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Battle Decks Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate Your Opponents

Chillingo and Codemasters’ joint project Battle Decks is one of the newer games out there in a genre that keeps on growing – the card battler. And while most of these games are in an RPG setting, a lot of them take place in popular cartoons like Adventure Time, or in popular sporting events like the NBA and the WWE. However, this game is more on the traditional side of things, but far more evolved than the usual card battler, or so the game’s description seems to claim. This is a totally unique game of strategic card warfare, you can build your deck from advanced and near-future style unit cards and compete against players from around the world in player-vs-player battle. Think of it as a game where you can strategically play your hand, collect as many of the 1,000-plus cards as possible, and take on other players with some MOBA-style mechanics involved.

Given the clout Chillingo and Codemasters both have in the mobile gaming space, this has been described as a big-budget, high-profile release. And it may take a while to learn the nuances of the game, we admit. But then again, our set of Battle Decks tips, cheats and strategies can help you out in different aspects of the game, and help you beat more opponents than you normally would.

1. Starting The Card Battle

Each battle starts off nice and easy, as you and your opponent get to place your cards on the table. Each space a troop, or a card, moves will cost you one star, so you’ll want to make those moves count and not move your troops in right away. In fact, it’s a better move to let your opponent’s troops move in first so you can surround them and get rid of them once they’re painted into the proverbial corner.

2. You Want To Keep It Slow In General

For the most part, it’s best to command a slow pace against your opponents. There’s no rush when it comes to making your moves, and it’s best to target as many enemy cards as possible before you home in and attack their base big-time. If you move too fast, it will be your cards getting painted into a corner and taken out, which would then leave your base vulnerable, thus leaving your opponents with a field day against your base.

3. An Easy Way To Smoke The Enemy Base

If you’re a beginner, you might want to try this out for yourself – take one of your stronger cards, meaning one whose attack rating is at 5 or higher. Place your card, hold it back, and enhance it by adding weapon cards. And once the attack rating has reached 11 or thereabouts, play this card against the enemy base so you an deal out a ton of damage. You can do this trick with two strong cards if you’ve got enough weapon cards at your disposal.

4. Experiment

You can feel free to toy around with your deck of cards, and do this as early as possible. The earlier you experiment on your deck, the closer you can get to coming up with some winning tactics that will have you winning most, if not all of your battles. Yes, this could take a while, considering the option you have to buy new cards and all those cards you have to start out with. But it’ll be worth it, as it could be the game-changing element that separates victory and defeat. Remember that you win coins regardless if you win or lose, so you can buy a new pack of cards easily to add to your deck.