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Pyro Jump Rescue Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Complete More Levels

Pyro Jump Rescue is the sequel to the original Pyro Jump from Pinpin Team, but unlike the original title, this new one is only available for iOS. We’re pretty confident an Android version will be coming to us soon, but in the meantime, if you’re thinking of getting this game for your iDevice, here’s a brief run-through of what to expect. In the game, Pyro Jump’s friends are being held prisoner, and Pyro Jump does need your help in saving them from the bad guys. The game has a new fortresses game system, as Pinpin calls it, though we’re not 100 percent sure what that means. What’s obvious, though, is that the game does require skill, precision, and a sense of timing.

It’s easy to write Pyro Jump Rescue off as yet another casual platformer, but mistake it not – your skill and precision will really be tested in this game. And you’re also going to have to last long enough if you want to save Pyro’s friends. We can help you with that, though, as we have some pretty cool Pyro Jump Rescue tips and tricks for you to check out below.

1. Grab Those Coins

The first thing you should remember in this game is to collect as many coins as possible. You’ll need them to buy all the good stuff in the game, not the least of these things being upgrades for your character. You can also use you coins to buy checkpoints, which allow you to restart where you had previously left off, as well as lives that allow you to keep on playing after you’ve lost a level.

2. Spend Your Money On Upgrades

When starting out in Pyro Jump Rescue, you want to spend your coins on upgrades, and nothing but upgrades. The upgrade that allows you to get some diamonds on occasion is a good choice, as diamonds are the game’s premium currency.

Should you spend your coins on buying new checkpoints or buying new lives? If you’re new to the game, the answer would be a resounding no. There’s no sense buying those things early on, when it’s going to be so easy anyway to play during the early goings. Instead of paying coins for lives, why not watch an ad video instead, as that option is available?

When talking upgrades, the coin magnet is also a strong choice, as it allows you to have a fallback of sorts in case your jump attempts whiff.

3. Follow The Spinning Wheel Route To Grab More Coins

When trying to collect more coins, the best thing we can advise you to do is to follow the route located around the spinning wheel. Chances are you won’t get all the coins all the time; you may miss one or two, but don’t worry about it one bit. There’s always another jump. And speaking of jumping, we’ve seen good results by jumping the moment your character is below the coins, and by jumping right into those coins.

Do you know some other Pyro Jump Rescue tips and tricks, that we haven’t listed in our guide? In case you know additional hints, don’t hesitate to let us know!