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Robot Unicorn Attack 3 Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How to Get a High Score

The multicolored mythical beast is back and is roaring to go with you on another intergalactic adventure! Available for Android devices, Adult Swim’s latest mobile game lets you lead a group of unicorns. There are a lot of new things in this sequel, including the new citadel where you can generate a new type of currency. Get your devices ready and sprint ahead to a new adventure! If you want to ensure your success, then check out our list of Robot Unicorn Attack 3 tips and tricks!

1. Dash For More Control

The game has a default setting of two jumps before you land. At any time while you are airborne you can activate the dash. Dashing will send yourself forward and lock yourself in a horizontal position. This is one of the techniques that you will need to master to do well in the game. Practice a lot to be able to get the hang of it. As you go faster the ground will get smaller making it hard for you to land on it. There will be less chances for you to land safely so you need to be alert. Grasping the timing of when to use your dashes will be crucial in your runs. Before using your second jump you can dash to reach further distances or to give yourself a better position before landing.

2. Choose The Lower Routes

While you are playing the game, there will be times when the path will split. You will be given a choice whether to take the higher or lower route. It is better to take the lower path as it will give you a heads up on what is coming. You will be able to see where you are going, unlike the higher path where you will be forced to jump blindly at some point. Although taking the higher path gives access to better rewards, you also run the risk of ending your run early.

3. Destroy All The Star Stones

Star stones will show up from time to time while you’re running. You can dash into them to break them. Break them whenever you can because 1000 points will be given if you do. You also get bonus experience from doing so. Getting every bit of experience is important, especially if you have been having bad runs with some of your unicorns.

4. Let Go Of The Old Ones

Once you get better unicorns you can sacrifice the old ones that you are not using anymore. You can either fuse them to increase the rarity, or level up the ones that you are actually using. It’s up to you on what to do with them. You can’t have them back once you use them so plan your actions first before gunning for an improvement. Each unicorn has its own bonuses, like increased scores or increased tear stones. You can level them up and keep the ones for farming stones or points.

5. Send The Unicorns On Raids

Make sure that you send out your unicorns on raids before you log out from the game. The length of the raid time depends on the difficulty level. You can choose the difficulty level depending on how long you will be unable to play. This way, you will be able to maximize your absence by getting better rewards. Once you return it will be complete the raid, and collect the rewards.

An Intergalactic adventure awaits! Be the greatest unicorn runner out there with the help of the Robot Unicorn Attack 3 tips and tricks we gave you!