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Rules of Survival’s Holiday Event ‘Give More Get More’ Now Live

The holiday event is one of the things players look forward to the most in Rules of Survival. Last year NetEase gave out a lot of premium rewards for players, so everyone is excited to see what the developers have in store this year. This time around, players are encouraged to share with their friends through the Give More Get More holiday event.

rules of survival holiday event

Christmas-themed items like gingerbread men and candy canes will be scattered around the map during matches in Rules of Survival. Players may also purchase additional items from the in-game store. These items must then be gifted to friends in order to earn points. Gift givers will receive Gift Points while recipients will be awarding with Glamour Points.

Accumulating Glamour and Gift Points will allow players to unlock Christmas gifts from the game. Players will also be ranked according to the number of points they have. The top 3 players with the most Gift and Glamour points will be displayed on a podium in the prep zone before each match.

Rules of Survival also has gifts waiting for players who have not logged in for a while. Returning players will receive exclusive Christmas cards and returnee packs that contain various rewards. The in-game store will also be stocked with various Christmas-themed items including characters, weapon skins, and wingmen.

Rules of Survival is available on Android, iOS, and PC. Those who want to try it out can head over to Google Play or the App Store and grab the game.