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Star Wars: Uprising Cheats, Tips & Strategies – 4 Stunning Tricks You Need to Know

As far as mobile game developers go, Kabam is one of the better-known ones out there, and it’s no surprise its latest game touches on one of the world’s most successful movie franchises ever. Star Wars: Uprising is the first RPG in the franchise set between Episode VI: Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. You can choose from different species, special abilities, visual customizations, and gear when creating your own character, and who knows – you just might become the “next Han Solo (or) Boba Fett.” And once you’ve created this character, you can join millions of players around the world, fighting against the Empire and taking part in real-time co-op, preferably with your own friends.

We’re sure you’re excited to play this game, but is the Force really with you? If you feel like it isn’t, we’ve put together a Star Wars: Uprising cheats and strategy guide, dealing with some general tips and tricks that could be of aid to you in this game.

1. Master The Dodge Roll And Use It

The dodge roll is pretty much this game’s equivalent of the snow plow in skiing, or your first time to ride a bike without trainers. It’s your hero’s first ability, and you’ll want to use it early on. It won’t do much against enemies with ranged attacks, but it’s a great way to get some wiggle room against close-contact attacks. You’ll also find that it’s quite useful when fighting in the red zones.

2. Don’t Underestimate The Hold Out Blaster Either

Moving on to directional abilities, Hold Out Blaster is the first of these skills you’ll learn. It involves shooting into a large cone, and while your shots may appear wild and out of control, you’ll be unleashing some quick and furious damage to anyone located within the cone. Use this ability against large groups of enemies if you want to take them out easily, but be warned that this can be quite the energy-drainer. Fortunately, your energy will refill once you’re done using the ability, and it won’t take too long for you to get it back.

3. Upgrade Your Equipment

If you’re looking to improve your player rating post-haste, the best thing to do would be to level up your gear. And in order to level your gear up, you’ll need to make use of components; the rarer the component you use for the upgrade, the more experience points will be gained. But how do you acquire these components? It’s simple – all you have to do is complete more missions. Some pieces of gear, in addition, have more than one rank – you’ll know this if you see your equipment has multiple stars. These items can be upgraded once they’re at their maximum level, thus increasing their rarity and giving you a super piece of equipment.

Additionally, components can be combined in conjunction with other materials, thus making them more powerful.

4. Switch Difficulty Once You Reach The Fifth Mission

fter you’ve completed the fourth mission, you’ll then have the option to play at a higher difficulty level. That means you’ll have to deal with bigger waves of enemies who could deal out more damage and take longer to kill than the enemies in normal difficulty. But there’s an upside to playing at a harder difficulty level – more challenges mean better rewards!

One thing you should also remember about Star Wars: Uprising is that story missions cannot be grinded, or replayed after you’ve completed them. We wouldn’t say it’s a good thing, considering how so many similar games allow players to grind or farm by replaying earlier levels at higher difficulty. But for what it’s worth, you’ll want to switch to the highest level it becomes available.