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Paula Deen’s Recipe Quest Cheats – Tips & Tricks for the First 14 Levels

Yes, that’s right, this is the much-talked about iOS and Android puzzle game from celebrity chef Paula Deen. The game, which is simply called Paula Deen’s Recipe Quest, is actually a Match 3 title that has you mixing and matching ingredients for hundreds of different recipes, as you “travel through Paula’s career” and cook alongside her in different locations, en route to opening your own virtual restaurant. So as you can see, this is another one of those Match 3 games with a twist. And if you’re stuck on a recipe or can’t quite figure out how to progress any further in this game, we’ve got some Paula Deen’s Recipe Quest cheats, tips and tricks for you to check out.

1. Make The Most Of Every Move

This isn’t one of those Match 3 games where the game prevents you from making a move in such a way that you won’t end up with any match. In here, every move counts, and you can only make so many moves per level. If you’re planning to make a move, either be sure it results in a match, or if it doesn’t, there’s got to be a chance it could potentially lead to another match in the next move or two.

2. What To Do When You’re Out Of Moves?

When you start your cooking career in Paula Deen’s Recipe Quest, you get 50 coins. You can pay 25 of those coins to get an additional five moves, should you run out. But once you’ve done this twice, you can’t get any more coins unless you head to the store and pay real money for them. And you don’t want that to happen.

3. Have Your Ingredients Hit Multiple Frying Pans

This tip applies to frying pan levels, where it would be most advisable to match ingredients in such a way that they can hit more than one frying pan. This is a classic example of hitting two (or more than two) birds with one stone, and as you’ll find out, this could be easy if you’ve got the right match, as the frying pans tend to be close to each other.

4. Earn More Points Through Repeated Matches

Unfortunately, Paula Deen’s Recipe Quest doesn’t reward you with an extra moves bonus; instead, you’ll usually get one or two aprons if you perform well on a certain level. But if you want to hit the three-apron mark, it may be best to work as slowly as you could to reach the level’s goals, which means earning more points through matches.

5. Game Over At Level 14

It’s not you, it’s Paula. You can say it’s expected as this is a game officially endorsed by a celebrity, but Paula Deen’s Recipe Quest will only let you beat Level 14 in free mode. After that, you’ll need to pay real money for additional levels, and we have to admit that this is something most people are a bit hesitant to do. But as far as the first 14 levels go, the tips above should work just fine, and allow you to make the most of the game’s “freemium” experience.