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Dwarfs & Dragons Cheats and Strategy Guide – 7 Excellent Tips You Should Know

Dwarfs & Dragons is a city management mobile game developed by Omnidrone. The game, which is available for the iOS mobile platform, will have you leading your allies in the century old battle to defeat the evil Balewyrm’s dark army. You get to summon powerful allies and defend your post from enemy attacks, play in a variety of different modes, and choose the type of hero you want to play as – you can play as a Dwarf Warrior, an Elven Ranger, a Knight, among other classes of characters. If you’re familiar with games like Clash of Clans, the mechanics of this title may eventually become second nature to you, but if you aren’t, we’ve compiled a list of useful Dwarfs & Dragons cheats, tips and tricks, that you can check out below.

1. Spend Your Resources Before Completing A Level

Once you raid a goblin base, you’ll be earning meat and gold, and while that’s all well and good, you’ll be starting out the game with limited storage. That could lead to a lot of wasted resources, so if you aren’t able to afford any upgrades just yet, you may want to spend those resources on other productive purchases.

2. Upgrade Storage Buildings First

In conjunction with the first tip, we cannot underestimate the importance of this second tip – you want to upgrade your storage units so you’ll be able to hold more loot after making those raids.

3. Surround Your Camp Post With A Lot Of Gold Mines

It goes without saying that gold is important in this game, and since gold mines can potentially produce a lot of gold for you, it’s a good idea to build as many gold mines within the camp post circle. As a bonus tip, take note that you’re free to move your camp post anytime and anywhere, but putting down the walls has to be done manually.

4. Get Armor Dwarves, Here’s How

Your training camp is another building that can benefit from some timely upgrades, and once it’s at Level 3, that will allow you to train Armor Dwarves. These are dwarves with two shields, and while that also makes them slow on their feet and weak in terms of damage, they’re incredibly hard to take down because of their bolstered defense. When you’re trying to take down towers, you can try deploying your Armor Dwarves first to take the damage, then unleash your offensive dwarves to attack the tower.

5. Protect Your Resource Buildings With Walls

Actually, any important building is safest when it’s walled off, but traditionally, it’s the resource buildings you want to protect. You can also defend them by putting towers next to them, as that would distract your enemies from their goal to take your buildings down.

6. Moving Dwarves Costs Mana

This is something many people overlook – ordering dwarves to move from one point or another costs mana. So with that in mind, save those moves for certain instances, such as deploying Armor Dwarves to serve as the first line of defense in a tower attack.

7. Don’t Go Raiding Without A Dragon Spell

Dragon spells are extremely basic, and cost you just one dragon egg; you also get one or two per completed level. As dragon spells can prevent your dwarves from getting killed unexpectedly, bring at least one each time you raid.