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The Moron Test Tips, Tricks & Cheats for Solving More Puzzles

The Moron Test may sound like one of those games that are so easy that even a literal moron can complete them. However, in this Android and iOS game the puzzles are fun, tricky, and completing them will help you rise up the ranks from Moron to Genius. Also, the game developer warns that the puzzles may seem simple at first, but eventually end up being more challenging than they look; you may even get a good laugh watching other people try to solve them! In short, this is a game that tests your ability to think out of the box.

We did consider giving you one of our straight-up cheat sheets that provide the answers or solutions to all the challenges we could. But since we also want to focus on the general things and not spoil the fun of a great and challenging game, we’ll be sticking with some The Moron Test tips and hints that can help you solve more puzzles.

1. Take Your Time

The game will often try to throw you off by changing the button locations without a moment’s notice, often after you tap on the screen. The mechanics may also change after a quick tap. Both of these things are done mainly to discourage players from trying to work as quickly as possible, so with that in mind, you will want to take your time, and take it easy. Pause for a while after each tap, and look around the screen. You don’t want to hit anything by accident and hinder your progress as a result of your rushed actions.

2. Count How Many Times You Tap On Objects

You should also be able to count the number of times you get to tap on objects. Some puzzles will require you to tap an object “x” number of times, so your eyes should be on your device’s screen, and you should count the number of times you successfully tap on that object.

3. Pay Attention 100 Percent Of The Time

If you’re simply going by the obvious, you will only pay attention when you see the screen that says “Pay Attention.” Let’s put it this way; those screens are there to tell you to pay especially close attention, but you should really be paying attention all the time when playing this game. The Moron Test loves to throw those curve balls, so always expect the unexpected to happen. Read the goal, re-read that goal, and try to be on the lookout for changes in the wording or in the syntax that may change the entire goal of the puzzle.

4. Shake Your Device

Tapping is one thing, but other puzzles in the game will require you to move your device around. So if you’re at a point where you couldn’t figure out what to do next or how to do it, then try shaking your device. Try turning it around. Who knows – you might find a new and unusual way to solve the puzzle.

These would be our quick tips and tricks for The Moron Test. Do you know other ways to solve puzzles faster? In case you do, be sure to let us know by leaving a comment below!