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Match Land Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How to Solve More Puzzles

Match Land is a new mobile game by Race Cat, where you need to solve puzzles to be able to fight enemies in a turn-based system. This tile-matching RPG is available on both iOS and Android platforms. When you play the game, you will be given a party to nurture and strengthen. You will also be able to open up food shops to generate some income. Gather your wits and defeat enemies as you go on a unique journey. Just make sure you read through our Match Land strategy guide to help you on your adventures!

1. Analyze The Tiles First

Combat in this game uses a 2D turn-based system. Before you can attack, you will be required to finish a puzzle first. The puzzle follows the standard match-three mechanics. The more tiles you match in one turn, the stronger the attack. The moment you match a tile, a timer will begin so be careful. Analyze the tiles on the board so you can see which tiles will let you deliver the most damage. Make sure to take out as many enemies as you can by planning your moves ahead of time. Strategically lining up your moves will help ensure victory.

2. Never Forget Your Shops

The story explains why you are fighting monsters. It is because the shops that you open uses parts of the monsters that you defeat. The more time you dedicate to playing the game. The more shops you can open. The more shops you can open the more cash you can earn. It is a cycle of cash that you want to keep running. Always remember to open a shop. A timer will be shown to you as to when you will be able to reap the rewards for that shop. Open a shop then collect, and then open up again so you can generate a whole lot of money. If you are unable to collect the rewards for the shops, they will not generate any additional income. Always collect your rewards regularly to avoid missing out on potential income.

3. Unlock And Level Up Heroes

Heroes will be given to you to fight the monsters. The heroes their own unique abilities and attributes that they can use in combat. You will be given three heroes at the start of the game. You can unlock more of them as you progress in the game. There is a limit to the number of heroes you can bring to battle but it is always a good idea to unlock as many heroes as you can. Having multiple heroes will give you the option to change the members of your team whenever you need to. Make sure you level up the heroes that you regularly use. Doing so will help you prepare for the tougher battles ahead. Leveling up costs gold and figurines so learn to prioritize which heroes to invest in.

Everything will seem hard and confusing at first. Just remember everything that you learned from our Match Land strategy guide and you will be one of the best players out there! In case you know more tips or tricks for the game, don’t hesitate to let us know below in the comment area!


Sunday 6th of December 2020

Still on early game, I only unlocked Remi/Isabella/Geno so far, and I might have found a good strategy : As I have 3 red characters, I tried to put the 3 of them into the same team, and filled the 2 remaining gaps with Geno and healer/stunner. Setting Remi as leader so red units gets +100% dmg

The results were unexpected : Though I thought it was better to have one mate of each element to not waste tiles, I now just have to focus on lining up red tiles, so only 3 of them is enough to deal a whole lot of damage. I had trouble clearing 3★ Lost Beach and was stuck on the chap.3 boss, then once I swapped to full red, I just rushed chap.4 like a piece of cake, clearing all the content within ~5 turns (Rank 21, team lvl ~30).

I believe going one-color-only (with healer/stunner for bosses) can make the game way easier, because it allows to focus on a single tile color, and maximize the profit of leader ability.


Thursday 14th of September 2017

Try not to spend evos on weak characters. Save them for the epics. Invest in figurines rather than tokens.