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Ragdoll Dismounting Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Earn More Coins and Unlock All Levels

Vicenter Game is among the latest companies to jump into the mobile gaming arena and has only been active for the past six months. Although fairly new to the industry, the Vietnam-based firm currently has 7 apps in their games portfolio and has amassed massive download counts as well as earned largely positive reviews on its apps from both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The company specializes on fun and unique casual games that can be played and enjoyed by practically everyone. Knife Throw 3D, Stickman Epic Archer, and Knife Throw Legends are among its most popular games with the first game being downloaded more than a million times from the Google Play Store alone.

Ragdoll Dismounting is Vicenter Game’s latest offering for the Android platform. With the ever-present demand for stickman games and ragdolls, Ragdoll Dismounting perfectly blends the simplicity of stickman graphics with the fun and wacky thrills of watching the injury and disaster that can be inflicted upon a helpless ragdoll. While the simple graphics may give you the impression that it is a game fit for kids only, you will be surprised to find that Ragdoll Dismounting can offer a good amount of challenge that requires precision, timing, and patience to accomplish.

Contrary to the usual game concept revolving around controlling a character in the game, Ragdoll Dismounting swerves away from the typical set up and leaves a little less than the usual amount of control you have in most games. You neither have control over the stickman dummy but what you do have is the power to pose him as well as equip him with a variety of vehicles. The idea works around giving the ragdoll a nudge (or a really strong push) and earn points based on the amount of damage the ragdoll takes as he travels through each unique stage. Points determine how many coins you will earn and coins in turn are your means of unlocking new vehicles as well as other stages.

There are no tutorials included in Ragdoll Dismounting and you can instantly just tap on the play button as soon as you run the game. You won’t see a lot of information on the screen so it is still relatively simple and easy to determine what you need to do. With the huge start button at the bottom right of the screen and the “Tap and hold” instruction above it, you are good to go and can start earning coins immediately. You can make progress in the game gradually at regardless of how you play it, although playing it more often will naturally earn you more coins. If you want efficient means of earning coins and unlocking everything in the game, then be sure to check out our Ragdoll Dismounting tips, cheats and strategies below!

1. Time Your Push Right

Ragdoll dismounting banks on the simplest of mechanics and a simple tap and hold of the start button will send the ragdoll flickering towards the stage. As you continue to hold the start button, you will notice an orange line bordering around the button as it quickly shifts from completely enveloping the button back to disappearing.

ragdoll dismounting perfect timing

The orange line indicates how strong your “nudge” is and in a lot of cases, the higher the power of your push, the more damage it can indirectly inflict on the ragdoll. Although the speed of the power charge is a little too fast to perfectly time, there is actually an easy trick to do for you to be able to release the button in full power or at least close to it.

For starters, hold down the start button for a long time and try to count off every time you see the orange bar closing the gap at the top of the button. Given that the speed at which the orange line grows and shrinks may be too fast for most players’ reaction time, you should set a bit of an allowance as to where you should count off. For example, you can count off every time you see the orange line reach the 11 o’clock mark. Once you get the rhythm of your count, release your hold on the start button.

It may take some practice to master this strategy but keep in mind that the disparity between the push charge you manage to set against a full one can be improved following some adjustments on your timing. With this, simply count off a little earlier or later and see if you get better results. In any case, you can still earn some coins as you practice with this strategy so be sure to try and do this early on.

2. Try Every Available Pose

It may happen that you can achieve to almost consistently be able to fling the ragdoll away in full power and yet still have wanting results. Although the “Prev Pose” and “Next Pose” at the bottom of the screen are hard to ignore, it may happen that you have not decided yet to try every possible pose available before as you begin each new run.

ragdoll dismounting pose

Although the game is not as aptly physics-based as one might expect, the various poses available, particularly those that indicate the point of the push’s impact can have different effects as to how the ragdoll will behave as he travels through the stage. As such, some of these poses may not seem to cause as much damage if you thinks about it before actually trying, but you will find a lot of surprises as to how some runs can go with unique poses you might never think about using.

Be sure to try each available pose on the same stage and also make several attempts with it. In the event that you have unlocked some vehicles as well as some props that you mix and match for experimentation purposes, remember to include shifting between the different poses as well.

3. Invest In Vehicles You Feel Will Earn You More

There are currently 18 available vehicles to unlock in Ragdoll Dismounting and each one offers a unique effect on the ragdoll as far as taking in damage goes. It will naturally take some time for you to unlock all of it but for starters, you should consider only investing in the ones that will help you earn more money.

You might have the impression that the cheaper the vehicle, the less impact it will make. While this may be true for most cases, some of the vehicles you can purchase earlier can still aid you in earning more coins. In any case, vehicles tend to be more useful in some stages than others and for beginners; there are only a few vehicles that can make an impact on the first stage following the placement of perfectly crafted props.

4. Initially Go For Props Useful On The Current Stage

There are plenty of props as well as stages to unlock in Ragdoll Dismounting and as you continue to earn coins with every run, you will be tempted to unlock everything you can afford. While it is a lot of fun to do so as you are itching to try new stuff every now and then, with regard to props, be sure to primarily invest in the ones you can use immediately.

ragdoll dismounting tips

As you will most likely be spending a lot of your time on the first stage, consider making profit off of the experience by investing on props that can deal more damage to the ragdoll as he falls down the stairs. While ramps and speed boosts won’t do any additional damage without a speedy vehicle, walls, explosives, as well as pointy objects can help boost the damage the ragdoll can receive and consequently earn you more coins. With this, bank on these props first and be sure to set them up on the stage before you make another run. To set it up, simply click on the props button at the lower left side of the screen, tap the mark where you want to place some props, purchase and click on the props you want and then hit the “done” button.

5. Unlock Other Stages With Extra Coins

As far as prioritizations should go, you should consider purchasing props and vehicles first that can help you earn more coins for other purchases. Although there are so many stages to unlock and try out in Ragdoll Dismounting, a lot of them are very expensive and the lack of preview makes it difficult for you to determine if you have the props and vehicles necessary to bank more coins from that stage.

how to unlock new stages in ragdoll dismounting

Given the amount of coins you need to unlock some of the stages, what you need to consider is the possibility that the current set of props and vehicles you have may not be as useful on the new stage as it was on the current stage you are farming coins at. Just to be sure, unlock a new stage only if you can be left with some few extra coins to purchase additional props for that stage.
For one, there is a high chance that the new stage will offer some opportunities for you to earn even more coins all on its own. As it won’t be that easy to farm coins in the game, proceed to try other stages when you are confident that you can earn more from that stage than with the ones you have already unlocked.

6. Watch Ads To Boost Your Rewards

As video ads have practically become an integral part of most free-to-play mobile games, it is important to accept their existence if not appreciate the additional perks players can receive from watching them. Although it is well understood that video ads that pop up every now and then can be disorienting and sometimes even annoying, these video ads are the main reason why these games can be played totally free of charge.

Although some 5-second video ads do pop up in Ragdoll Dismounting from time to time as you play, all other ads are optional to watch and offers coins as rewards. Truthfully enough, playing these 5 to 30-second video ads can be worth your while as they can at least double the amount of coins you can get from each run as well as give you some free coins without much effort in some cases.

ragdoll dismounting rewards

You may opt to disregard watching ads after each run but if you did a good run and earned more coins than the usual run, then it would be best to play a video ad and double your rewards. In case you just want to earn some coins playing ads while you are doing something else entirely, there is a green ad play button at the right side of your screen and you can tap on it to play a video ad as many times as you want to. Beyond these, you should always consider to watch an ad as you claim your daily login rewards as these rewards offer huge amounts of coins and are totally worth the time.

There are also rare cases when you will be offered an opportunity to try a different stage out for free and all you have to do is watch a video ad to play on it. Whenever you chance upon this opportunity, be sure to take it especially if you have a lot of spare time you can spend on the game. You may be lucky enough to try out a stage where you can earn a lot of coins even without using any of your props or vehicles. If ever you do get to play on a stage that rakes in more coins, replay it as many times as you can so you can farm coins at a faster rate.

That is all we have for our Ragdoll Dismounting guide. We hope that you found the tips and strategies we shared helpful as you try to earn more coins and unlock everything the game has to offer. Again, the more time you spend on the game will lead to earning more coins, even if you are not actually playing so just keep at it and you will be sure to complete your collection. Do you know any tips or tricks that we haven’t mentioned in the article? If so, please let us know in the comments below!