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Realm Grinder Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide for Maximizing Your Earnings

Realm Grinder is a new idle clicker game from Kongregate, which has just been released for Android and iOS users alike, so if you’re into RPG-style clickers, you may definitely want to check this out for yourself. According to Kongregate, the game allows you to grow your kingdom, form alliances, and explore what they claim is “one of the deepest” clicker RPGs out there. You’ll start out with a single farm, and grow it into a much larger realm that can earn money even if you’re not playing the game, and that, as you may know, is the beauty of idle clickers – the opportunity to keep earning even if you’re offline. There are dozens of factions to align with, hundreds of upgrades, and a variety of features that Kongregate promises amounts to “months and months of unique content.”

It’s common to think that there’s nothing to idle clickers – just sit back, get rich, and click whenever you like. But when it comes to these games, especially titles as deep as this one, you have to learn a number of other things as you progress along. But there shouldn’t be much to that, as we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks for playing this game, and come up with a Realm Grinder strategy guide. Check this out if there’s anything you’re not sure about in this game.

1. Which Side Should You Align Yourself With?

Early on in the game, you will be asked if you want to align yourself as Good or Evil. Each of these choices have their own corresponding trees and bonuses, but which one is better? Well, those who prefer playing the bad guy can rejoice, as Evil appears to have the upper hand over Good. For those who choose Evil, that would mean more offline production-based bonuses – this is great for those who won’t be playing the game too much and spending most of their time away from it. So unless you plan to spend a great deal of time each day playing Realm Grinder, you should turn to the dark side and choose Evil.

2. What Are The Best Evil Factions?

Assuming you go ahead and align yourself with Evil, you’ll then be asked to choose from one of the factions within. These include Demon, Goblin, and Undead, and they also have their respective skill trees. But which one is better to go with? We would suggest Goblin, as players who align themselves with this faction tend to earn more in the early goings in the game.

Abdication is the game’s version of prestiging, a.k.a. resetting the game and starting from scratch with a few improvements that should allow you to progress faster in the restarted game. And once you’ve done about two of these, or maybe even just one, you can then move on to Undead. With the money flowing in faster at this point, you can make better use of the bonuses within. You can then move on to the Demon faction once you’ve done a few more Abdications.

3. Regardless Of Faction, Upgrade Categories Quickly

You may prefer being Evil or you may prefer being Good. But in any case, you’ll get different bonuses depending on your faction and based on the buildings you’ve got. And when upgrading those buildings and their respective categories, you should try to act as quickly as possible and even things out as much as possible. Remember that more expensive buildings means more income per second.

4. How Should You Use Your Mana?

Using your Mana is one of the most essential things you need to learn in this game, as it’s going to allow you to earn a lot of money in less time. Mana gives you special skills, but you would still need to optimize your usage of this resource; it’s recommended to wait until you’re at full Mana, then utilize Blood Frenzy or other similar skills that allow you to increase building production for several seconds. For Blood Frenzy, production of all Evil buildings gets improved by 1,000 percent for 20 seconds.

After using the above skill, you can then move on to Tax Collection. This will collect 30 seconds worth of income from all buildings, allowing you to earn even more currency. Use the money you earn here to build whatever buildings you could, and do this as fast as possible. Repeat the Tax Collection skill and repeat the entire process, and you’ve got a very easy way to use your Mana wisely while earning tons of currency.

5. How To Use Abdication Properly

We talked about Abdication in brief above, and to reiterate what we said, this is Realm Grinder’s version of prestiging. Talking about the bonus you get in exchange for starting from square one, the Gems generated during the previous run will earn you a 2` percent production bonus per gem, while your odds of getting faction coins will go up by 3 percent. That’s all well and good, but when should you be abdicating anyway?

We would suggest abdicating earlier than when the game suggests you should; as the makers probably want you to bide your time to improve the effects of your abdication, they suggest you should be patient. But you can abdicate for the first time at a point where you’ve got about 40 to 45 Gems or thereabouts and still get good results, moving much faster than you did in the last play-through and making good progress. As for your second and subsequent abdications, that’s when we would recommend following the game’s advice and waiting till you’ve got a ton of Gems.

At some point during your play-through, your progress will begin to taper off, and it may even feel as if you’re running in place, with buying more buildings or doing more upgrades becoming next to impossible, and collecting the next gem taking quite a long while. Keeping this in mind, you’ll want to wait till you reach at least 1,500, but preferably 2,000 or more Gems before each subsequent abdication after your first.

6. How Do Faction Coins Work?

Faction Coins were briefly mentioned above, and we shall be wrapping up this strategy guide by telling you what they do, and how you can get them. You can get them via item drops, and tapping on the screen could increase your chances of earning more – that’s definitely one time you should ramp up on the tapping. Faction Coins are capable of increasing production revenue, and if you’ve got them, spend them.

The one exception would be spending Faction Coins for the faction you represent – that’s something you should not do, as you’ll need those coins to be able to access new upgrades that can help you in much greater ways. But otherwise, you can spend those Faction Coins and do so as quickly as possible.

That’s all for now, as far as our list of Realm Grinder tips, tricks and cheats are concerned. However, if you know additional hints for the game, don’t hesitate to let us know!