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Rider Worlds Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Rack Up High Scores and Dominate the Tracks

Over the past couple of decades, mobile games, along with video games in general, have evolved rapidly, not just in terms of graphics but also in all other aspects. From 8-bit, 2-dimensional linear games that wowed the earliest gamers, there is now an abundance of realistic virtual adventures that exhibit not just highly detailed graphics but also complex gameplay mechanics and storylines that can be at par with or surpass narratives in other media.

Despite most progressions in the gaming industry largely being focused on increased details and complexity, the allure of simple games continues to flourish, especially in the mobile gaming scene. In today’s fast-paced world, there are more and more people who have less idle time that they can spend on games, and yet these casual games that are specially designed for players with limited free time on their hands can be just as appealing and addictive to everyone else.

rider worlds guide

Ketchapp’s Rider Worlds, just like its predecessor, Rider, is a physics-based 2D riding game that takes you to a unique world filled with fast-paced dashing, jumping, and flipping with an otherworldly ride. Rider Worlds can appeal to the competition with its point system that measures how far you can go. At the same time, it can also draw out your creative side with different ways of customizing your ride.

rider worlds cover

As can be expected from Ketchapp’s portfolio of about 90 games on Android and iOS, Rider World is as simple and as straightforward as can be. The tap-and-hold gesture makes it easy enough for anyone to control even with just a finger and, even in the absence of a tutorial, the initial seconds you spend on the track will already give you a solid idea of your basic objectives.

rider worlds gameplay

Playing the original Rider game or any loosely similar physics-based driving game is not a requisite to becoming an expert in Rider’s World. Surely enough, you can have fun and make bits of progress even as a complete beginner. However, if you have set your sights on becoming a top-ranking rider with exemplary runs, then we have your back. Be sure to check out our Rider Worlds Guide for tips, tricks and strategies to rack up high scores and dominate the tracks!

1. Practice Makes Perfect

We know that it sounds like the most generic advice of all and that performance in any activity is improved through repetition. What makes a good understanding of this concept, relative to Rider Worlds, is that you certainly cannot expect to become a top-tier player instantly. Although Rider World indeed comes with the most basic controls and gameplay mechanics anyone could ask for, it is one of those games that are truly easy to pick up yet very difficult to master.

rider worlds challenges

Even if you have played the first Rider game, Hill Climb Racing, or any of the many loosely similar games on mobile, it can be helpful but would never guarantee an improved starting performance in Rider Worlds. Although original Rider players may have an easier time getting accustomed to certain aspects of the game like acceleration, deceleration, and the speed of the spins when you are off the ground.

flying upside down in rider worlds

These are basic elements of Rider Worlds that you need to secure a firm grasp on and it will certainly take time to master all these elements especially since your initial runs will likely only take a few seconds each. Progress can be made through earning points relative to the challenges at hand and clearing a challenge earns you stars, which always comes with an exciting reward.

rider worlds explosion fireball unlocked

Besides the basics of how your ride behaves, more time on the tracks can give you a much better idea of what to expect. Surely enough, the tracks are laid out differently and there are speed boosters as well as traps that litter each section of the runway. Initially, you will get the impression that the tracks you play on are auto-generated given that the starting point as well as the succeeding sections of the track you race in, will appear unique with each new attempt you make.

As diverse as the initial seconds of your run will feel like, the randomness of starting points on each world has its limits and while it will be very challenging to memorize the entirety of what each world has to offer, it is still possible after enough repetitions.

rider worlds performance

The stars you gather to reach higher star levels and unlock more content in Rider Worlds are entirely cosmetic and will not have any kind of effect on performance. However, your star level is a solid indication of your accomplishments as well as the time and dedication you have committed to your adventure. Earning a couple of points or any amount of it less than what you expected for a run is not such a bad thing as restarting a run and going for another attempt is as fast as the pace of Rider World’s actual gameplay.

For complete beginners, earning 1 or just a couple of points and lasting only a few seconds into the run can be frustrating, but this is part of the normal experience even for more proficient gamers. Making mistakes is a huge chunk of the learning process and given the overall level of challenge that Rider Worlds provides, you should expect to make similar mistakes more than once.

2. Apply A Bit Of Physics And Logic

Perhaps there can be a lot of contentions and arguments about how much a mobile game’s consideration of Physics is anchored on reality. Given that too much realism especially for a casual game almost always means much less fun and excitement, the application of Physics we are talking about relates to how you would expect your ride to react to how the track is laid out.

Going over a ramp will have different results based on your driving speed at the time you go over the ramp as well as the ramp’s angle. Rider Worlds make it even wilder by ensuring that no jump will ever be the same given the height and angle of the flight point and the relative height and angle of your landing point. It would be a lot easier if you could spin your ride in either direction just so you can manage landing wheels first for the most part. However, part of earning you points across each run can be attributed to spinning in the air.

rider worlds landing point

Ramps and gaps are probably the most normal parts of the track that you will encounter as curves, loops, falling ledges, and even puzzle-like routes all form part of the mix, making it extra challenging to even imagine where to go and how to position ride to land safely from one gap to the next one. While the random starting positions and track layout can make each run even trickier, you should be able to retain some memories of your past failures, enabling you to try something different the next time you find yourself in a similar scenario.

rider worlds rams and gaps

Although the pace at which you race forward across each sector of the track is almost always too fast to plan, having a good understanding of physics applied to how your ride will behave at the end of each jump or each loop should give you a better chance of closing the gap between the result you expect and the what transpires. It will still be difficult, especially on your first encounter with the sector but combined with practice and repetition, you can go much farther in your runs if you apply basic concepts of physics.

3. Reaction Speed Over Running Speed

Regardless of your unlocked or chosen vehicle, the speed at which you can race through each run can certainly provide an adrenaline rush that can compel you to go as fast as you can at every opportunity. Well, every game centered around motor vehicles and tracks almost always implies the importance of speed and while Rider Worlds is not even a racing game, players especially beginners are prone to get lulled into accelerating more often than they should, leading to potential mistakes and recklessness that ultimately ends the run.

earning 6 score from a single jump in rider worlds

There are no time limits in Rider Worlds and in the absence of this common racing mechanic, there are reasons to consider slowing down or not maxing out speed in some scenarios. Acceleration is important too and there are plenty of sectors on the track that punishes you if you are fast enough. The idea we are driving at here is not about avoiding full speed. Rather, limiting it to the point of doing so only when necessary.

Lifting off from the edge of the road and successfully navigating around a loop or a portion of it requires some speed and, of course, you would not want to lack the speed requirement of passing through tracks that fall off when you touch them. Some traps are set to destroy you and end your run if you are moving too slowly but making it past these challenges does not necessarily mean going at full speed for a long time.

rider worlds jump

Rider Worlds can be said to be all about speed and, at this point, it is more of reaction speed rather than running speed. The simple means of controlling your ride, which is a tap, hold, and release method, largely contributes to what makes Rider Worlds easy to pick up and learn. However, the delimiting aspect of this control scheme is that there are no break buttons and the only means to decelerate or go to full stop is to release your hold on your device’s screen.

As simple as the control scheme is, it is also what makes it challenging to adjust your speed abruptly and you can expect that there is an abundance of scenarios when you will have to make quick, consecutive changes in your ride’s speed as you move forward on the track. Understanding this concept can change your mindset on how you should approach each run but the more challenging part is being able to make those sudden changes in speed whenever at every instance you need to do so.

rider worlds speed

4. Ride Defensively

Rider Worlds provides many ways for you to earn points during your run. The most evident one is the distance you travel so the farther you reach across the randomly-generated layout of the world, the higher your score should be. Grabbing crystals scattered across the track also adds to your score. On top of the simple fun and excitement of doing it, flips you successfully perform while in the air also earn you points.

Considering all these ways of earning points in your adventure, you have to think about how to value each one if you aim to consistently break records and set new high scores. As we already discussed the absence of time limits or other mechanics like gas that force you to keep moving forward, and that you do not need to always be at top speed in every scenario, you should already have an inkling to go at just the right pace, speeding up and slowing down as necessary.

rider worlds perfect ride

A more regulated speed, save for those sectors or ramps that require acceleration, will increase the chances of survival and enable you to move farther across the track. Distance traveled is what we consider the most important contributor as far as earning points is concerned. Being on the track longer almost ensures greater distance and while you may miss opportunities to earn points for flips and even grabbing crystals, still being on the track means having plenty more opportunities to perform more flips and grab more crystals.

rider worlds flip

We have to admit there is an unwavering level of excitement that comes with performing flips, and, more often than not, players will be inclined to do more than one. Likewise, watching your vehicle flip over and over while airborne sort of has an addictive element and it is at a point where you would still do it even if it did not affect your overall points or lead to an accomplishment of a challenge objective.

rider worlds high score

Riding defensively also means doing fewer flips, especially as a beginner. The hold gesture you use to accelerate while on the ground serves a purpose other than to do flips while in the air. Its more valuable function is to position your ride in such a way that one or, better yet, both wheels will come in contact with the next part of the track.

Some of the loosely similar games on the mobile gaming market, like Hill Climb Racing, have a decelerate function that doubles as a reverse flip when you are airborne. Since there is no such function in Rider Worlds, your flips in the air can only go in one direction. When you think of it lightly it would sound alright. However, the risk that comes with this is that you maneuver your flip too much in that you will not successfully land your ride wheels first.

riding defensively in rider worlds

For the most part, what we typically experience is that we flip too many times and land on the next part of the track head first, ending the run prematurely. The act of executing numerous flips in the air is easy, but ensuring that it will end with a perfect or even a good enough landing is much harder than most players would expect.

5. Concentrate On The Ride And The Road

This is yet again a seemingly very obvious strategy that would appear easily understandable and will be practiced without mention. As much as games that involve driving naturally and expectedly come with a requirement for focusing, there are plenty of on-screen and even off-screen elements that can easily take a player’s concentration away. After all, the ride and the road are not the only important elements as there are points to earn, distances to travel, and even goals to accomplish.

rider worlds focus

As much as all the above-mentioned elements of Rider Worlds are important, it is best to delimit what you should focus on while you are on the tracks. There can be different objectives to pursue for each run but in one way or another, a faster accomplishment of those goals can be attributed to a better performance on the track. The diamonds you can grab, the customizable effects on your ride, the milestone markers, and even the actual points you accumulate for the run can deter you from focusing on your ride, relative to its position, and the layout of the sector ahead of the track.

rider worlds elements

At some point in your journey, and provided that you have engaged in enough runs to familiarize yourself enough with the possible sequence of tracks and gaps ahead of the road, you should also be able to secure a firm enough grasp of your ride, concerning its speed, acceleration, and deceleration rates, and its pace of spin while airborne. This will make it a little easier to further delimit your focus and concentrate exclusively on the track ahead, utilizing peripheral vision on your ride instead.

6. Take A Break And Customize

Rider Worlds, just like its predecessor, can already be an adventure to enjoy for a long time even if you were to only use one ride throughout the journey. With random tracks and different worlds to unlock and challenge, there will be plenty of new experiences to look forward to. Although we feel that it would take a long time before a series of runs will start to feel monotonous or routine, it is best to take breaks from continuous attempts.

rider worlds hexagon

For one, Rider Worlds is a casual game that players can play and enjoy even if they only have a couple of minutes or so to spend on the game. Taking a break from riding does not necessarily mean spending time away from the game. Even if your creative side is not as attracted to exploring the different customization options available in Rider Worlds, these cosmetic items make up most of the rewards you receive for accomplishing objectives and reaching new star levels. There are always bragging rights for top scorers but enjoying these added perks can often take away some exhaustion and revitalize your drive to push further forward.

rider worlds bumper

There are a total of 18 vehicles you can unlock and use in Rider Worlds with each ride having 4 rarity grades to reach. Aside from choosing the one that best suits your taste, you can also unlock and use different paints as well as customize your trails, landing effects, and even explosions when you fail.

7. Take Advantage Of Ad Offers

In addition to checking your collection of cosmetics and trying different combinations and mixtures of them, Rider Worlds also holds various ad offers that you should consider taking advantage of. Keep in mind that viewing video ads is not a requirement for you to completely enjoy Rider Worlds. You can be rid of all video ads and enjoy the adventure fully offline. To do so, all you need to do is simply turn your Wi-Fi or mobile data off and play the game.

There are 5-second video ads that pop up randomly at the end of your run and this will probably be the main reason some players would want to consider going on offline mode. However, playing Rider Worlds offline also means you will not be able to take advantage of its ad offers that can boost your progression, especially in terms of going farther on the track, reaching new star levels, and expanding your collection.

rider worlds gem doubler

For starters, there is a small chest you can grab for free at the in-game shop that you can access via the shopping cart icon on the lower left side of the screen. There are extra rewards you can grab as well after reaching milestones relative to the number of video ads you have played for the day. You can earn all the free rewards by watching 13 15-30-second video ads, including the one for the small chest. Note that the top reward here is a large chest, which contains 6 cards.

Crashing your vehicle should mark the end of your run but Rider Worlds provides an option for you to revive and continue where you left off without losing the bonuses and points you have earned so far. Although the revive feature can be purchased by spending rubies, which is a premium currency, you can alternatively play a short video ad 3 times within each run.

rider worlds revive

Naturally, we do not recommend you utilize revivals if you have only earned a point or a couple in your run. A 30-second ad may be longer than the length of time you have spent on the run and restarting for another attempt would be the better option. However, if you have been driving for a while and have come close to or even exceeded your current high score, we suggest that you consider going for a revive and even go all the way with the extra revivals for as long as it is free.

Rider Worlds currently has 2 more worlds after the initial one to enjoy and revel in and, perhaps, more will become available along with extra content following future updates. Although the simple tips and strategies that we discussed here are sure to help you perform better moving forward, it all still depends on the dedication and time you can commit to every succeeding run you engage in.

rider worlds run

If you happen to chance up some cool tricks and strategies of your own to share, do not hesitate and just drop them down in the comment section!