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Nono Islands Cheats & Strategy Guide: 6 Fantastic Tips to Survive in the Wild

Nono Islands is one of Illusion Labs’ latest titles for the iOS mobile platform, as the game invites you to go on an expedition to the Nono Islands and search for lost treasures. Now, it wouldn’t be a challenge unless there were some people, or should we say creatures on these islands – these include spiders, sharks, and jumping skulls. And you will also have to be wary of hidden traps, spikes, boulders, sawblades, and much more!

Surviving in this game may be a bit of a tall order, but if you read our collection of Nono Islands cheats, tips and strategies and apply them the next time you play, you may find your tasks a little bit easier to accomplish.

1. Don’t Rush It

This might sound like an odd piece of advice, considering that this is a game where you’ve got a timer, but you can take your time and still be fine. Haphazard actions will only lead you to trouble, so we suggest that you don’t pay that much attention to the timer and take things one step at a time. Don’t take forever either, but make your move in a way that you’re always on the lookout for obstacles.

2. Be Aware That Red Tiles Mean Trouble

Speaking of obstacles and hazards, red stone tiles will typically mean that there’s some danger ahead. Stop for about a second or two before stepping on one of those tiles, as there may be a creature that’s going to swoop down your way, or a hazard such as a dart or a trap.

3. Collect All The Key Pieces And Treasure Maps

Key pieces would usually be found on the main path, but sometimes they may be located elsewhere; feel free to roam around if you happen to miss one key piece. As for treasure maps, these are also essential in Nono Islands; collecting all possible treasure maps in a world will allow you to unlock the secret level, and once you complete that level, you will get a bonus continue token.

4. Go Backwards, If Necessary

Nono Islands won’t tell you that it is possible to go backwards, but you actually can. Swiping down will allow your character to move back a bit, so don’t be afraid to do this if you feel that you’ve taken a wrong turn along the way.

5. Recover From Wrong Moves

There is a possibility that you will fall into the water if you take one step too many. But if you act quickly, you can still recover and move back to the previous tile. If you see your character is falling down, swipe down rapidly in the same way you would move backwards. If you’re able to swipe quickly enough, you will be back to the previous tile, which would allow you to regroup and avoid making the same wrong move again.

6. Don’t Waste Your Continue Tokens

If you want to create a checkpoint when asked at the start of each level, that’s going to cost you one continue token. So that means if you die, you will restart from the last checkpoint that you had set up. In other words, if you complete a level without any tokens but get killed on the next, you will need to restart that completed level from square one. That makes it necessary to use your continue tokens only when you need to.