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Run Race 3D Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Beat Your Opponents

As the very title suggests, Good Job Games’ brand new casual title Run Race 3D was inspired by the .io type of games and challenges players to play against 3 other opponents, complete different tracks and finish each race on the highest possible position. The mechanics of the game is simple: a one-button type of game that allows you to control your jump.

If you want to learn how to time your jumps perfectly and reach the top spot, check out our Run Race 3D tips, cheats and strategies below!

1. Personalize Your Character

In Run Race 3D you will be playing against other 3 players. So make sure to customize your character so that you can distinguish it from the crowd.

2. Learn How To Perform Double Jumps

run race 3d cheats

If you press the screen 2 times in a row, your character will perform a double jump. The double jump will allow you to gain a couple of meters over your competitors. In Run Race 3D, every meter plays a crucial role. You should focus on gaining more and more ground over your competitors on every lap.

3. Learn How To Bounce From One Wall To Another

If you need to bounce from one wall to another, make sure to start with a double jump. If you do so, you will end up higher on the wall. And this means that you will need bounces to get out.

4. Don’t Grab And Hold The Rope

In Run Race 3D there are levels in which you will have to pass through a narrow corridor. The only way to get out of it is by grabbing a rope. Instead of grabbing and holding the rope, make sure to jump to it and then from it. This will gain you a couple of meters.

5. Time Your Jumps

run race 3d tips

In Run Race 3D, timing your jumps properly plays a crucial role, especially when you have to deal with obstacles. There are times when slides or zip-lines will get you further than jumping. But, if you manage to time your jumps right at the end of a zip-line or slide, you will avoid touching the walls. Touching a wall will slow you down, so try to avoid doing it.

6. Collect As Many Coins As Possible

There are levels where you will get to play alone, with no competitors. Those levels are filled with coins, waiting for you to collect them. Make sure to grab as many as possible! You can use the coins to unlock a wide variety of amazing skins. If you need extra coins to unlock a skin, you can watch a video ad. You will be rewarded with 75 coins. And the good news is that you can watch as many ads as you wish.

7. Unlock New Maps

Each time you finish a race on the top spot, you will unlock a new map. Finishing anywhere below that will get you to replay the same level.

Ready to take over the top spot in Run Race 3D? Let us know if you found our tips and tricks useful!


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