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Puzzle Craft 2 Tips, Cheats & Guide for Building Up Your Village

Chillingo’s Puzzle Craft 2 is only available on the Apple App Store as of the moment, but if you consider that the original was also available on Android, those on the other side of the fence can expect it to arrive at the Play Store any time soon. The game invites you to shore up and build your empire on a legendary, magical new land, as you travel the seas and transform emerging settlements into bustling towns for your workers. Yes, this is another one of those Minecraft-inspired games, right down to the mention of the phrase “mine, craft, build” in the game’s description, but it has enough unique aspects about it to make it more than just your average copycat title.

If you’re new to this series, we recommend you keep reading on for our Puzzle Craft 2 tips, cheats and tricks. It’s no joke turning a ragtag settlement into a prosperous village, and we hope these tips would help you in doing just that.

1. Go Through The Challenges

All of the villages you visit come with their share of challenges, and completing each one will earn you some rewards. The resources you gather could even be used to purchase new challenges. Complete the challenges, particularly when you’re in a new town, so that way you can gain access to more free stuff (including free coins, of course) and follow the storyline progression.

2. When Starting Out, Begin With The Farm Games

The farm puzzle games would be the most advisable starting point in Puzzle Craft 2. In fact, they’re the only starting point, given that you start with only 30 coins. Playing these games will allow you to earn basic resources, and when it comes to gathering them, it’s best to focus on one resource at a time. Just be sure you’re gaining the most of any given resource possible when playing the farm games.

3. Sell Resources For Coins

Don’t be discouraged if you are falling short of coins at any given point in the game, particularly in the early goings. As the old saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. If you aren’t willing to wait for your harvest, you can sell whatever resources you have already gathered by tapping on the Resource button. Typically, you should sell resources in completed villages, as you won’t need them anymore if they’re already complete.

4. You Can Always Return To Completed Villages

In a rather unique take on the classic mechanic of “grinding” or “farming” for resources, you’re free to return to any town you’ve already completed. Once there, you can buy new decorations and yes, farm for resources with a little twist. The twist we’re referring to is the fact that you can’t carry over your resources in one village to another, but would be able to do the same to the tools and special items created. As such, this is a good strategy for stocking up on tools.

5. The Choice Of Puzzles Is Yours

Once you’ve gotten a feel for the game, you’ll progress on forward and unlock more puzzles – actually twists on the same type of puzzle. Each of these puzzles will have their own benefits for you, as well as their share of disadvantages. Take stock of your needs and choose the puzzles that suit them the best – trial and error doesn’t hurt in such a situation.