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Pocket Master Saga Tips, Cheats & Guide to Defeat Your Enemies

The best way to describe Jie Hao’s new iOS title Pocket Master Saga, we’d say, is “ersatz Pokemon.” The name of the game is a dead giveaway – “Pokemon”, after all means “pocket monster” – and so are the game’s other features. These include, but are not limited to over 500 pets you can collect, with no limit when it comes to team configurations, over 200 skills for your pets to learn, and a wide range of different monster types, such as Water, Fire, Grass, Normal, Ice, Poison, and Ground. Other features include the option to evolve your pets so that you can unlock “new and stronger” ones, and the option to head to the arena and try your luck against other human-controlled players.

This is not an official Pokemon game, though the artwork, the game’s premise, and its features all point toward a similar direction. And it’s quite a complicated title, which is why we’re here to help out first-time players with our exclusive list of Master Saga tips and hints.

1. Train Your Default Pet Before Everyone Else

Your first pet, or monster might not look very exciting compared to many of those that will become available, but it will be, for a good period of time, be the best monster on your roster. And if you luck out and start out with a strong pet, all the better for you.

In any case, you should be sure you train your default pet before the other monsters in your lineup, as they’ll likely be able to learn support abilities that could end up as difference makers in battle.

2. Use The Early Battles To Learn Strategy

Although, we should warn you ahead of time that the battles in Pocket Master Saga can get hard quickly, the first few ones are quite easy and trouble-free. That means you should take that opportunity to acclimate yourself to the game and come up with a sound strategy going forward. Learn the abilities that you pet(s) currently have, or have recently unlocked, and experiment with those abilities. Play around a bit until you find something that works for you on a consistent basis.

3. Find The Best Combos

A lot of your success in Pocket Master Saga will depend on how well you can string those combos together. Sounds familiar? Yes, we’ve seen this mechanic so many times before in the past, and when it comes to this game, you can start by playing rage cards right before the very same pet launches another special attack. After that, play cards that are able to do some damage against more than one row of enemy pets.

4. Be Smart When Leveling Up Your Pets

Of course, you won’t be able to level your pets above your current player level. What you should do when leveling up is to do so in such a way that their level remains fairly close to yours, but not extremely close. This allows you to utilize experience properly.