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Pocket Mine 2 Cheats & Tricks: 6 Awesome Tips You Need to Know

A few weeks ago we brought you some basic Pocket Mine 2 tips and tricks, but right now we’re going to deal with those tips that would work best if you’re an advanced player of this Android and iOS game. To give you a backgrounder of Pocket Mine 2, it’s a game from Roofdog that has players tapping blocks to dig deep and explore all the islands in the in-game world. It’s also a deck builder, as you’ll be gathering cards to reach new digging depths and you can also collect and trade artifacts and customize your characters. Now, that we’ve freshened you up on the game, we can get to our share of Pocket Mine 2 cheats, tips and tricks, which could be useful for advanced players.

1. Buy Legendary Card Packs With Rubies

Rubies are Pocket Mine 2’s premium currency, just as a reminder, and you can randomly get them from treasure chests. You can also earn them if you play special mines, or simply by completing a level. And since chances are you’ll be earning a lot of them along the way, you’ll need to spend them sooner or later. Where do you spend those rubies, and how? We suggest going for the VIP Bundle, which will give you five free cards, and a guaranteed five Legendary cards as well. We suggest waiting till you have 40 rubies before purchasing these packs.

2. Sell Extra Gear

You may as well face it – most cosmetic gear, as well as other types of gear, won’t really do you much good in the long run. That’s the gear you want to sell so that you have enough to buy Magic Cubes and use them in the Factory. These cubes will help you create Legendary gear or cards, and that’s a whole lot better than the stuff we suggest for you to sell.

3. Equip Custom Loadouts With The Best Gear And Cards

It goes without saying that custom loadouts are the most important characters in Pocket Mine 2. That means it is also very, very important to be sure they’re equipped with the best gear and cards you can give them. Use these loadouts for completing single-player campaigns, but not on mines that have already been completed.

4. What Cards / Gear Works Best For Custom Loadouts?

Explosive block cards are arguably the best cards to equip custom loadouts with. As for gear, you want to prioritize gear that provides additional explosive blocks or bombs, or precious ones. Don’t equip your loadouts with cards that work by increasing your earnings, because you’ll be earning anyway when using well-equipped loadouts. Gamers are divided on the best cards, but these generally include Precious Frenzy (100 percent more precious blocks, 25 percent explosive blocks) and Metal Frenzy (25 percent explosive metal blocks, double the blocks). Moving on to gear, Surgical Gloves will give you 30 percent more Crystal Blocks and Silver Hard Hat will give you 30 percent more drills, as quick examples.

5. Use Your Basic Characters For Grinding

Custom loadouts are best when it comes to challenges, but if you’re grinding, or replaying a level you’ve already played, that’s where you can use your most basic characters.

6. Unlock Crates To Earn More Artifacts

When grinding, you want to work on unlocking crates to earn yourself more artifacts, and for going deeper than you did previously, as rewards tend to improve the deeper you go in a level.