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Rome: Total War Coming to Android on December 19

Rome: Total War is one of the most iconic strategy games on PC, having pioneered turn-based real-time strategy gameplay. The game has been available for iOS devices for some time, but Feral Interactive has finally announced an upcoming Android release. The game will become available for download on Google Play on December 19.

rome total war android release

For those who are new to the game, Rome: Total War features large scale army battles where players control their own armies across the Roman empire. Campaign players get to choose one of the three Roman families and follow their respective stories as they attempt to unify Rome. The game is not just about battles. In fact, diplomacy, infrastructure, and population management are just as important as military power.

One of the great things about Rome: Total War is that it tries to give players the full experience of managing an empire. Aside from planning war strategies, players must also maintain public order through taxes and gladiator games. Ruling an empire is no easy task, and only those who are up to the challenge will come out on top.

When it comes to real-time combat, players may choose from a variety of tactics in order to defeat their enemies. Players may choose to split their forces and surround the opposing troops in a pincer maneuver. Those who prefer brute force may also choose to charge straight onto the battlefield and overpower the enemy forces.

Rome: Total War will be available for download for all territories. Unfortunately, due to the massive requirements of the game, it will only be playable on high-end devices. Those running on Android 7 with 3GB RAM may be able to play the game but with limited performance.