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Slope Run Cheats: 8 Tips, Tricks & Strategies for Going Down the Slope in a Flash

Created by OnePear, Slope Run is an addictive racing game that will remind you of the old-fashioned arcade classics. Set in a futuristic environment, this mobile game combines a retro feel with surreal high-tech elements. The players can access the game on their Android-powered devices. Needless to say, Slope Run will provide them with a lot of entertainment.

As the title clearly implies, the goal of the game is to reach the end of the slope course. But, this is often easier said than done. Because of the various obstacles, the missions in Slope Run can be quite challenging. That is why we came up with a comprehensive set of guidelines. If you follow our Slope Run cheats, tips, and tricks, you will easily reach the finish line in every stage. So, let’s get down the slope and see what this game is all about.

1. Choose The Right Mode

Slope Run is a racing simulation. But, you will not be racing against other players when playing this game. In fact, your only opponent is your high score, i.e. the finish line. The goal is to bring the ball to the finish line without touching the walls or falling into the abyss. Of course, the players can complete certain tasks along the way, but we will focus on them in the upcoming chapters.

slope run cheats

For now, let’s just say that Slope Run presents the players with two distinct play modes. At the lobby screen, you can opt for the Endless mode or for the Normal mode. As the name suggests, the Endless mode allows you to take the ball on a never-ending run. With no finish line, you could go on for days, at least in theory. On the other hand, the Normal mode takes you on smaller runs down the slope. Each stage has a finish line, and the levels increase in difficulty as you progress through the game.

2. Collect Diamonds Along The Way

Diamonds are the only in-game currency you will need in Slope Run. Precious stones will help you pass the missions, acquire new balls, and so on. That is why it is important to collect as many gems as possible. Yet, Slope Run is not so generous when it comes to diamonds, and you will have to work for them.

slope run tips

Of course, a certain amount of diamonds will go your way after you complete a challenge. For example, after collecting 10.000 points or for some similar ‘occasion’. But, the easiest way for collecting gems is by catching them while you slide down the slope. While on the run, you should change your trajectory at certain moments and aim for the diamonds.

The process of harvesting the precious stones is simple. But, the speed of the ball will make things difficult for you. The faster you move, the harder it will be to adjust your direction and collect the gems. Even so, we advise the players to try and grab as many diamonds as they can.

3. Step Onto The Boosters

The action-packed gameplay of Slope Run will make you fall in love with this game. The thrilling atmosphere and the rapid changes in direction create a scintillating playing experience. But, you will need to use some assistance in order to develop the breathtaking speed. That is why boosters are lying around, scattered on the path you need to complete.

The boosters are shaped in the form of arrows on the ground. Like a classic road sign, they point in the right direction. But, they also do more than that. For example, as soon as you go over a booster – the ball will receive a strong push forward. This burst of speed can propel the ball to the finish line, allowing you to jump over several obstacles. By stepping on a couple of boosters in a row, you can create a combo, which will have your ball flying down the slope at incredible speed. All in all, boosters are a great tool for making the Slope Run even more dynamic and entertaining.

4. Stay In The Middle Of The Track

As you head down the slope, the obstacle course will become more and more challenging. The path will become more winding, and you will also spend more time soaring through space. Because of all these issues, it is easy to make a mistake and lose a life. Unfortunately, Slope Run will show you no mercy. As soon as you make a mistake – the run is over, and you have to get back to the starting line.

slope run high score

To minimize the risk of mistakes, we recommend that you try and stay in the middle of the track at all times. By doing so, you will have better odds of completing the quest. The reason for this is simple – the center of the slope allows you to easily move to the left or to the right, depending on the circumstances. Also, you will put some distance between the ball and the walls. Another quick tip is to reduce the wobble as much as possible. In other words, try to keep the ball steady and avoid sudden movements.

5. Plan Your Moves While Flying Through The Air

Slope Run features a wide array of obstacles and shapes. Most of the time, the players will slide down a slope in a rapid motion, stepping on those various objects. As we saw earlier, some of the elements will even make the run faster and more energetic. On the other hand, some objects can slow down the action, allowing you a moment to compose your thoughts and create a small plan of action.

slope run strategies

While playing Slope Run, you will mostly rely on luck. The surreal speed of the ball will not allow much space for planning and thinking. Instincts will have to take over. Yet, if you land on a round object or a triangle – you will be launched high into the air. Once airborne, the time seems to slow down, at least a little bit. During those ‘flying sequences’, the players can observe the path ahead of them. It is vital to plan your landing spot as you fly and to form a strategy for the upcoming obstacles.

6. Save Your Progress

We already mentioned the fact that the obstacles in Slope Run are unforgiving. One small error and you are out. On one hand, this improves the excitement, boosting your adrenaline levels. But, lots of players will feel frustrated once they arrive near the finish line and slip down into the deep crevice. Yes, we know such a scenario happened to you, too. We all had those moments.

Before you throw your phone against the wall, here is a simple solution. After you make a mistake, Slope Run will ask if you want to preserve your progress. In other words, you can continue the run from the same place where the mistake happened. The only requirement is to watch an ad. That is why we advise the players to invest those 20 seconds of their time into watching a video. By doing so, you will complete a stage and there will be no frustration or anxiety. In the end, Slope Run was meant to be fun and enjoyable. Let’s keep it that way.

7. Invest The Diamonds

Earlier in our Slope Run guide, we mentioned the only currency in this game – the diamonds. We also elaborated on the ways in which you can acquire more precious stones. Similarly, there are several methods for spending hard-earned gems. Of course, the most obvious one is to use them for continuing the missions and stages. Besides by watching the ads, you can sometimes continue the run by investing a certain amount of diamonds as well.

Another way you can spend the diamonds is by visiting the in-game shop. A wide array of available balls can help with turning the Slope Run into a more colorful game. Even though new balls serve predominantly as a cosmetic change, we advise the players to spend some cash on this element of the gameplay. You could be surprised with improved performances of the balls as well.

8. Spin The Wheel Of Fortune

slope run spin wheel

Similar to a host of other games on the current market, Slope Run presents the players with various incentives. For example, a gift box will pop up in the upper left corner from time to time. Make sure to open this box. A certain amount of diamonds will go your way after collecting this reward. But, that is not all. The Spinning Wheel is also located in the top left portion of the screen.
The players can make one spin per hour. The good thing about this wheel of fortune is that you cannot be on the losing side. Every part of the wheel offers some kind of reward. What this means is that you can either unlock a new ball or receive a bag of diamonds. No third option. For that reason, make sure to spin the wheel at every opportunity. Needless to say, if you watch an ad – you can get a free spin.

With our final tip, we put a wrap on our 8 Slop Run cheats, tips and tricks. In case you know any other strategies that could help succeeding in the game – please drop us a line in the comment section!


Sunday 5th of June 2022

How do you jump there is a challenge that tells me to jump a certain amount of times.


Wednesday 6th of July 2022

@Kyren, IDK to ur not alone

Emily Hinojosa

Saturday 5th of February 2022

How do you delete your balls


Wednesday 6th of July 2022

@Emily Hinojosa, It really easy to delete. Just drag the ball that u want to delete and drag it to the garbage can