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One Piece Thousand Storm Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide: 6 Hints You Need to Know

Bandai Namco has just returned with another One Piece title for iOS and Android, and it’s called One Piece Thousand Storm. According to Bandai Namco, this takes the One Piece franchise to 3D graphics for mobile, and that should mean improved graphics for those who have been playing the company’s One Piece games before. In terms of features, you’ve got a wide range of characters to choose from and collect, a multiplayer co-op mode that supports up to three players on a team, and easy-to-use controls and a host of skills to launch. Each character has their own special skills, and you will get to enjoy them in all their 3D glory, as you use them against your enemies.

That’s only a handful of the features in this anime/manga-based pirate RPG for mobile. So how do you play this game, how do you win more battles, and how can you win them as quickly as possible? If you’re new to the series or new to the game, read on, as we bring to you our One Piece Thousand Storm strategy guide. Follow these tips if you’re trying to get a head start and make good progress as a newcomer.

1. Take Some Friends With You

One Piece Thousand Storm is that type of game where you’re better off playing alongside others than playing on your own. While you can always venture off by yourself, you can also choose to team up with random players from around the world. We would strongly suggest taking this route, because you will get higher drop rates on treasure if you choose the group play option. And as another sign of why social is so important in this game, playing with “friends” (either your real friends or random players) is the only way to get more Friend Points. And in case you’re wondering what FP can do, you can spend your FP in the Theater in order to get new Scene Cards.

Another benefit of social is the fact that you won’t be expending any stamina if you’re a guest player in another person’s group. Hosting the group will cost you some stamina as usual, but the upside of this is that you’ll get additional treasure. Joining somebody else’s group might not sound like music to the ears of some players, but why not give it a try? You might end up making new friends, find yourself enjoying co-op mode, and most of all, not have to spend any stamina.

2. Shuffle Heroes In And Out

Aside from your main character, you’ve got a second character which you can also play as – you can switch to that player anytime in battle, and that could help you complete levels faster. As it seems, the game rewards players for completing levels faster, so you will want to be quick. Use your skills at the right time and be quick when swapping players in and out, especially if the character you’re losing runs out of SP (skill points). You want your players to be at full SP, as that’s going to allow you to launch more skills and take out the enemies faster. And when it comes to improving characters, make sure you evolve and upgrade your secondary just like you do to your primary character.

3. Replay Levels You’ve Already Completed

The drawing system in Thousand Storm is different from the system in other One Piece titles. This new game won’t allow you to draw for new characters, but instead, it will let you draw for new scene cards. So if you’re trying to get more characters, you’ll have to get them by accumulating medals. Take note as well that all the levels have two types of drop tables – you’ve got a table for first-time level completion, and another table for normal drops. So if you want to get new characters, check the levels out and select the one that drops the required medals, replaying it over and over again until you’ve got enough.

4. Auto Battle Is Lazy And Ineffective

We know what you’re thinking – in this kind of a game, you might be thinking of try the auto battle feature so you can get through the battles faster. But auto battle is exactly what you shouldn’t be doing – fight the battles yourself and micro-manage those battles. We would normally say auto battle is fine if the AI was intelligent enough to do the right things on the battlefield, but in this game, the AI happens to offer the usual simplistic and ineffective strategies. Your character will typically charge toward the enemies and attack with reckless abandon, and while that’s good enough to deal out a lot of damage, you will also end up taking a lot of damage.

Worse, the AI also makes ranged and support characters do the same thing, and that’s not what you want these typically squishy characters to do. That means auto battle should be off-limits 95 percent of the time – at least!

5. Hit And Run

Ah, this old standby of hack ‘n’ slash games. Instead of relying on dopey AI in auto battle, you can instead get good results and minimize the damage you get by using hit and run tactics. This works best if you’re using a ranged or support hero, but you can do this as well if you’re using a melee-type character. Charge in for the attack once enemy characters swing, and move away before they make another swing. It’s as simple as that.

6. How To Use Scene Cards

You can get synergy bonuses if you equip a scene card with the same type onto any given character. That means even more stat boosts on top of the ones the scene cards already provide. That will also allow your characters to learn new skills, provided they’ve got the right scene card set up and equipped – look for the “Sk,” as that’s short for “skill,” or a skill that matches the character you’ve got selected. You can clear levels faster if your characters have a lot of skills, and if you fuse two scene cards with the same skill, you can get even better results as that upgrades the skill.

That’s all you need to know to excel in One Piece Thousand Storm. In case you know additional hints, that we haven’t included in this guide, don’t hesitate to let us know!