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Revue Starlight Re LIVE Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate Each Game Mode

Ateam Inc. is considered as a pioneer in the mobile gaming industry and has been around since 2010. Although there are almost 40 games in its app portfolio, a lot of it is not available in English which is probably why some players may still not be familiar with its name. Ateam Inc.’s releases on the Android platform alone has mostly earned over a million downloads and their latest release, Revue Starlight Re LIVE, which is available on both Android and iOS platforms, is sure to follow in the footsteps of its most successful titles.

Revue Starlight Re LIVE takes place directly after the popular anime Revue Starlight, fans of the anime will surely get a great treat out of it. For RPG fans not necessarily familiar with the anime, though, the game still has plenty of things to offer as far as visuals and game mechanics go. If you are up for a unique RPG that is both flashy and offers deep growth mechanics, then be sure to give Revue Starlight Re LIVE a try.

Revue Starlight Re LIVE takes you through the continuation of the story of Karen, Hikari, as well as the rest of the characters in the anime. As aspirants to be the top theatrical stars across competing schools, you will lead your team of Stage Girls towards different challenges following the story and beyond it. While it works and plays like other RPGs, perhaps the similarities end there. The battle system of the game alone is unique and the way your account level limits your team’s overall strength is a great balancer. Despite the intricate mechanics which are relatively new even to experienced gamers, the auto mode which is available right from the start is a huge help. Considering the in-game stamina which you consume for each battle you go through, there is a limit to how you can do on a daily basis. At the start of the game, though, you will have an overabundant supply and you should learn to manage it before the limits sink in as you progress through the game further.

Considering everything, Revue Starlight Re LIVE is still easy to pick up and play as the in-game tutorial will guide you fluidly through each of the initial stages of the game. There’s a lot of information to read through on top of the story plot and if you fail to remember everything you have gone through, a lot of the menus and features of the game come with helpful descriptions to guide you on each important aspect of the game. There are various game modes to engage in as you progress and level up your account and each new game mode or feature will be thoroughly explained on your first go.

Playing the game and making progress is relatively easy for everyone, even total beginners to RPGs. If you want to progress fast in the game and dominate each battle, our Revue Starlight Re LIVE beginner’s guide can help jumpstart your game so you can go through each battle and farm more efficiently to stay on top of every oncoming challenge.

1. Prioritize Progressing Through The Story

Similar to many RPGs as well as some games that offer a campaign or story mode as its main game mode, Revue Starlight Re LIVE primarily revolves around its story and considering that it will be the main game mode initially, you should continue to push forward in completing new chapters. The story mode offers tons of rewards for each completion as well as experience points for your team and account. More importantly, you can unlock new game modes and features in the game by progressing through the story mode and if you want to boost your progress in the game altogether, unlocking everything you can at the soonest will be more beneficial for you.

revue starlight re live main story

Most stages in story mode are made up of a series of battles and the initial ones are pretty easy. Some partitions within chapters are just stories that grant you star gems after completion and serve as extra rewards for your progress. Each stage in a chapter has star ranks that determine your rewards for completion. Receiving the maximum 3-star rating awards you with 50 star gems and you can receive another 50 for completing each stage the first time. As further stages become more difficult, you can simply move on and accomplish a stage for less than 3-stars and simply challenge it again once you grow stronger. Remember as well to pick up extra rewards as treasure chests become unlocked once you progress enough through each chapter. Be sure to nab all rewards from 3 treasure chests on each chapter after completing it.

Still under the story mode is a progressive school story with chapters intermittently becoming available once you complete certain stages from each chapter. These chapters are entirely filled with plots and dialogues and contain absolutely no battles. Simply watching through each one accomplishes it and grants you 50 star gems. If you are not up to reading much of the story, you can simply click on the menu at the upper right side of the screen while the story plays out and press the skip button to end it instantly and claim your 50 star gems.

2. Form A Team And Focus On 5 Main Stage Girls

You may only have a select number of stage girls on the first few battles as you start your game but soon enough, the numbers of stage girls you have in your roster will grow and you may find yourself having a bit of trouble choosing from among them. Initially, what you would want to consider investing on would be the more challenging to acquire as dictated by their rarity and indicated by their star ranks. As a general rule, don’t bother investing on characters that have two star ratings and at least consider on working around the 3-4 star ones.

revue starlight re live team

Beyond rarities, you should also consider each elemental attribute that your 5 stage girls possess and for best results, try to minimize banking on a single element and balance between being well and good against any mixture of elements the enemy team has rather than having a dominant element in your team and risking being disadvantaged against a team holding more of the elements you are at a disadvantage against. Uniquely enough, there are 7 different elements in Revue Starlight Re LIVE and works basically following the rock-paper-scissors mechanics. Consider grouping these elements into 3 for easier understanding.

The first group of elements is snow, flower, and wind with snow having an advantage over flower, and flower, having an advantage over wind and so on. The second set of elements is space, cloud, and moon with space being strong against cloud and cloud being strong against moon and so on. The last element, which is a bit unique, is dream, which works outside of both elemental groups and both deals and receives more damage from all the other elements. If you can, consider a wider array of elemental affinities in your team as much as possible and at the very least, avoid having a full team of stage girls all having the same elements.

Beyond elemental affinities, you should also pay attention to each stage girl’s role in the formation as well as the skills they possess. To view more details about each character and the traits, stats, and skills they possess, simply click on the “play” button below the basic details when you highlight each one. The brief description will tell you if she is a tank, a damage-dealer, or a support character with balanced stats. Be sure to scroll down the details to read through the skills as a good balance between single enemy attacks and AoE skills is important in establishing a good party.

Lastly, pay attention to the kind of attack each of your top stage girl picks have and try to have a good mix of normal and special ones. You can see this at the upper right corner of the stage girl details window. Normal attacks do more damage against enemies with low normal defense and special attack types do less damage on enemies that have high special defense stats. Effectively, you should balance these out in relation to the tanks and damage dealers that you have in your team.

3. Enhance And Upgrade Your Main Stage Girls

The primary source of making your stage girls stronger is through levelling them up, which you can gain from experience points you acquire for using them in battle. Beyond that, you can also use lesson tickets, along with coins, that can instantly give your selected character with experience points. There 3 rarity levels of tickets and various events and game modes to acquire these tickets from. For best results, be sure to prioritize your tanks when it comes to levelling up as they take more damage from battle than the rest of your team. Likewise, also exercise a bit of moderation when it comes to spending resources on your last picks for your main team, especially if you are just starting out as you would definitely be switching in new ones as you get higher rarity and better stage girls from the gacha.

revue starlight re live upgrading main stage girls

One of the main rewards you will earn after completing a story mode stage are pieces you need to unlock skill panels for each of your characters. Each new skill panel you unlock will boost a specific stat or skill of your stage girl. Once you unlock all skill panels, you can rank up the skill panels and start over collecting new pieces to unlock the new set of panels. Currently, skill panels can go up to level 7 though higher levels naturally require pieces you can obtain from latter story mode stages. Again, this consideration makes it additionally important for you to try and push to progress on the main story mode.

At some point, you will need more of each piece as stage girls mostly need the same pieces for their skill panels especially on the same rank. Although you can sometimes find these pieces on the shop, it will be better to farm these from story stages you have previously completed. If you are missing a particular piece needed to unlock a skill panel, you can click on it to see where you can gather it from. IF the stages are unlocked, simply click on the “skip” button. You can do this multiple times consecutively and will require only stamina much like going through the battle normally.

Perhaps the more challenging aspect of enhancing your stage girls comes from potential bloom which results in ranking up the star level of the chosen character and boosts her stats dramatically. Doing this requires collecting the required number of potential crystals, which are specific to each character and spending a sizable amount of coins as well. The higher your stage girl’s rarity level grows, the more potential crystals and coins are needed to initiate potential bloom. As you have very limited opportunities to earn potential crystals on a daily basis, you may want to prioritize on stage girls that you are certain to be a part of your main team for a long time.

Lastly, another aspect you also need to level up is the stage girls’ bond level. Although these can also be gained through experience in battle, you can hasten the bond growth through gifting a variety of items. Each bond level up can also either boosts the stats of the stage girl or reward you items or star gems. Once you click on the gift icon at the right side of the character screen, you can click on the reward list button at the upper right side of the window to see what you will be rewarded with for each bond level up you successfully achieve. Keep in mind as well that each stage girl has unique favourite items so pay attention to what you actually give each of them as favourite items boost their bond level much faster.

4. Update Your Battle Formation And Maximize Cost Limit

On top of the ever-increasing choices of stage girls to pick from in forming the best team you can have, there is a cost limit to keep an eye on as well as maximizing it is important to get the highest power score you can for each battle. The total cost of your team as well as the cost limit can be seen just beside the power score and what you should aim to have is to maximize it before heading into battle.

revue starlight re live battle formation

As you reach new account levels you will receive an increase to the cost limit so at some point, you will be able to squeeze in better stage girls with higher costs. Like stage girls, memoirs which you can equip on each stage girl also have their own costs. After going through several battles and levelling up your account continuously, it may happen that you will have unutilized points which could be enough for better stage girls or more rewarding memoirs to use in battle.

Relative to this, remember to browse through the available revue songs you have which will complement your team roster and play style in battle. As you progress further in the main story mode, you will acquire more and more revue songs, each with its own unique boost that applies to your entire party.

Additionally, remember to scroll through available guests that you can take with you on each battle. Most especially if you just started playing the game, you will see a lot of strong characters here that can be of great help to you in each battle. After completing each battle with a guest, choose to follow that player so you can use their character again on future battles and earn friend points you can use in the gacha for memoirs, lesson tickets, and coins.

5. Remember To Upgrade Your Best Memoirs

Although there are no equipment or gears in Revue Starlight Re LIVE, memoirs serve as its substitute as far as additional boosts and stat enhancements go. Each stage girl you have on your team can be equipped with one memoir provided that the cost limit of the team has enough free points to spend on them. Memoirs offer either passive skills or special bonuses at the start of battle, which when paired correctly to a suitable stage girl, can further enhance their efficiency in combat. Additionally, each memoir offers additional stat boosts which depends on the memoir’s rarity and level.

revue starlight re live memoirs

Before heading into battle, you can freely check the inventory of memoirs you have by clicking on the “Memoirs” button at the right side of the main screen. Clicking on any option will take you to a window where you can check the bonuses and stat boosts that each one provides. You can further strengthen each memoir’s efficacy primarily through upgrade and this will consume other memoirs you no longer need to level up the ones you would like to use or keep. Keep in mind that there are upgrade memoirs which can boost the level of your chosen memoir much higher than regular ones so be sure to consume them first. Before finally deciding, you can see the stat increases that the level up grants after a successful upgrade. Fortunately, levelling memoirs up won’t increase their cost value so you can have a much stronger team within the cost limit that you have through upgrading memoirs just like levelling up your stage girls.

Clicking and holding on each memoir will show you the maximum level it can reach on the upper right side of the window, which is based on its rarity level. This can be further stretched though, through bound break which can be done by sacrificing duplicates of any given memoir. Each memoir can undergo bound break up to four times although in the case of higher rarity ones, it’s a feat that can be challenging to accomplish.

In any case, keep upgrading the memoirs you always use on your team regularly much like you would upgrade or enhance your heroes’ equipment in another game. This can make the difference between succeeding or failing in a battle and will always be beneficial for you provided that you won’t switch out the memoirs sooner in the course of your game.

6. Expend Attempts In Events And Vs. Revue

The other game modes in Revue Starlight Re LIVE either fall in the Event or Vs. Revue options when you click on the “Stage” icon. Each one offers a variety of rewards and should be participated in daily to further boost your progress in the game. For the modes under events, be sure to expend your 2 attempts on all 3 hunts once they become available. These offer coins, lesson tickets, and even revue songs and rewards become much better as you reach higher stages. Time-limited events also fall under this category although attempts will generally be limited to keys you need to participate in it as well as your team’s combat power.

revue starlight re live events

The Vs. Revue Mode, is the counterpart of arena battles in other games where your team is pitted against another player or an NPC team for arena coins you can use to exchange for a lot of important consumables from the shop with. Win or lose, it is important to take on these battles to help you make the necessary adjustments to your team composition and experiment on a different setup. If you are not that confident yet on battling another player’s team or random NPC teams here, take some time to practice at the rehearsal. Likewise, remember to not rely on auto battle here as you can definitely perform much better manually as you can time your skill activations a lot more efficiently that the A.I. in auto mode.

7. Spend Your Star Gems Wisely

Star gems serve as the premium currency in Revue Starlight Re LIVE and as such, is knowingly difficult to obtain. Initially, though, you will be accomplishing a lot of feats and challenges fast which will give you tons of it in a short amount of time. As you progress further through the game and accomplishments don’t come as fast as it used to be, then it will naturally lead to acquiring a limited amount of it on a daily basis.

revue starlight re live star gems

Primarily, what you will be saving your hard-earned star gems for are 10x summons from the star gem gacha. While it costs the same as summoning one at a time, 10x summons guarantee a certain level of prize. As shops do not sell other items at the cost of star gems, another great investment for star gems would be purchasing additional stamina. You can purchase additional stamina up to 30 times but at least getting one daily should keep you ahead of the line as far progression goes. Although you should focus on saving for the gacha at the early stages of gameplay, later on in the game you will need to move priority a bit towards getting at least one extra stamina refill.

8. Accomplish Missions For Extra Rewards

On top of the immediate rewards that you can receive from each battle you engage in, more bonuses can be claimed with every feat you accomplish under the assignments menu. There are daily, normal, and time-limited event assignments you can obtain rewards from by completing specific objectives under each category. Daily assignments form part of the daily routine you will engage in as you begin to play the game on a regular basis. Without even being aware of the tasks listed here, you should be able to accomplish a lot of it simply by playing through the game regularly and engaging in various game modes and activities. Normal missions are achievements and milestones based on your progress and offer one-time rewards. Time-limited event missions speak for itself as you only have a limited number of days to accomplish the feats listed under it. To claim your rewards from these missions as well as view the ones you have yet to accomplish, simply click on the Assignments icon at the lower right side of your screen.

revue starlight re live rewards

There are still many tricks and secrets waiting to be discovered in Revue Starlight Re LIVE but for now, the tips and strategies we have discussed above all we have for our beginner’s guide. Like any other RPG, it is important to know and understand that the amount of progress you can attain here and the speed at which you increase your team’s power largely depends on the amount of time and effort you can dedicate to the game. Most especially on the preliminary stages of game play, where you earn tons of stamina, be sure to always do your best to expend all of it as it will replenish over time unless it is full or beyond full. We hope that you enjoyed discovering something from the tips and strategies we shared but if you know something we failed to mention in our guide, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!