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Rob and Roll Tips, Tricks & Cheats for Bigger Winnings and Better Minions

Mobile gaming giant DeNa has a new pinball or pachinko-based casual game called Rob and Roll, and it promises “cute minions and fun action” for anyone who plays it. All you’ve got to do is to flick your minions on the board as you destroy obstacles and collect more treasure for yourself. Your minions can be powered up and you will basically be asked to form as good a team as possible as you “bounce your way to untold riches.” We’d say this game is a combination of pinball, pachinko, and slots, as DeNa says it is, with a lot of RPG elements thanks to the team-building mechanic and the medieval setting.

This game’s really different alright, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Follow these Rob and Roll tips and tricks and you’ll be rolling those minions and raking in the treasure big-time before you know it.

1. Launch Your Minions As Quickly As Possible

When deploying, or flicking your team members onto the board, do so as quickly as possible. You’ll need to wait some time once they go back down, though the cooldown time here is thankfully only a few seconds. After that period, flick them back in, and don’t waste a second while at it. You’ll be under time pressure in each of the levels, and when the time runs out, you won’t be able to rob more coins (hence one-half of the name) from the buildings.

2. Upgrade Your Characters With Coins

The coins you earn can be used to upgrade your minions. Simply go to the team menu and spend coins to train your minions’ various stats – yes, this is partly where the RPG elements come in. You want to train your team members until their stats reach a certain level where you can beat the stages you had previously had trouble with. And when your minions are powered up, you can also take advantage of that by replaying previous levels.

3. Get Free Diamonds, Here’s How

The game’s premium currency (or one of them) is diamonds, and you can win these for free by completing the missions available in the game. You can also win other types of gemstones, which also serve as premium currency, but it’s the diamonds you want due to their rarity. A new three-star character costs 25 diamonds, so go ahead and spend your diamonds on one of them, and add them to your team as soon as possible, even without training.

4. You Still Keep The Coins Even If You Lose A Level

You can still keep the coins you collect in a level even if you lose it and don’t get any rewards at all. There’s also no energy system limiting the number of times you can play in one sitting. That means you can play and replay a level as often as you want, and grind previous levels to earn more gems, provided you can beat them. You can also replay levels to complete star requirements to advance to the next stage.