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Road to Dragons Cheats & Strategy Guide: 7 Tips to Defeat the Dragons

Road to Dragons is a mobile role-playing game for Android and iOS devices, created by Acquire Corp. As far as the game’s story is concerned, you are in a world where people fight dragons and 17 years after an army of Giant Gorger Dragons came and devoured all, there is a “Chosen One” out there who will summon an army of heroes to deal with the dragons. As you may assume correctly, the Chosen One the game is referring to is you, the player. So how can you defeat those dragons and achieve greater success in this game? Read on as we bring you a list of Road to Dragons cheats, tips and strategies.

1. Get By With A Little Help From Your Friends

Road to Dragons is one of those RPGs that reward “social” players, meaning those who play the game and invite their friends to join, or make friends with other human players. In most battles, you’ll be given the option of selecting another player for an assist, and after the battle is over, you can send a friend request to that player. You’ll earn more friend points if a registered friend helps you in battle, and those points can go back to draws, helping you add new warriors to your cause.

2. Earn Gold By Selling Gold / Silver Spirits

Gold and Silver spirits are very common in this game, especially when you’re at battle. But you won’t be using them in your war against the enemy. Rather, you want to sell your Gold and Silver spirits for extra gold. As for Fusion spirits, you can also sell them to give your characters a huge boost in experience points.

3. Collect Your Gifts

If you play Road to Dragons regularly, you’ll earn a lot of gifts, including rewards for logging in daily. Remember to be quick when redeeming these gifts by going to the Other menu – they won’t be there forever, and in fact, may be gone after just a couple days.

4. Have Your Friends Fill In The Holes In Your Attack

Here’s another advantage of having lots of friends in Road to Dragons. You can have these friends complete your attack – for example, you can recruit a friend who’s an archer if you don’t have any ranged fighters before heading to battle.

5. Complete All Challenges And Collect More Rewards

Want even more rewards? Then go check the challenges you’ll be up against in any given level. Completing all of these challenges could leave you very richly rewarded.

6. Be Aware Of Directions And Paired Weapons

What do we mean by this? If you choose a direction for your character to move to, you’ll be eliminating the weapon that’s paired with that specific direction. You’ll need to be very careful about this when moving around, as you just might end up with various attack icons that your party wouldn’t be able to use anyway.

7. Go For An All-Out Attack

In Road to Dragons, it will be in your best interests to kill as many enemies as possible. That will strengthen your characters and allow you to recruit more people. Also keep in mind that you’ll encounter many challenges where the goal is to kill a certain number of enemies.