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Brave Cross Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Form a Powerful Team of Heroes

Brave Cross was released last month as a side-scrolling action strategy RPG created by Seasun for iOS devices. As you can guess from the graphics, it is set in the Far East, and in here, you’ll have to team up with your allies against the overwhelming forces of the tyrannical Dozer. Like a lot of anime-inspired RPGs, there’s a lot of levity in this game, as your team will actually consist of “wacky” heroes that range from “flame-punching brawlers to destructive mechanoids.” You can command your troops to victory in battle, and make the tactical battle decisions that are part and parcel of almost any strategy-based RPG out there. And of course, you’ll have to make sure your heroes are properly equipped with the right weapons and armor.

Getting into a new RPG can be a bit overwhelming due to the complex nature of these games. And that also applies to this game, which has a lot of humor involved, including some instances where characters may break the fourth wall. Now, this exclusive list of Brave Cross cheats, tips and tricks is here to help you master the game and command a winning team of heroes, no matter how “wacky” they may be.

1. You Earn Materials, Not Weapons

While most RPGs will allow you to earn weapons in battle, Brave Cross allows you to earn the materials required to make the weapons instead. Go to the Hero menu and tap on any character avatar with a red dot; this means you have a new piece of equipment to fit on them, or that an existing weapon can be enhanced or evolved. Address these red dots as soon as possible and you’ll be better-prepared out there in the battlefield.

2. Replay Previous Levels To Gain Lord And Hero Experience

Want to farm for experience points? Fortunately, Brave Cross allows you to grind for XP, may it be Lord Experience or Hero Experience. Return to a stage you’ve previously completed, and hit on Instance Raid so you can redo the previous battle instantly. You can do ten consecutive raids if you’re a VIP player, though the catch here is that you’re only limited to one raid at a time if you’re playing for free.

3. Focus On Raiding

All in all, the game has 99 challenges per level that can be used for raids. Complete all the challenges on the level, then move on to the succeeding level and repeat the process; complete all that level’s challenges next. This process of raiding like there’s no tomorrow will help you unlock the rest of the game much faster than you normally would; majority of the game, after all, unlocks after you gain specific experience levels.

4. Make Sure Your Heroes Get Caught Up Eventually

Characters’ hero levels will keep on going up quickly until you reach Player Level 22, which is only when they’d slow down. Once you’re at that Player Level, return to the hero menu and use the EXP elixirs you have to get your heroes at the current player level. Then go to the equipment menu, upgrade equipment as much as possible (this could cost you a lot of coins, so be aware of this), and your heroes will be more powerful than they ever were before, and in a big way.

5. How To Get Gems And Where To Use Them

Gems are the game’s premium currency, and you can earn them by finishing quests and reaching achievements. And when you’ve got enough gems, you can use them to buy a rare chest, thus giving you a formidable chance at earning a rare (three stars or above) character. After you’ve added that new character to your team, you can then level up the rest of your team to catch them up.

6. How To Play In Arena Mode

Brave Cross has an arena mode that allows you to battle other human players and win some great rewards. Always check the power level of the players you may be up against, and not their overall ranking; you can actually reach a high ranking in arena mode even if you’ve got a weak team, just as long as you pick your opponents carefully and always go with weaker opponents. So with that in mind, always look at power levels and choose an opponent you know you can beat. That way, you yourself would be rising up the rankings and winning bigger prizes, even if your team isn’t the strongest one out there.

This is our collection of Brave Cross tips, tricks and cheats for now. Do you know any other tips for the game, we haven’t shared