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Rocket Dodge Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score

Kwalee’s new mobile game called Rocket Dodge is exactly what the name suggests. Available on Android and iOS, Kwalee’s latest release is all about dodging rockets that are constantly chasing your spaceship. You will not have any weapons to fight back, so the only thing you can do is to lead the rockets to their own destruction. Travel through the different planets and see how far you can go. The further you progress, the more challenging things become.

You start off with just a couple of rockets chasing you. Soon, you will be frantically tapping left and right to avoid dozens of rockets coming at you at breakneck speeds. The good news is that you will also be able to upgrade and unlock new ships as you go along. If you find yourself stuck on any of the planets, just check out our compilation of Rocket Dodge cheats, tips and tricks below!

1. Keep Your Eyes Peeled

rocket dodge cheats

A common problem for new players of Rocket Dodge is that they tend to get tunnel vision. They focus too much on one or two rockets that are chasing them that they forget that other rockets exist. Make it a habit to keep an eye out for the rocket trails from the edges of the planet. This will allow you to preemptively dodge rockets instead of just running away just as they are about to hit you. Steering will take a bit of getting used to as well. If you need to steer slowly, use rapid multiple taps. If you need to steer more quickly, tap and hold in the direction you want to steer.

2. Get More Rewards, Here’s How

The game allows you to play offline, but you will be missing out on ad offers if you do. If you have a lot of free time, you can watch as many videos as you can on the main screen. These videos will reward you with up to 2,500 coins each. You also get ad offers when you earn a reward in between planets. Take advantage of as many ad offers as possible in order to maximize your earnings. These can be used to purchase further upgrades, allowing you to get better ships sooner.

3. Move On To Other Planets

At the top of your screen, you will notice a planet bar that has a ship icon on it. As you play through a planet, the ship on that bar will move. You need to get to the other end of the bar in order to move on to the next planet. The game also gives you the option to skip the final 1/3 of the bar if you manage to make it all the way to 2/3. Moving on to the next planet means the difficulty level increases, but you also get an extra coin multiplier with it. For example, moving on to Jupiter, a level 7 planet, will give you a 7x reward. Keep in mind that a planet’s difficulty level will be affected by other factors. Jupiter may have level 7 difficulty, but its size gives you more room to run around.

4. Max Out The Upgrades

rocket dodge tricks

Once you have a lot of coins, you should invest them in ship upgrades. Upgrading your start charge and charge speed. Do not be afraid to spend all your coins in upgrading your ship even if there will be better ones to unlock later on. Once you unlock a new ship, feel free to switch to it. It may start out a little weaker than the fully upgraded ship you were using, but it will have the potential to become even stronger. Don’t forget to check out the ship skills as well. Some ships have offensive skills that can save you in case you get overwhelmed by rockets. Others have shields that can keep you alive even if you get hit. Choose the skills that work best with your play style.

5. Complete Your Missions

Rocket Dodge provides you missions that you can complete in exchange for even more coins. Check the bottom of the screen for your current mission. If you don’t like the mission you were given, you can switch it for another one by accepting an ad offer. Some missions can be too difficult to complete, or the reward might not be worth the effort. Just swap out missions until you get one you like.

You are now fully equipped to travel across the Milky Way! Just remember the Rocket Dodge tips and tricks we gave you and you will be destroying rockets with ease!