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Primal Legends Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide to Complete More Levels

Kobojo’s new game Primal Legends is part of that increasingly popular mobile genre that mixes one of the most popular casual gaming genres with one of the most popular “intense” gaming genres. By this, we’re talking about Match 3/RPG hybrids, and we’ve been seeing a lot of them arrive for both Android and iOS devices. Primal Legends is no exception, and aside from those two mechanics/genres, it also incorporates trading card game (TCG) mechanics. It comes with more than 200 levels where you will “persevere through the trials of (in-game world) Theria,” and also comes with a feature where you compete against players from all over the world in real-time battles. You can discover and recruit new heroes, and come up with a powerful army, collecting and evolving heroes so you can use them at their full potential.

Just because Match 3/RPG hybrids add a touch of casual to the comparatively in-depth world of RPGs doesn’t mean they’re easier to play. There are a lot of different mechanics to take into account apart from the vintage ones any Candy Crush Saga player knows. So with that said, let us now take you to our exclusive Primal Legends strategy guide, as we discuss the wealth of different areas you may want to read up on before, during, or even after playing the game.

1. Build A Powerful Team Of Heroes

When assembling a team of heroes in Primal Legends, you have to come up with a balanced team. This probably goes without saying, as it’s a standby tip in any kind of game that requires you to assemble a team that will eventually be doing battle. There has to be some sort of synergy in your team, and you need to have the right mix of characters based on color. Some players have success with teams where the heroes only belong to one color, but many more are successful with teams that have a mix of about two or three colors.

2. Fill Up The Meter Of Your Top Heroes

Of course, there will be heroes whom you will want to prioritize more than other, and heroes who are simply more powerful than others. These are the heroes whom you want to focus on when filling up their meter. But it isn’t as simple as focusing on the best and filling up their meters accordingly. You should also consider the objectives of the mission at hand. That means you won’t really have to make matches for your top hero if you’re targeting a specific enemy in the mission. And you may also have to focus on multiple heroes of the same color, should you encounter such a situation.

3. Level Up Your Commander For More Heroes

The game comes with more than 40 heroes, which really isn’t that much if you compare Primal Legends to other RPGs. And you can get more of them by leveling up your Commander. Make sure you prioritize this and get your Commander leveled up quickly, as that will allow you to add more heroes faster, as you make your way through the 200-plus battles in the game.

4. Placement Is Very Important

Aside from coming up with a well-balanced team of heroes like you always should in RPGs, their placement on the board should also be taken into account. Remember that there are Match 3 mechanics in the game, and that they all play into the broader RPG concept. You want to place your heroes properly so you can make the right matches, and protect them from enemy damage. Also feel free to make changes to your team selection, should you notice that a hero or heroes are making you lose more often in the game’s PvP mode. Replace those heroes with those who are able to properly counter the enemy in question.

5. Other Considerations When Making Matches

Another Match 3 tip unique to Primal Legends is the consideration of how you have arranged your rows of troops on the board. Think of how that arrangement could lead to more matches, so that way you could end up boosting your heroes’ abilities even further. Also focus on your enemies’ weak spots if you notice an opponent has a specific weakness by row; that could do quite the number on their health bar.

The same classic mechanics apply, however, when it comes to matching more than three pieces on the board. Matches above three will cause a unit on the board to be boosted, thus allowing them to deal out more damage. This damage will be inflicted right at the spot where you pulled off the move.

6. Activate Your Heroes Once Their Meter Is Filled

In almost every situation in this game, you will want to activate your heroes the moment their meter has filled up completely. This is hardly ever a bad thing, so you can be confident in doing this once the opportunity arises. However, you should also remember that you’ll have to wait for the next turn to activate your hero in the event that the meter fills up right after you pulled off your last move.

7. How To Get More Heroes

You’re probably wondering at this point how you can add to your collection of heroes. The first method would be to go to the shop and buy them with your in-game currency. For starters, you won’t be spending too much at all for the common cards, and the common heroes in the game are actually more powerful than you may think. It’s also possible to buy chests and get rubies (the premium currency) in return, though hero drops aren’t guaranteed through this method.

Primal Heroes has a MOBA feature like so many other RPGs do, and you can compete in the game’s arena and have some real competition against human players. (It can get boring, after all, to focus solely on facing the AI in campaign mode.) If you win an arena battle, you’ll be rewarded with a chest, with five wins guaranteeing you a “great” chest.

Then there’s the good old campaign mode, where you can complete the single player missions. Completing missions will earn you a chest, and you’ll have to wait a certain period of time before you open it. Generally speaking, the longer the wait time, the better your chest rewards are. But you’ll also have to take into consideration the fact that you can only hold so many chests at one time. It’s no fun having to wait to open a chest just because all of your slots are full at the time.

8. No Man Is An Island

When we say this, we refer to the social element of Primal Legends. We already mentioned the battle arena, which allows you to break the monotony of computer AI (not that it’s a walk in the park, though) and compete against living, breathing human players from all over the world. You can also make friends in this game, much like you can add friends on Facebook or follow accounts on Twitter. There’s a friend search feature in the game, and you can use it if you want to shop around for tougher opponents, or possibly an ally who can help you in battle. Just be sure that you don’t ignore those friend requests; you may not know them personally, but they could be the help that you need in the battlefield, or the challenge you’ve been craving for in the arena.

This wraps up our strategy guide for Kobojo’s addictive mobile game, Primal Legends. If you’ve come across other tips and tricks for the game, feel free to let us know below in the comment section!


Friday 10th of November 2017

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