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Roll the Wall: Engage Cheats, Tips & Tricks – 5 Hints You Should Know

Roll the Wall: Engage is an addictive new iOS game developed by Tigrido. We can tell you that this mobile title is a bit similar to a previous Tigrido game called Don’t Stop the Creeps – you’ve got a block-like character in the middle of a wall that is partially filled in, and your objective is to stay alive as you rotate the wall. Rotating, or rolling the wall would block the creeps before they get in and kill you. So now that you know what this game is all about, let’s get cracking with some useful Roll the Wall: Engage cheats, hints and tips.

1. Block The Creeps, Let The Coins In

Obviously, you want to avoid the creeps – they’re the creatures that could kill you if they get inside the wall. Blocking a creep from entering the wall gets you a coin per creep blocked. Interestingly, though, coins can also enter the wall, and this time, you really should get them into the wall. Letting one coin in gets you five additional coins per coin that enters.

2. Watch Ads To Get More Coins

Roll the Wall: Engage allows you to earn more coins by watching advertisement videos – it’s a small sacrifice for the big reward, which is 500 coins per video. Of course, you’ll need to be online via Wi-Fi or cellular in order to watch the ad video, and once you complete it, those 500 coins are all yours. There’s no limit to the number of videos you can watch, so go nuts as long as you see that there are some available.

3. Spend Your Coins On New Characters

It would make no sense to earn coins with nothing to spend them on, and in this game, you can use your coins to buy new characters. Unfortunately, all that changes would be the appearance of your character, as well as how the creeps look like – they’ll look like smaller versions of your character. But there’s no change to the gameplay and mechanics, so the main benefit of using a new character would be spicing things up if things get too boring with your current one.

4. Be Smart With Your Power-Ups

While this is a casual title, there are some power-ups you can use to help you in the game. The bomb power-up lets you destroy all creeps present on the screen, the ice power-up slows movement by half, and the wall power-up gives you one full wall for five creeps.

5. Get The Golden Piggy To Earn Coins Faster

The Golden Piggy is the only character you won’t be able to buy with the coins you earn in the game. Now, this character does have a distinct advantage over the stock character and the ones you can buy with coins – using the Golden Piggy will have you earning coins three times faster. That means one creep blocked equals three coins per creep, and one coin let into the wall would net you 15 coins.