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Rage Road (SayGames) Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Beat Every Level and Unlock Everything

SayGames may have only been active in the mobile gaming industry for 2 years but has accomplished much with its published titles. If you are an avid fan of hyper-casual games, then chances are that you have played at least one of their popular titles. Sand Balls, Johnny Trigger, and Train Taxi lead SayGames’ app portfolio that currently holds 30 games. With well over 9 million combined downloads of its apps on Google Play alone, and maintaining a largely positive average user review rating across all of its published titles, SayGames stands as a developer to keep an eye on especially for fans and followers who have played and enjoyed several of their titles.

Rage Road is the company’s latest casual action title available for both Android and iOS platforms. Like all other titles from SayGames, Rage Road is designed to be very easy to pick up and play, ensuring that even total beginners will grasp the full context of its controls and mechanics well within a minute. Five weeks after launch, Rage Road has soared well beyond the 5 million downloads mark from Google Play alone, reaching top spots in top lists of games in numerous countries as well as bagging the #12 spot under the action games category on the App Store.

Step into the shoes of Agent Jack Road as you battle through long distances across different regions to defeat thugs sent by The Colonel to kill you. Along with Professor Null and Tokato, a virus is being set to be released on the world and it your job is to prevent it from happening. Riding on the trunk of your indestructible pickup truck, and armed with various guns that have unlimited ammo, your long journey consists of eliminating all threats that lurk behind you.

rage road strategies

Rage Road is a casual shooter action game that is designed to be easier than all other shooter games. There is auto aim on one hand and there is infinite ammo on another. Tapping on the screen lets you shoot at the closest enemies and releasing it lets you duck and take cover in your pickup truck. As you earn cash from completing levels, you can purchase more powerful guns as well as various skins to customize your gun’s and your truck’s appearances.

Overall, this is a very easy game to pick up and play, although it does become a lot challenging the further you go. If you found yourself stuck or struggling to complete a particular level or looking for tips, cheats and strategies to progress through the challenges and unlock everything, then be sure to read our Rage Road beginner’s guide below!

1. Take Advantage Of The Invulnerable Trunk

Most casual arcade games often give a sense of urgency in that you will always find yourself rushing to finish each level. While some games do employ time limits within which you must clear all objectives on each stage, others simply hope for you to have the same inclination even when there are no actual time limits. Rushing into completing any level provides more excitement in most cases, but then it opens up a lot of hazards as well.

rage road tricks

In Rage Road, you can spend as much time as you want ducking behind the trunk of your pickup truck to avoid being hit by your enemies. A lot of them are not good shots at all but then they always have advantage in numbers and anyone can get lucky. If all enemies behind you are only trying to kill you with bullets, take as much time as you need to time your shots. No gun-toting thug will try to get too close to your vehicle anyway.

Bullets are one thing and explosives are another, though. Despite your pickup truck’s trunk remaining unscathed even if rockets and bombs explode on it, point blank explosions can still wipe you out. For now, there are only 2 enemy types in Rage Road that can off you while hiding behind the trunk. The first one is the bomber that rides a quad. As confusing as some scenarios may become with a lot going on, the sparks on his bomb are very noticeable.

The second one is the airborne boss enemy chopper that fires missiles at you that explode on impact. In essence, these will be the only times that require a bit of timeliness from you as you should never let the bomb carrier or the chopper’s missiles get anywhere near you.

Taking advantage of your shield more appropriately means spending a bit more time to observe patterns as to when enemies shoot at you. Regardless of their numbers and difficulty levels, there will always be gaps within which you can throw in some return fire. Keep in mind that between those thugs that shoot once and armored vehicles that spray you with bullets, some enemies occasionally shoot you twice before taking a break.

2. Go For The Tires If You Can

Initially, the counter at the top of the screen indicating the number of enemies you need to eliminate to complete the level may be a bit confusing. Some vehicles can have up to 4 thugs in them and killing each one will trigger pop ups like “headshot” or “double kill” that can give you a sense of accomplishment. Killing the thugs themselves do not necessarily amount to anything as the counters above the screen only progress when you eliminate a vehicle.

rage road tires

The most common way of stopping enemy vehicles in their tracks is by taking out the driver. In some cases where the drivers are hidden behind bulletproof windshields, taking out the back riders will suffice. Beyond all that, aiming at and taking out either of the front wheels makes it a lot easier.

You will initially be chased by bareheaded thugs on wheels and all it will take to eliminate each one is a quick tap on the screen. As you progress through the levels more, you will begin to have enemies that have helmets and full face gears that takes a lot of shots to crack open. Even with the best guns in the game, it will still take a few shots to do so and more often than not, these guys will not be alone. Keep in mind as well that it does become more challenging from one level to the next one so on top of having tougher nuts to crack, there will also be faster spawns and boss vehicle surprise appearances.

The enemy thugs may grow tougher and more annoying the further you progress in your quest but for the most part, the wheels of their vehicles stay the same. This would exclude some armored ones and boss level enemies so for those you will have to employ old-fashioned takedowns. The best part is the physics that apply whenever an enemy vehicle’s tire pops out and it sends them careering against other enemy vehicles for multiple takedowns.

3. Keep An Eye On Your Ammo Level

Rage Road makes it easy enough for everyone by having you have infinite ammo all the time. The only challenge comes during reload times as it takes a while before you are up and ready again to shoot at or return fire to enemy convoys. Be sure to constantly check on your ammo level at the left side of the screen. You won’t have much for starters but better guns will typically have more ammo in stock.

rage road ammo level

In any case, while your starting pistol and most guns you can afford early on will have less bullets per magazine and thus require reloads more often, what is more important is for you to know exactly when you are down to your last shot so you can empty it out and reload at the most convenient time.

Helmed thugs, tires, and especially boss vehicles take several bullets to take out. In most cases, having an opening and some clear shots to deal a good amount of damage on them are opportunities for you to unload a full magazine. For such cases, emptying out at the right time is important to ensure that you make the most out of these opportunities. Likewise, having to reload as the bomb-carrying goon or one of the boss chopper’s missiles get too close should be avoided.

4. Use The Environment To Your Advantage

Auto aim may make the game a lot easier for beginners but manual aiming still has its advantages. As much as you can eliminate enemies a number of ways with direct assaults, more are actually available with the help of some objects you pass by in the background. There are various items you can interact with in the environment and some are actually very useful in eliminating enemy vehicles. These would be the trucks loaded with logs, the donut shop signage, and the gasoline station. When shot at, the first two will roll down and across the road and the gas station will explode.

rage road hints

Given the constant speed at which you are going and the pace enemy vehicles catch up to you, it can be a challenge to utilize any of these objects when you only start to aim for them as they pass by. As such, being able to use them to your advantage requires a bit of predictive strategy.

Always being on the ready to drag your aim to the sides can be hard to master especially with numerous enemies behind you. Auto aim, in this case, becomes a bit of a liability as it always reels you away from the sides and onto the heads of enemies.

Background sceneries and items pop up at random just like the order at which enemies spawn. The trucks with logs will only appear on the left side of your screen while the gas stations will always be on the right side. The trick is to normally aim for your usual targets of tires, drivers, or other thugs, while constantly expecting the environmental “hazards” to appear. While the rolling logs and giant donuts are hardly efficient, blowing up gas stations can instantly get rid of even the toughest enemies, except on boss battles.

Every 20 levels completed takes you to a different city with different backgrounds. While some of these areas do not offer the convenience of having these helpful objects, some will look different and yet have the same objects you can interact with.

5. Exercise Utmost Patience In Boss Battles

Boss battles in most other games are climactic points in your progress and usually pre-empt a challenge that greatly outclasses the other enemies across previous levels and some succeeding ones. In Rage Road, however, as much as boss vehicles appear intimidating, strategies you can employ against them are easy to pick up and can be used against all other enemy bosses that sport the same arsenal.

Every 10th level is a boss battle and while some levels will have them appear along with their minions, boss vehicles on every 10th level are much stronger; growing tougher even the farther you progress.

rage road boss battle

There are basically two types of boss vehicles in Rage Road. The first one is the armored truck that sprays you with bullets and the second one is the chopper that shoots missiles left and right. You will see variants of both these boss vehicles alternating on boss levels moving forward. Just the same, though, you can use the same strategy as the first ones but will require a lot more patience as they have much stronger armor the farther you go through the levels.

For the armored truck, you should stay behind the cover of your pickup’s compartment for the duration of his assault. The shower of bullets are completely random and only a couple can hit you but for beginners, it is best to be tucked in while being sprayed on.

There will be a short gap that allows you to return fire with a shot or two and that is basically the strategy you will go with for the entire duration of the level. Once you secure better guns you will be able to chip in more shots but by that time, chances are that you will be facing stronger boss vehicles that require more damage to take down.

The boss chopper, on the other hand, requires a lot more active shooting from you. With the auto aim feature, you will automatically be set to target missiles that gradually get close to you. If the chopper is not firing at you, you will automatically be aiming at it to wear down its armor.

The only cautionary measure to take is that while aiming at the chopper itself, your aim will not automatically shift to the missiles as they come close. As such, the best strategy is to intermittently tap the screen and unleash single shots. That way, you can deal damage to the chopper and take down any missile as soon as they launch.

6. Any Better Gun Is A Solid Investment

Your default gun in Rage Road is naturally expected to be the weakest from among the unlockable guns in the game. It can only hold 6 bullets, has the lowest firepower, and takes a while to fully reload. As you earn cash with every level you complete, along with some bonuses along the way, you will eventually be able to afford better guns.

rage road weapon

Whenever the market appears, there will always be 3 guns available for you to purchase and one of the choices can be obtained by watching an ad. If you can afford any gun, and need an upgrade badly, then do not hesitate to purchase it. Otherwise, you can save as much as you can until you can finally afford the best ones they can showcase.

7. Complete Daily Missions For Extra Rewards

On top of the immediate rewards you can receive with each level you complete, there are daily missions you can accomplish in Rage Road and each one will either reward you with cash or diamonds. As you would want more of both to collect more guns and skins, you should aim to accomplish each objective.

rage road daily missions

In any case, all these objectives are well in line with what you will be doing as you battle through each level. In essences, completing the daily missions basically require you to play through a certain number of levels each day, the rest of the objectives will surely be completed after doing so.

8. Watch Ads To Boost Earnings And Progress

Free-to-play mobile games are more commonly reliant on the existence of video ads unless they can bank on microtransactions. For the most part, casual games like Rage Road are expected to have ads in it and while some may pop up randomly as you move on from one level to the next, the rest offers very attractive incentives.

how to boost earnings in rage road

Regardless of what skin you wear, it will always take just one bullet or one blast to take you out. Restarting the level is always an option but you can continue your adventure from where you left off if you watch an ad. As we mentioned earlier, you can sometimes grab free guns from watching an ad as well.

As you complete levels, you will gradually fill up a special box that can offer you cash and skins for free. Not being able to grab the best reward on your first try will give you an option to try again after watching a short video ad. There may be times that ads will not be available but whenever they are, you should take the opportunity as the best guns in the game will take a lot of grinding to be affordable.

And that wraps up our beginner’s guide for SayGames’ latest casual action title Rage Road. We hope that the simple tips and strategies we shared will help you become more efficient in your succeeding playthroughs. If you have played Rage Road and chanced upon some more tips or tricks other than the ones we already presented, feel free to share them in the comments below!