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Monster Builder Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Form the Perfect Army of Monsters

DeNA’s Seoul arm has just released a new game for Android and iOS called Monster Builder. With monsters arriving from different, mysterious portals to wreak some havoc on the in-game world, the best way to deal with them is through their very own kind – alien monsters. The game requires you to collect monster DNA to create “hundreds” of monster variations, research new units, upgrade your base, and train a powerful army of monsters to defend Earth from the alien invasion. You can also get social, helping your friends out in their research, combine DNA to make more than a thousand monsters, and see how you stack up against other human players, pitting your monsters against those of other players in battle arena mode.

To be sure, there’s a lot about monster creation to figure out in this game, and the learning curve can be a bit steep. But we can always be of help to anyone who wants to succeed in this game. We’ve come up with an exclusive Monster Builder strategy guide containing all the tips you need to create the ultimate army of monsters, and to combine that monster DNA the right way.

1. Know The Elemental System

In the early stages, you can just mash those buttons and still expect to win in the end. But it won’t always be that way, as you make it to the later stages. That’s where you’re going to need to use the right kind of tactics, though fortunately, the basic mechanic underpinning it all is good old rock-paper-scissors. Or something to that effect, as there are more than three monster types in the game. Keep that counter system in mind before you confirm the units to be sent out, and think of the element that will do the most damage against the enemy.

So how does the counter system work anyway? For monster types, Beast beats Humanoid, Humanoid beats Dragon, Dragon beats Giant, and Giant beats Beast. And for elements, Water beats Fire, Fire beats Plant, and Plant beats Water.

2. Keep Monster And Elemental Types In Mind When Forming Your Team

Once again, you want to focus on the counter mechanic when forming your team. But don’t just pay attention to one type of system, focus on the two main ones – monster and elemental. Paying attention to both, and not just one system when creating your team will allow you to deal out more damage, but if we were to pick one system that’s more powerful than the other, we’d have to say it’s the monster counters. In other words, if you’re unable to find any elemental matches, then go for some monster matches. Also remember that there are neutral elements that beat each other out, aside from the three main ones.

3. Socialize

Although, Monster Builder might seem like one of those games where you can get by just fine even without the usual “little help from your friends,” it actually can help you greatly if you be more social, bring your friends in, or make new friends who play the game, in case none of your current friends do. When it comes to the later stages, you’ll find yourself requiring different types of monsters, and you can make that process easier by choosing a helper before each stage. Your choice of helper can be the difference between victory and defeat, and on top of that, you and your friends can also help each other out in research, reducing the time of research by one hour per friend.

As a bonus tip, you might also want to add a friend as a Best Friend, or a BF, in the game. The maximum amount of time by which you can have regular friends reduce research time is three hours, but with a BF, you can shorten the time by two hours per BF. Simply search for a BF by entering your friend’s ID, add them as such, and you’re all set.

4. What Are Hero Monsters And How Do They Fit In?

Hero Monsters are, quite obviously, more than just your average, garden-variety monsters. They can be best described as mutations, and they are so strong that their skills could do some serious damage against your hero, or throw them off in a significant way. Keeping that in mind, they do not strictly follow the elemental and monster counter mechanics.

5. How To Get Monster DNA, The Conventional Way

One of the key mechanics of the game is the ability to create new monsters through the Monster DNA you pick up. You can get more of that commodity by completing a stage, by taking part in special events where you can win rare DNA, or by grinding it out/farming, or, in other words, completing previously beaten stages. For the latter method, hit the Record button on the lower left of the in-game map so you can see the DNA drops for stages you’ve already beaten.

6. More Ways To Get Monster DNA

Now, the above tip is great if you want to get Monster DNA the conventional way(s), but there are many more ways for you to get it in Monster Builder. You can get a chance to earn some rare DNA at the DNA Gacha, though you’ll need diamonds, which are the game’s premium currency. And if you use your Heart Points (earned when you use the lead monster), you can use the Heart Gacha, which allows you to win new monsters and DNA for 200 Heart Points each. Lastly, helping your friends out in research allows you an opportunity to get the DNA they were researching on.

7. Tips For Monster Crafting

Monster Builder, as you may have surmised, is one of those games that has a strong crafting mechanic. So how do you build the perfect monster with DNA? First of all, you start with common, one-star DNA to determine the monster’s type and its element, then mix it with rarer DNA, which is where the skills and type variation come in. Always refer to the Monsterpedia for a complete list of DNA recipes; this is always updated each time a new monster is created. You’ll also be able to view your monster’s passive and active skills, and those of the enemies.

That’s it for now as far as our list of tips and tricks for Monster Builder is concerned. In case you want to check out our collection of hints for other DeNA mobile games, such as Timenauts, Legend Borne or Millionaire Pop, please click here.