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Raid HQ Cheats & Strategy Guide: 10 Killer Tips to Defeat Your Enemies

Raid HQ is an immersive base-building game for Android and iOS devices by Mobile Gaming Studios, that comes with some trading card game (TCG) mechanics. You’ll get to collect and upgrade troop cards, use them to create your squad and make it better, and have your squad fight to victory while you build and customize your island base. That means defending your base from enemy raids, which is part and parcel of these kinds of mobile games. And, as you could in other games of this type, you can join a clan and team up to win “trophies, power, and glory” while defeating rival clans and helping each other out.

By the looks of things, this is yet another one of those games trying to build on the success of Clash of Clans. But the presence of TCG mechanics is one of the many ways this game tries to stand out and be more than a CoC copycat in a different setting. And since that also means lots of stuff to learn, we’ve compiled a detailed Raid HQ strategy guide for building the perfect base and training (and hiring) those troops and heroes the right way.

1. Upgrade Your Base Regularly

One thing you should do in this game is to upgrade your base whenever you could. Keep those workers of yours busy, because if you don’t, you’ll be left behind by other, more serious human players. Make sure everyone has something to do, may it be working on new buildings or upgrading them; typically, you want to start out by upgrading the Storage building, then work your way from there. And try to unlock as much stuff as you can for your base! But what about that major concern many gamers have with frequent upgrades and building creation? We’ll deal with that in the next tip.

2. How To Speed Up Those Build / Upgrade Times

We know how frustrating it could be to wait hours, or even days, for something to be created or upgraded. You’ve got so many things you can do with that building created or leveled up, and waiting can often be the hardest part. Raid HQ, fortunately, allows you to speed up those wait times. Watch an ad video and you can shave ten minutes off the usual wait time, and rush production free of charge if there are less than five minutes to go.

3. Upgrade Your Heroes

Raid HQ comes with no shortage of heroes for you to unlock and use, and each of these heroes vary in terms of rarity; the rarer the hero, the better. If you have all of the cards needed, you can upgrade your heroes, but don’t worry if you’re stuck with a bunch of common heroes; some of then can actually be quite useful if you’ve upgraded them enough.

Talking about the best upgrade strategy for heroes, it would be best to upgrade as many of them as possible if you’re just starting, as upgrade costs won’t be too high for the first two levels. Once you’ve decided on a few heroes whom you like the most, you can focus on them going forward when upgrading them. But you just might end up with cards for a hero whom you’re not too fond of; there’s always the chance that may help you change your mind. That means you shouldn’t completely focus on the heroes you like, as some of those you don’t like may end up being better after all.

4. Should You Choose Heroes For Your Team Based On Element?

This game, like many others, has an “elemental” or rock-paper-scissors mechanic in play; one type of troops may be strong against another type, but weak against a separate one. Use this mechanic to determine the best heroes, meaning the ones who can give you a bonus against the type of enemy you’re up against. Take a good look at the colors of the weapons and buildings of the enemies while in campaign mode, and choose the heroes that have the “elemental” advantage over the enemy. You can also form a balanced team that covers as many types of elements/hero colors as possible, but if that sounds like too much work for you, you can do things the manual, strategic way and frequently change your lineup depending on the enemy type you will be up against.

5. How To Unlock The Game’s PvP Mode

Some say games like this aren’t worth the effort if there isn’t a player-vs.-player mode available. The good news is that there is such a mode in this game, as we hinted above, and you can unlock it in a rather simple, if costly way. Once you’ve upgraded your Headquarters to Level 3 and upgraded your Gold Storage to the same level, you can repair the PvP Carrier, which will cost you 20,000 gold. Still, you might want to hold off for some time before unlocking PvP. Once the mode is unlocked, your base will be fair game against human players, so you might want to max everything out before making the jump to PvP.

6. Forming A Good Attack Route – What Should You Do?

The best route, speaking in general terms, is the one that will give you the most and best resources. Still, the hero color/elemental mechanic also comes into play here, as you should also consider the colors of the enemy buildings. Take this simple example; if your goal is to collect medals for a blue Hero upgrade, you’ll only want to go on the routes that have a lot of blue buildings. Consider your priorities and remember that medals for upgrades can be quite challenging to earn, and that you may need a lot of them if you want to unleash your heroes’ full potential in the game.

7. Load Up On Free Stuff

Every three hours, Raid HQ will gift you with a free regular chest, and every 24 hours, you’ll get a Premium Chest, also for free. You also get VIP Chests if you make a purchase with your gems, which are the premium currency. In order to get as much freebies as possible, log in to the game frequently; the chests come loaded with cards which you can use for your upgrades and to make your team much better.

8. Attack The Islands For Daily Cards

In addition, you can also get more cards by attacking certain islands in the game that offer daily cards as a reward. Be sure that you attack them, may they be Daily Cards Islands, Daily Color Cards Islands, or Alcatraz; load up on as many cards as you could, as more cards, of course, means more opportunities to upgrade.

9. Join A Clan

We’d say it’s a must for you to join a clan in this game, and to take advantage of the social elements that come within. Being part of a clan allows you to request troops and resources, though you should also give back if someone in your clan asks you to lend a helping hand.

10. Build A Strong Defense

You already have some defensive turrets that come as stock equipment for your base. But defending your base against the bad guys requires more than just that. Tap on your HQ building and you can request troops from fellow clan members, or to build or upgrade your Mech – that’s the big robot that all players face at the end of a battle.

These would be our tips and tricks for Mobile Gaming Studios’ immersive base-building game, Raid HQ. We will update this guide with additional hints, whenever we discover more, so stay tuned!