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All Limpy Run! Tips, Cheats & Tricks: 5 Hints Every Player Should Know

Even the mobile game makers have Olympics fever, as it seems. All Limpy Run! is an Olympics-inspired game by Crazy Labs that doesn’t feature sophisticated graphics, real-life athletes, or a variety of different sporting competitions. One shouldn’t expect any bells and whistles in this Android and iOS title. Rather, this is an endless runner where your goal is to “win the race without falling on your face,” and representing your country as you hope to emerge victorious over the runners from other nations. But it won’t just be human competitors you’ll be up against, but also animals such as lions and elephants, as well as mythical creatures such as mummies.

If you’re looking for a realistic simulator of Olympic track and field competition, this definitely wouldn’t be the game for you. But if you want a fun diversion that doesn’t demand much in terms of mechanics, but can be quite frustratingly addictive to play, you’ll want to check the game out. But before that, we suggest you to read the following All Limpy Run! tips, tricks and hints that could give you a better chance of making “first place” consistently.

1. Time Your Jumps To Take Place At The Last Moment

Timing is everything when it comes to All Limpy Run!, as the races consist of you jumping over hurdles…or to be more accurate, general obstacles. And when preparing to leap over those obstacles, you will notice two green arrows over the head of your runner, just as they’re extremely close to the obstacle. That would be a sign that they’re picking up the pace and you, as the player, are due for a bonus, and with that in mind, you should only jump over an obstacle at the last moment. You won’t get that bonus if you jump earlier, but if you do make that last-moment jump, you’ll get a speed bonus that could serve you well. Bear in mind, though, that this is an endless runner, and that the race isn’t exactly a matter of who finishes first, but rather who lasts the longest.

2. Focus On Your Lane

You’ll notice that the lanes in the races are very close to each other, much closer than they would ideally be in a real-life race. That’s all by design, as the game’s makers want to add more of a challenge by making those obstacles distract you a little more. That challenge can manifest when you end up making unnecessary jumps, including those that could end your run earlier than you had hoped. In order to avoid those unnecessary jumps, always monitor your lane and your lane alone, and keep your eyes peeled for those obstacles.

3. Don’t Chase After The Coins While In A Race

The coins that appear in mid-air during races are what you could call a red herring – they’re there to distract you from your ultimate goal, and wouldn’t do you much good if you go after them. In fact, going after them may do you more harm than good, as you’ll have to jump in order to grab coins in mid-air. You can certainly try collecting them if the coast is relatively clear, but if you’re dealing with loads of obstacles, you’re better off not trying to leap for the coins. The coins are only worth one unit each, and you can get far more than that through your free gifts, so don’t add any unnecessary risk by chasing after those coins.

4. Why Should You Tilt Your Device?

Now this isn’t really a mandatory tip for success in this game, and Crazy Labs doesn’t suggest this in any way in the game’s description. But many players have observed that by tilting their device a bit to the left, that allows them to have a clearer and more precise focus on the game. That means you could potentially avoid obstacles and react to them faster, as your eyes wouldn’t be as needlessly focused at obstacles as they would if you were playing the game without your device tilted.

This may or may not be of help when you’re playing the game – it would all depend on your general play style – but if you’re having difficulty lasting long in your runs, you might want to give it a try.

5. Avoid The Tendency To Double-Jump

For some players, their first instinct is to try a double-jump for better chances of clearing the obstacle. That may work if there aren’t too many obstacles or hurdles to worry about, meaning in the early parts of your runs. But it might work against you if the obstacles are quite plentiful; if you double-jump, you won’t be able to land in time to make another one. So with that said, you should practice single-jumps and use them to clear the hurdles instead.