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Fishdom: Deep Dive Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Complete All Levels

Fishdom: Deep Dive is a bit of a rarity – this title from Playrix is a Match 3 title, but unlike most of this genre, which are available for both platforms, this one is an iOS-only title at the moment. The game invites you to engage in challenging and fun Match 3 gameplay with new unique twists. The twists in here, as it seems, include decorating tanks so that you could give your fish a nice and comfortable home. You’ll also get to feed your fish and play with them, and “watch them interact with each other.” Summing it up, this game may be based on vintage Match 3 mechanics, with over a hundred levels of this type, but there are indeed a lot of surprises that make this more than your typical Match 3 game.

Having some trouble making matches? Need to figure out the non-Match 3 elements in this game? We hope we can answer all your questions through this list of Fishdom: Deep Dive tips and tricks.

1. Have A Game Plan Before Solving Puzzles

You might be tempted to go head-long into Fishdom: Deep Dive and solve those puzzles based on instinct and instinct alone. But since you do not have any time limit in this game, you can look at a board all you want and come up with a more concrete, time-bound plan. What is limited, however, are the moves, so those are the ones which you’ll want to handle with care.

2. Go For The Firecracker

Once you see an opportunity arise, make sure you’re trying to match four pieces or more. Such matches would allow you to create a firecracker; yes, we understand it does seem strange that the game allows you to turn seashells or other creatures into firecrackers, but it’s all part of this title. A firecracker would allow you to destroy anything adjacent to wherever you play the firecracker, which makes it such a great help if you want to finish a level as quick as possible.

3. Better Yet, Try To Match Five Pieces For A Bomb

Bombs are similar in their functionality to firecrackers, but the obvious difference is that they cover far more ground. You can create bombs by matching five pieces in a number of ways – it can be in a straight line, in an L-shape, or in a T-shape. Bombs are also able to destroy golden tiles, so if you see five pieces of the same type, go match them so you can come up with a bomb.

4. Take Advantage Of The Power-Ups

Aside from the bomb and the firecracker, there are more power-ups you can go try out for yourself. Matching six pieces, for instance, gives you dynamite; this would allow you to cover a considerably larger scope than the bomb. When it comes to these bigger combos, we would suggest planning things out so you can be assured a better chance of launching power-ups the right way.

5. You Can Manually Detonate Your Power-Ups

You don’t necessarily have to move the power-ups you had come up with, may it be the firecracker or the bomb. Double-tapping them would allow you to set them off, making them explode from where they’re currently positioned. So if you see something that may be potentially out of your scope, create a power-up and play it wherever you want.

6. Jazz Up Your Aquarium

Any fish or decoration you buy for you aquarium would result in bigger beauty points. And once you’ve collected enough of these points, you can get a tidy coin bonus as you watch your aquarium level up in terms of star points. You want to focus on spending as much money as you can on decorations or new fish. But then again, you also want to make sure that you’ve checked everything at least twice so you don’t end up buying any repeat items.

7. Keep Your Fish Well Fed

Remember that you’re not just solving Match 3 puzzles in Fishdom: Deep Dive. You’re also taking care of fish, and each of these fish have specific hunger meters. Always spend some time in this game to ensure all your fish are properly fed and contented. And when it comes to feeding, keeping your fish well-fed in this game could give you a potential coin bonus. Don’t be away from the game for too long or you might end up starving your fish.

That’s all for now as far as our Fishdom: Deep Dive tips are concerned. If you know more tips for the game, be sure to let us know!


Saturday 9th of July 2022

Not enough pieces are icing up for me to beat some levels. How can I work through that?


Tuesday 21st of June 2022

How do you get to the game where you try to get to the trapped fish guarded by the monster fish


Thursday 7th of October 2021

can't get off level 10 where there is one object in a box and the others are around it. I click to make a match and it just keeps saying no match and starts over, been trying it for 3 days now and I am ready to delete all of them.


Tuesday 7th of September 2021

Tips for level 6736 ?


Saturday 17th of July 2021

Can someone please tell me what I’m supposed to do at the house with broken furniture and stuff in the yard and broken windows? It doesn’t let me do anything. How can I skip that part?