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Patchmania Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Tips to Complete Levels with Three-Star Ratings

Little Details’ exciting new puzzle game, Patchmania, is currently available for iOS devices only, meaning the iPhone and iPad. In this game you are in control of a bunny named Calvin, as he takes revenge against Farmer Lester, who has “destroyed your forest home.” So how will you be taking a revenge on the evil farmer? Simple – you’ll be eating his crops and putting him out of business by drawing paths with your finger through his carefully planted vegetable patches. Yes, this is a game that rewards you for eating as much vegetables as possible, and if you’re looking to take a bigger bite out of those crops, check out our share of Patchmania cheats, tips and strategies.

1. Take Care Of Your Lives

In part, this means playing out the entire level and not quitting the game while you’re in the middle of one, or if you find out you’ve gone on a route that wouldn’t get you a lot of crops. If the latter happens, all you have to do is tap back, and your route will be reset. However, you need to take care when doing this. If the path is connected to the rabbit hole, you’ll be guiding the rabbit down that path. This makes it very important to be sure you’ll be getting a lot of crops once you plan your route.

2. Routes Can Be Started From Anywhere

When controlling Calvin and his friends, remember that their routes can be started from anywhere, and from any direction. Once you eat the first crop, that would require your next move to be eating another crop. This could require you to play around a bit with other angles or other routes; if you don’t get it right the first time around, feel free to keep on experimenting.

3. Take Your Time

In conjunction with the first two tips, plan your routes very well and don’t rush it – there are no time limits in Patchmania. There aren’t any special tasks you need to do in order to achieve a certain score either. In other words, time is your friend in this game, and your goal is to eat as much of Farmer Lester’s crops as you possibly could, as that will determine whether you get a mere one star after completing the level, or a perfect three-star rating.

4. Watch Out For Those Mushrooms

When you start playing the barn levels, you’ll encounter mushrooms for the first time. While mushrooms are typically white in color, they can appear in any one of your characters’ paths, which would camouflage the mushrooms and result in them matching the color of your rabbit. Don’t use too many mushrooms per bunny, as all have to be cleared out so you can achieve a three-star level.

5. Be Prudent With Your Hints

If you use a hint, you’ll be guided partly toward the correct path – you have three of these to use at the start of the game. And those are the only hints you’ll be getting unless you pay for more hints on your own dime, so make sure you use them only when you really need them.