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RAID: Shadow Legends Team Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Form the Best All-Around Teams

RAID: Shadow Legends continues to go strong months after its official release and currently sits in a great spot within top ten charts of free games in several countries. Amassing over a million downloads since its release on both Android and iOS platforms; Plarium’s latest mobile game continues to gain more players and even more near-perfect average users’ review ratings to this day.

Indisputably, one of the reasons why players and fans love RAID: Shadow Legends is because of the huge selection of champions that it currently offers and while most of the best ones are truly hard to obtain, it can make anyone all the more excited and engaged whenever luck is on their side and they manage to successfully summon a highly-coveted legendary champion. The fun and excitement that RAID: Shadow Legends offers doesn’t come exclusively from having one, a couple, or even some legendaries in your ever-increasing roster of heroes. In fact, it’s part of the thrill to work and experiment with the ones you have and changing your team from time to time as you acquire more promising champions.

If you just started playing RAID: Shadow Legends and still grasping the base concepts and many features of the game, be sure to check out our beginner’s guide for tips and strategies on the basic game mechanics as well as the suggested initial focus of your attention in terms of keeping your team up to par with the initial challenges in the game. Beyond that, we also have an advanced guide that covers activities you should engage in to level your champions up quickly as well as farming tips and strategies to get the most items and rewards for every bit of in-game energy you have after finishing your daily routine. You can also check our picks for the best champions under legendary, epic, and rare categories to give you some ideas on which heroes you ought to spend resources on and work with to build your best team.

In this RAID: Shadow Legends guide our focus will exclusively be on the best teams for different game modes and as much as we can, we’ll come down to considering alternatives for characters you may not have. Before we do, keep in mind that it’s highly improbable for most players to actually be able to get a hold of all the best champions to complete the suggested teams but then again, at least it gives everyone a goal in mind and prepare the heroes they have in their roster for the roles they need to perform as part of the planned team.

1. Legendary Quality Team

If you have access to all the champions in RAID: Shadow Legends, you can’t go wrong with banding a group of legendary champions together to form an ultimate team. Despite the goal of having the best team for all game modes, it is a definite point of discussion as to which ones are best across two or more of the unique game modes that RAID: Shadow Legends offers. To begin with, banking on your top leaders’ unique aura skill alone can be a huge determinant to selecting the remaining members of your team and following this consideration, a multitude of options come into mind.

raid shadow legends legendary quality team

Considering everything each champion can offer, our best pick for the leader to work around with is Lyssandra starting off with her aura skill that boosts the entire team’s speed by 24%. She is all about speeding your whole team up and slowing down all enemies. As higher speed means more turns for your team, capitalizing on that advantage can go in many different ways. As what we would want to achieve is a team that will do well on all game modes as much as possible, we should consider survivability next to speed and go for a more defensive strategy.

As far as survivability goes, the best support champion we want on our team is no other than Bad-el-Kazar. He is great at both healing allies and debuffing enemies and with time on your side, thanks to Lyssandra’s speed boosts, he should further increase his effectiveness in battle by keeping debuffs off of the tam, poisoning enemies, and replenishes the team’s health.

Zavia and Belanor may not stand out individually as legendary champions, but these two champions activate additional skills when they are in a party together. Zavia is an exceptional poison damage-dealer and works perfectly with Bad-el-Kazar’s passive skill, Prey Upon, which increases everyone’s damage by 15% against all poisoned enemies. Zavia can activate Calamitous Partner when Belanor is also a member of your team and as this skill causes debuff spread takes 4 debuffs from one enemy and applies it to all other enemies, you can really work on ensuring that enemies are mostly poisoned, on top of all other debuffs on them and will likewise take more damage from each of your champions. Belanor, on the other hand, works a little better on his own as a buffer and debuffer.

Paired with Zavia, his Tactical Partner skill which places poison, attack debuff, speed debuff, and accuracy debuff on an enemy, can definitely keep the tide of battle in your favor in any and all game modes.

As some game modes will have you pick a fifth champion to form part of your team, Ignatius would be the perfect candidate as this legendary tank is a damage sponge that can make his worth all the more significant with Battle Shout to provoke all enemies to attack him instead of his allies. Stun and HP burn comes in handy as well especially with speed boost and debuff-spreading being a core element in your team’s strength.

2. Epic Quality Team

Throttling our dream team further down, and in the absence of any legendary heroes to work your team around with following the same theme of having speed as top priority, we consider Battlesage as our first pick for a team full of epic champions. Battlesage definitely doesn’t come close to Lyssandra as far as aura skill and stats go but she is definitely still great to have on any team across a wide variety of challenges. With Nature’s Touch to remove debuffs and boost the team’s attack values by 50% and Mother’s Embrace that can resurrect allies, you would want nothing more than to put more speed in her to trim down the cast times for her skills. She’s naturally not high on defensive capability so if you want to work around her as a leader, then it would be best to consider companions that boost the her survivability in combat.

raid shadow legends epic quality team

Gorgorab is perhaps the best support-class epic champion to have on your team regardless of what challenge you are facing. More importantly for a team that banks on a team speed buff to capitalize on, Gorgorab’s Resurge skill which can increase his allies’ turn meter by 15% along with an additional 50% attack boost, works great on this team. He can remove a buff on one enemy with Misfortune and can also revive allies with Animate. As Gorgorab possesses an aura skill which boosts allies’ speed by 23% in the arena, you can use this very same team with him as the designated leader whenever you battle in the arena.

Nazana is another epic champion that can have a huge efficiency boost following greater speed attributes in combat. As she can greatly boost the defense of the team, she is definitely needed and of great value to the champions we have already selected. Keep in mind though that you should prioritize HP for Nazana as her protective prowess depends on her HP value. On top of Unholy Contract for defensive shields, Steel Breaker can cut down the enemy team’s offensive capabilities. You would naturally want Nazana to cut down her turn meter and cast as often as she can, which is why in addition to the speed boosts she can obtain from her allies, she should also be equipped with a speed set in tandem with the HP set.

Atur is our fourth pick for our epic quality team and will serve as the team’s tank due to his provocation skills in combination with self-healing capabilities that enable him to take more damage in combat than the rest of the team. He can work well enough on his own but has much greater value with Kallia in the team as well. On the same team with Kallia, Atur activates the Vigilant Partner skill which makes him immune to stun, freeze , and sleep making him an even more formidable tank for the party.

As we mentioned Kallia’s impact to Atur’s proficiency, it is only natural to include her here as she is likewise an incredibly efficient champion on any team provided that Atur is there himself. All of Kallia’s skills cause useful debuffs on enemy champions but with Atur by her side, she can heal herself with every action she makes in combat.

As the above heroes make for a great 5-champion team, we would have to consider some revisions in roster if you will engage in game modes that only have 4 champions in the party. Our best consideration for these situations is to rest Nazana, Atur, and Kallia to include Juliana and Romero for a 4-champion party.

Romero would be a great substitute for Nazana and can also place a shield buff on his allies. HE also possesses healing abilities useful and important for defensive teams and Stalwart Partner, which is only available when Juliana is around, will enable Romero to attack all enemies 2 times.

Juliana’s Battledance skill works great for this team since critical hits resulting from it fills her turn meter by 10%. In combination with the team aura that boosts speed and Gorgorab’s Resurge skill, Juliana will most likely be the fastest champion in most battles you engage in. Lethal Partner is a good skill to utilize as it increases her critical rate and poisons the enemy. With Romero on her side though, it can be a game-changing skill as it will ignore 50% of the target’s defense attributes making her attack twice as powerful in effect.

3. Rare Quality Team

Further down the line of dream teams come the most realistic setup anyone can have and given the possibility of only having rare quality champions to work with, we would naturally want to consider one that includes the starting heroes you begin the game with. Considerably, the starting champions to choose from are all pretty decent and more or less are equally useful in any starting team. Each one has his or her own unique strength and skills but they all have the same aura buff which boosts HP by 15% across all game modes.

raid shadow legends rare quality team

Personally though, we would go with Kael as our top pick for a team that can be useful in as many different situations as possible given her poison status-inflicting skills that goes well against a single opponent and a slew of enemies. Acid Rain is our favourite skill with its 15% chance to inflict critical damage and a 25% turn meter boost for every kill.

As every team needs a good healer to sustain health and boost survivability, our top pick for such under the rare quality category would be Apothecary. His top skills include Soothing Chant that can heal an ally and Boon of Speed to increase SPD of allies by 30% for 2 turns and fill up their turn meters by a5% as well. When playing in dungeons, you can consider designating him as a leader as his buff can boost the team’s defense values by 21%.

Guardian of the Knight Revenant Faction will be our third choice of champion for the rare-only quality team as he is a superb tank and support character that can outclass any other rare champion as far as being an awesome debuffer and self-sustaining tank. As you will need a tough cookie in your team to hold off on long battles as well as debuffer who can sustain being in battle to cast as many debuffs as possible, Guardian is the top candidate for that.

For the fourth pick, Warpriest which is a relatively easy to get rare champion is our next candidate. Packed with Mass Heal as well as a boost that can increase the team’s attack by 25% for 2 turns, Warpriest can very much still find herself useful since Apothecary’s Soothing Chant may not always be enough at all times. Likewise, Warpriest’s Bless Weapons give her additional value as this team definitely needs more offensive buffs to increase damage output.

For game modes that make use of a 5-champion team, Coldheart of the Dark Elves faction is our top choice for an additional attacker. Armed with Flurry of Arrows which does 4 random attacks with a heal reduction debuff and Art of Pain which is an AoE damage that cuts down accuracy, she is already a bargain and can help out beyond the damage she can cause. Her best skill is Heartseeker which guarantees to fully deplete the target’s turn meter and also has a bonus 30% chance of inflicting critical hit.

Keep in mind that considering the diversity of mechanics surrounding each and every game mode available in RAID: Shadow Legends, it’s easy to understand that there can be no such team to be the ace across all game modes. The teams we considered above, however, can stand on top or at least well above average regardless of which game mode you engage them in. If you do manage to get the heroes as suggested in these teams, then then they can pretty much be a great team to keep across all the unique game modes RAID: Shadow Legends has to offer. If you have played long enough then, chances are, you have managed to accumulate some great champions other than the ones we picked.

As a standard rule in these types of games, it’s always a good idea to mix and match champions to see how they go. Experimenting with different teams will always be a fun part of you grow on these games to learn how to make the best about each of the heroes you have. Again, don’t bother to consider wasting time, effort, and resources on common and uncommon champions as there are hardly any useful ones beyond the initial stages of the game and are best kept as “food” for rare, epic, and legendary ones.

Similarly, champions can be built in a variety of ways as a result of the gear sets you equip them with and while some seem pretty obvious based on their character types, there are plenty of set effects to choose from and combinations of some sets can lead to a wide variety of end builds with varying effectiveness depending on the game mode you want to build the champion for.

Lastly, keep in mind that most heroes per rarity level have toned-down versions on each lower rarity level so even if you don’t have a full legendary team considering how difficult it is to net even one, working on the one or a few that you have and considering the best teammates to complement that champion can be done in a variety of ways. Even if you may not have acquired the exact champions that we selected on this guide what matters is you understood the basic principle that we worked on to arrive at our best considerations to select each champion following a certain level of prioritization and ensuring that roles are kept in tight consideration despite the potential existence of stronger alternatives that may not necessarily fit the role that needs filling up.

This ends our RAID: Shadow Legends team guide and we hope that you have learned a lot from it despite the considerable difficulty of obtaining all mentioned champions in your roster at this time. We hope as well that you have not chanced upon some of these heroes and chose to not use them in battle following a misconception of their individual values in a team. We are pretty confident that with some time playing the game and mixing your own unique blend of heroes, you will eventually have your very one top tier team to command across various game modes. If you would like to share your views on the teams we mentioned or the ones you have don’t hesitate to let us know through the comment section below!