards.

This completes our detailed strategy guide for Saber’s Edge. If you’re a fellow player, who knows more tips and tricks for the game, feel free to share them with us in the comment section!